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Elastin 3

Elastin is what your body naturally manufactures to control skin’s elasticity. The extreme, rapid stretching of the skin during pregnancy weakens the elastin fibers. Preventative creams that contain collagen and soy, can reinforce skin’s elastin. Elastin3 does just that! It is a smooth, fast-absorbing cream that is formulated with AH3, (or argireline) a peptide clinically proven to reduce and prevent stretch marks. Our stretch mark prevention cream contains rare powdered elastin concentrate with almost 100% amino acid concentrate. Combined with high-potency collagen and boosted by soy protein, Elastin3 lightens and firms existing marks and prevents future stretch marks while giving skin a more youthful appearance. This new, innovative body cream (proven by Dr. S. M. Braun in Paris, France) is almost 100% effective in preventing stretch marks when used at the beginning of pregnancy and continued daily until six weeks after birth.
Product: Elastin 3
Brand: Robelyn Labs, Inc (More Products)
Size: 1.5 oz.
Dosage: Varies
Retail: $22.50
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15 Customer Reviews

Mom of 3 and one on the way
by Valerie

This producat is phenomenal. I had bad stretch marks from 4 previous pregnancies. I began taking this product about 1 month ago with hopes of preventing further damage. I have been amazed with the results. Not only have I not gotten any more stretch marks but the existing stretch marks have diminished greatly. I was adamint about having corrective surgery after the birth of this baby. I am so excited about the results after the use of this product. I feel that with continued use I will not need to worry about surgery. WOW!! finally something that works

better than expected!
by new mommy

I've been using this for 3 weeks now and I'm starting to see some results! I wish I knew about it before I got the stretch marks though because it is supposed to prevent them. But I'm gonna keep using it, so far so good!

Not worth the money
by Karyn Daniels

I brought this product over five months ago and have yet to see a difference. I have been using it as directed and other than having a nice smell it is useless. Maybe it would work better on someone with minimal stretch marks.

elastin 3
by ana

elastin 3 is a very good product so far so good. i think i found the cure for my strechmarks and i feel very excited

by Manh

it doesnt change anything, i start using it for more then 1 months, twice a day, but the strechmarks stay the same, the price is high also, More importantly, the service is reprehensible. i misorder 2 tubes ( on the same day) instead of1! then i saw on its website that buy 2 get 1 free, so i called the service to send me the 3 one free, and the service promist that the company would send me the 3rd one for me, and i have been waiting for it nearly 2 months without anything. i called them 100 times and send them 100 emails but no respond except for the one time i called them, and i told that guy again about my case again, but then he was hanging up the phone while i just finnished. since then, nothing. i am very disappointed!

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2 Customer Opinions

somewhat effective
by julia

I recently had a baby in december of 2010, and I got a lot of stretch marks due to my pregnancy. None of them even started appearing on my stomach until I was about 7 or 8 months along. I ordered this product and have been using since the end of february. I use it once or twice a day, and since then i have noticed a slight difference in my stretch marks becoming a little lighter... nothing getting too excited over though. I have about half of a bottle left and I will continue to use the rest of it until it is gone. If I continue to notice a difference while using this bottle, I may consider purchasing a second one, but only time will tell.

by can some one help me get this!!!

hello my name is kennedy and i have intense stretch marks and i was wondering if anyone can help me get this product elastin3 i am in high school dificult for to show my body in public and being a teen the are times that i have to show my body please if u could help my e-mail is asante.kennedy@yahoo.com

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