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Great Tanner
by sha

Bain De Soleil had the best products on the market and in stores.
Why would a company, with such rave reviews, discontinue such great products?
I loved the mega tan w/self tanner as well as other Bain De Soleil sunscreens and products. The orange gelee is one of my favorites but would be even better with SPF15 for more protection.
I was thrilled to find the orange gelee spf 4 and SPF 15 suntan spray recently in a drugstore. I hope this will be the beginning of Bain De Soleil selling their products in the stores again. There are a lot of people wanting your products but can't find them in stores.
Please bring your products back!

Overweight Mom
by aje

back in the day when I was cute and tiny I hated lying out in the sun....I just had to many other things to do, but living in Boca Raton, I had to have a great tan. This was the best stuff. I wish they would bring it back. I looked like a wealthy young girl who was famous for being famous....ah, the good ole days

by Deborah Nigro

I can not find this product anywhere, but on-line. It is the best tanner I have ever used. I did not burn, but tanned although the spf is only a 4, there was no orange or fake look about this lotion. I can not believe that bain de soleil is not in the market anymore.

good stuff
by Mary

This is a great sunless tanner. I recommend applying this after a long day in the sun to emphasize your color.

this was great
by Natasha

They don't make this anymore, and take it from someone who has tried almost every sunless product out there, this stuff was great.

by Colleen

I love this product! No one makes anything comparable and do not want it to be discontinued. This is the BEST product ever!

Bring it back!!!
by Christie

This was the best tanning lotion ever! Please bring it back!

by Dave Wikler

Great results, and skin conditioning to boot! My wife actually bought this product, but I like it better than her, and found that it last alot longer than expected because it's coverage is even. I will deffinitely continue to buy it.

by Ann K

It was all that and a bag O chips!!! now years later i seem to tan easier since using it back in the 90's. We did by a case!!! HaHa

Best Thing Ever
by Ivette Gonzalez

I wish I could buy bain de soleil mega tan with self tanner spf 4 again, I have been searching for the longest and cannot find it. I ordered online some time ago, but now it seems to be discontinued. I am clinging on to the last bottle that I have and getting everyn drop out of it, It gives me a great tan, Now all you see is the gelee and that is no good. If anyone out there finds it please email me the website or place where I can buy it. It is, These scalpers are really out of their minds asking $299.00 for it.



Mega Tan, the best tan enhancer ever
by Bonnie D

I had the best results on my tan with Mega Tan, used it for years. Bring it Back!!!!

Bain de Soleil Mega Tan 4
by Nona

This is the best tanning lotion I have ever used and I have been searching for it for months! Had I known it would be discontinued I would have bought a couple of cases! This needs to be returned to the is the only thing I have ever used which gave me a great tan with no burn! Now I see you can by 1 bottle from a "scalper" for $299!!

LOVE Mega Tan
by Tim

I never had a problem with Mega Tan. I used it religiously for quite a long time. As far as it turning you orange...yes, it did in the beginning. However, it does state on the back of the bottle that it has self tanners in it. If I'm not mistaken it also said something about it working better as a real tanning agent used in direct contact with the sun. I never use any kind of indoor tanner because quite frankly they all left me looking like a "slippery when wet" sign...bright orange. Over time Mega Tan self tanners began to work to make me very dark. Ya, well, I did go a little too far that year. Aside from that I always looked very good. I am a fair-skinned guy. My question is since Mega Tan no longer exists...can someone tell me what they would recommend that might be close to Mega Tan.

Bain de Soleil Mega Tan SPF 4
by Michelle Gilewich

I have absolutely adored Bain de Soleil Mega Tan SPF 4 for years and I have clung to my last empty bottle searching for more. This is THE best product for so many reasons. Where can I buy it online?? Is it discontinued? I only see the Orange Gelee everwhere... I live in Canada and I would appreciate any suggestions.

Sorry to see this go
by Laura D

I have beel looking for this product all year this year - 2008. I understand that it has been discontinued. I must say that after using Mega Tan Sunscreen Lotion with Self Tanner for about 6 years, I am so disappointed to see it taken off the shelves. I have fair skin and even during two trips to Kona, HI, I did not burn, ever. I have tried other products, even with higher SPF's, with disasterous effects. Coppertone Sport, SPF 30, burned to a crisp. Bain de Soliel, no burn, beautiful tan.
Please bring it back......

