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by Lisa

I'am a red-head with freckles that can tan mmm ok but never my face. I have tried every self-tanner on the market & have never had such success as I have with the Arbonne. I have always had an allergic reaction to every other tanner however, Arbonne's product has finally made it possible for me to put it on & look great! Thank you Arbonne.

Purchasing Director
by Madeline Abrams

Discovered this produce in Destin, Florida about ten years ago. It's wonderful--the best sun product EVER! Adequate sun-protection for most; delicious pina-colada scent, moisturizes dehydrated skin resulting from exposure to sun/wind/water/salt to a wonderful velvety texture without any trace of oily or greasy residue. I love this product so much that I even use it for the "self-tanning" properties even during the winter months. Just the scent makes you think of summer days at the beach . . .ahhh. My only complaint is that in the past few years it has become virtually impossible to find. I've sought this product in stores ranging from Nordstroms to Walmart--it seems to have vanished from retail outlets. On those rare occasions I DO find it, I purchase every bottle in stock.

If anyone discovers this product in ANY store in the DFW metroplex I would be most appreciative you were to pass on which store(s) in which it is available.

Works Well
by Courtney

I liked Made in the Shade alot. As a very fair-skinned person who doesn't tan/only burns, this worked well, and I liked that it adds an SPF right in the tanner. I recommend, though not sure it is worth the extra money if you are on a tight budget. Other, less expensive brands seemed to work just as well for me, but didn't have the added SPF.

Made in the Shade
by Sandra

I have always used self tanners due to the risk of skin cancer. This is by far one of the best ones on the market. It does not streak if applied as directed and do not rush when applying. It leaves a really nice tan color without the undertones of the orange pumpkin. It did not rub off on my clothes and the smell was very pleasant. I would recommend and will continue to use this product.

I look like an Orange
by Sam Wagner

I needed a tan so I bought the cheapest sunless tanner on the shelf. Arbonne International's product went on very smoothly but within minutes I noticed that my skin had turned a bright orange. I followed all the directions, yet I looked like an Orange. If you want an orange tan buy this product. Just stay away from it by all means.

Spotty Self-Tanner
by MDF

Self-tanners are often difficult to get to work properly and this one is no exception. From my experience, the color was too bright and left me feeling like I would have had a better deal if I went tanning. Smell not so much a concern, however. Overall very disappointed and have used considerably better products in the past. Would not buy again.

Sun kissed
by regina

I have a very fair complexion and a long history of skin cancer in my family. Self tanners are the only way that my skin gets any "sun". This is the only product that didn't turn me orange or leave strange streak marks at my ankles. I love that it also contains SPF 15 in the solution. Your skin looks great and you are protecting it at the same time.

Love It
by bkh

Arbonne is one of my favorite brand names in skin care products. I use some of their other products as well. They have a full line of great products, I use and enjoy. This is one I have had great success with, no streaks, if applied properly, no unpleasant smell, & good results in color, to help your tan go a little longer after the summer months have gone. Keeps that good healthy glow I love. I have suggested this to many of my friends as well.

He even noticed!
by Jana

During these winter months, I have a hard time getting any kind of natural-looking glow. Usually, I end up looking like a pumpkin! Thankfully, I found this self-tanner at a drugstore and decided to try it. It left a nice little glow, and my husband even noticed right away!

Self Tanner
by carolyn

In my personal opinion, this item works very good. Instead of going to the tanning bed non-stop and damaging my skin, I can get tan without all the effects of tanning deds. I used this daily and was complimented a lot.

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