f Neutrogena Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner Reviews and Information

Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner

SPF 20
4.0 fl.oz. bottle
Available in Medium or Deep shades.
Product: Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner
Brand: Neutrogena (More Products)
Size: 4 Oz
Dosage: Apply to skin.
Retail: $8.99
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12 Customer Reviews

by Claudia

I love Neutragena Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner and now it's discontinued! The new product, with grapefruit and "natural" products does not work as well, does not have a SPF, and doesn't smell all that much better. Also, when I used it in Hawaii, my legs got bitten by mosquitos (many bites), something that has never happened there using the old product! I finished using my Moisture Rich - no more bites! So, now I can't get this great product! Boo!

Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner
by LucyH

This product works and gives you that "just out of the sun" san but smells funny and takes a while to dry.

Nuetrogena Sunless-Moisture Rich
by Pam

I purchased a bottle of this product about a month ago, to start getting prepared for spring. It is an average product, one that I may or may not buy again. I didn't care for the scent at all, and it is somewhat difficult to get an even layer spread on your body.

Neutrogena Sunless Tanner
by ceb

I have used several Neutrogena Sunless tanning products in the past. They are a little more expensive than some other brands, but well worth the extra investment. When carefully applied (as with all sunless tanning products) over a few days, this Neutrogena product gave me a great tan at home that looked natural, increased gradually, and left no streaks or orange residues. I will continue to buy Neutrogena products and especially this product.

Well Known Self Tanner
by bkf

I used Neutrogena Sunless Tanner just after it came out. I found that with proper exfoliating, it works great. It is very affordable, and can be applied lightly each time to achieve a darker, richer color without leaving dark streaks. It is very moisturizing, the smell is great, and it is not sticky or greasy. I ran out of another product I had, quickly ran to the store, and a store associate suggested this and I am very happy to report how great it worked for me. I would buy this again.

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