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Skeptical but nice product!
by Courtney

I am very fair-skinned, so I really thought this product would either work as a sunscreen and I would stay white, or I would burn like crazy. It actually worked! I didn't ever burn, but did notice the tan enhancer working. Great for a slow and subtle difference, unlike a typical sunless tanner.

No Maintenance - Literally
by NRK

I used this during the fall last year hoping to maintain the tan that I got over the summer. I was sadly disappointed in this product. Not only was the smell not pleasing, but the lotion itself is oily. I always apply with gloves and I am glad I did because it streaked my legs to the point that I had to wear pants for a week! One of those times when you wish you could get your money back!

Just a so so product
by Corri

I tried this lotion because I love just about every other Arbonne product I've ever tried. However, I was left very disapointed. For $28, I thought this product shuld be amazing, which it was not. I followed the directions exactly, but I was still left with streaks and splotches all over my body! I ended up going and getting a spray tan the next day, to cover up the color this product gave me. It was also a very unnatural color. More of an orange than a tan/brown. Overall, I would not recommend this product. You can go spend $5 at the drugstore and get a better working product than this.

Already Tan and Need Enhancement
by bkh

I tan easily and don't usually burn. This lower SPF is great for me. Arbonne is my chosen product. I prefer to use this after I have achieved a good tan, to maintain the that tan I have worked hard to get. I wouldn't recommend anyone using this for the 1st tan of the year, as a higher SPF should be used first for those fair skinned. Liquid Sunshine smells good, is priced well, and contains good ingredients. I really like it, and have used it for 2 years now. My skin maintains it's smooth and non-greasy appearance.

Hated it
by Mari

I got this as a gift from a friend and I just hated it. The color looked awful and I burned instantly. The sunscreen must be non-existent! Usually SPF 15 gives me about half an hour to an hour of protection, I actually burned in 10 minutes. The product also smells very strange, and the color streaked on top of everything else. This was terrible and I really expected better from Arbonne.

by Shannon

I took this bottle on a Caribbean cruise with me, and it was nothing short of a nightmare. After 2 days of use, I actually threw out the whole bottle. It was supposed to prevent sunburn, and help gain a subtle and long-lasting tan. Instead, I fried quicker than I would have with any other product. In 30 minutes, I looked like a lobster. It was horrible. At least the burn faded quickly, which probably wouldn’t say much for the “long-lasting” tan. The bottle was really expensive, which was a waste of money. Needless to say, I would stay FAR away!

by Shawna

First, this product does not contain the ingredients required to protect your skin against both UVA and UVB rays which makes it ineffective as a sunscreen. Secondly, the price is awful considering you have to apply sunscreen liberally. You need 1 ounce each application. This will last you 6 applications for $ 28. The worst thing about this is it advocates getting tan from the sun by saying even if you tan is "natural" this will enhance it. That is a terrible statement for any "skin care" company to make. The sun causes 90% of wrinkles. I actually bought this before I was informed of the difference between UVA/UVB rays. I just threw it out; it was a waste of money.

Burns you skin
by Phil Young

This tanning lotion makes you tan way too fast. I used it on the beach and I got roasted from the sun and I got a horrible sun burn. I would not recommend this to anyone, or you will get burned.

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i love this it works !
by Damaris

i love this product it works i use everytime i go to the beach it works great protects and give me a nice tan i been looking to by more but i dont see in web site..