f Bain de Soleil Radiance Eternelle Reviews and Information

Radiance Eternelle

The combination of a tanning agent and a patented colour enhancer come together in two ribbons of creme for a fast-forming, rich, ultra natural looking tan.
Product: Radiance Eternelle
Brand: Bain de Soleil (More Products)
Size: 3.2 Oz
Dosage: Apply to skin.
Retail: $12.49
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12 Customer Reviews

by zunisun26

This is almost salon quality this works well, but it is hard to find so maybe it should be three stars.

by Diane Gantz

I love this self tanning product! The added color makes it easy to see where I have or have not applied it. After a couple days of applications, I have a tan that my cousin thought was real and she asked me how I found the time to lay out in the sun. It isn't greasy and doesn't have that obvious ucky smell like some other self tanners do. I highly recommend it!

Works Terrific!
by helcha

This has got to be the best ever sunless tanning product. It really goes on smoothly and doesn't streak or stain your hands. The smell is not so great but a small price to pay for a great tan without the risk of sun damage. I stock up on this whenever it's on sale. I recommend this to everyone who wants to look natural and not orangy or fake. I have used this for about 2 years.

Great tanning product!
by Tiff

Radiance Eternelle is a good tanning cream. I don't have the time to lay outside and tan. If you don't either, then this is the product for you. I had 2 weeks before my wedding to get a nice tan and didn't have the time to go tanning. So, I applied this cream and it works great. Every 3 days I reapplied it 'til I had the tan I wanted. It works great and doesn't smell bad like other tanning products do. I will highly recommend this tanning cream to everyone that wants a fast tan or doesn't have the time to lay out in the sun and tan or go to a tanning salon! I love this product and told everyone in my family about it and they have tried it and said they love it too!

No more uneven results
by Arvinder

My first marriage aniversary was coming and i wanted to look special on that day. I tried this Radiance Eternelle product but was fearing about the results but i was shocked to see such wonderful results. There were no uneven results and tanning turned out to be awesome. It is easy to apply and i does not smell that bad as other products do. I was looking great on my aniversary. Thanks to radiance eternelle and i want to recommend it to everyone

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