f Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Kit Reviews and Information

Sunless Tanning Kit

Get a natural-looking sunless tan from head-to-toe.
Product: Sunless Tanning Kit
Brand: Neutrogena (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: Apply to skin
Retail: $19.99
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12 Customer Reviews

by Princess

This is a great product for people starting out with sunless tanning. They can work gradually trying to achieve a base tan. So simple to use! I definitelly recommend it!

Bronze Goddess
by Melissa

Love this kit! It provides everything you need to become a bronze goddess, and each product works really well.

Fast Tanning
by Annie

This product produces a likable tan within the first week, depending on skin tone and the level of tanning spray being used. While this is a safe and easy way to tan with fast results, the long term results may not be so likable, as the color fades and may start to turn to a yellowish, almost jaundice color. The areas around the hands and fingers highlight any cracks and/or wrinkles in the skin, and the feet end up with this somewhat dark 'ring' around the toes and sides of the heels. If used properly and maintained daily, this product is worth buying. If looking for a fast effect with no long term maintenance, you may want to think twice about using any kind of spray, or tan in a bottle.

Tanning Made Easy
by Leanna

This product is pretty good when used effectively. It helps prepare the skin for the tanning process, ensuring a longer lasting tan.

One item of note is that the more moisturized you keep your skin, the longer the tan will last. This is definitely one of the better formulas, as it does not turn your skin into a carrot orange color. I plan on using it again.

by Brian

Since I’m in an area of the country without much sun outside of the summer, and since I refuse to subject myself to the hazards of the tanning bed, I went looking for a simple tanning solution and found this. While it doesn’t double as a sunscreen, it’s a simple two-stage process to apply (a scrub followed by the bronzer), and when you’re done you look like you have a tan, not like you’ve just OD’d on carrots.

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