Love Bain De Soleil Mega Tan
by Barbara T

I cannot find Mega Tan anymore and am upset. I love this product. It is the only sun tan lotion I can use on my face that does not make it break out. Even though it is only SPF 4, my face never burns. I am pale and just went to the Florida Keys, I used my bottle from 2 years ago and no burn. They need to start making it again!!!!!!

Not for me
by Amie

Being very fair skinned I have tried sunless tanning product after sunless tanning product. I tried this product because of the Bain de Soleil name. I have used their regular sunscreen and been very pleased with it. The idea of a sunless product with built in sunscreen appealed to me, so I tried this. I only bought the one tube and used it exactly twice. First it is important to note the SPF rating on this is so small, and not nearly sufficient for normal use. On my first usage the color wasn't right. I was a little too orange, and not natural looking. It was a little thick going on and difficult to spread evenly. The smell of the product was pleasant. It didn't leave any streaks or any uneven spots. Even though I was leery about the color after my first use, I tried it a second time and a friend noted I looked like I had used a sunless tanning product. I was too orange. This isn't natural looking. Because of the unnatural look, I threw away the rest of the tube and will not purchase again.

Never again
by BA

I was very disappointed with this product. I typically love Bain de Soleil products and looked forward to adding this to my list of favorites. Unfortunately, using this product was a disaster for me. It was far too fake looking to be considered natural. The color was very off and it wasn't just me either. My friend used this product at the same time I did and when we saw one another, we both just started laughing. The tone is not gradual, not subtle, nor even human-looking. We had wanted a subtle natural glow resulting in a sun-kissed look, but we found to our dismay that we looked like a couple of pumpkins. It was one of my worst sunless tanning experiences and I would not recommend this product to anyone.

I'm not an orange...
by Nihility

I used this self tanner a couple of years ago after I saw a recommendation from a magazine. I was really disappointed with the results. It didn't seem to moisturize very well as many self tanners do to keep your skin looking smooth and even. I wound up with an orange-like color on my skin; it streaked and looked very uneven as well. I still remember trying to scrub the color off in the shower after it developed and I saw the results. Not exactly the best way to start off a summer. I guess magazines aren't always the best place to go for advice.

Can Tan Skin, but watchout
by Natalie

I liked this product originally. I tried using it to get a tan after being told by doctors not to lay in the direct sun after having skin cancer. I used it for a little while but then started to notice that my skin was getting an orange hue. Further use only made the orange color come out more. I would recommend that you try it (if you can get a sample size) otherwise look for something else that may not do this. I was very surprised because I love Bain de Soleil

Orange and disgusting
by Jennifer

I'm so glad I did not waste my money on this product! I received this as a free promotion in a gift bag last summer, along with a few other "higher end" products. I was so excited to try this self tanner, and was incredibly disappointed after I did. The application itself was pretty easy, and the scent wasn't bad, but it left my skin horribly orange and completely fake looking. Not only did I end up with streaking and orange skin, but my hands were stained orange - and I even tried washing them off right away! Unfortunately, this product makes your skin look terrible and does not wash off easily - it has to wear off (we're talking at least a week). When I was shopping around for another self-tanner, I saw the price of this product in the store and was appalled. Not only will I never buy this brand again, but I will never recommend this to any of my friends.

Not so Tan
by Jess

I had a hard time using this product, as I am so white, and when I applied it, I turned more orange. I got it on my hands and I felt it was not easy to get smooth coverage.

Might not work on your skin
by S. Grevious

A self tanner for your face is really supposed to do one thing, make your face look more tan and bronzed. This product never reacted to make my friend's face look tan. This product is just a temporary bronzing creme that isn't particularly flattering, with no lasting tanning effects. Maybe it didn't chemically react with her skin, but she still doesn't recommend this product.

Finally Got a Real Tan
by Jody

I love this product. I tried several other tanning products and I always turned orange. This product looked like I actually got tanned by the sun. Will keep on using.

More expensive, lesser quality
by Kyle

Product is very thick and cakey. Also, it's difficult to apply without getting orange and dyed hands. I purchased this product because I thought that because it was more expensive than other store products, it had to be of a better quality... not true. I'd advise trying something different that is easier to apply so that you don't end up with streaks.

Mega Tan
by Emily K.

Great tropical scent. Easy to apply and dries quickly. Beautiful bronzed tan that lasts for several days. The moisturizer is an added benefit of the Bain de Soleil Mega Tan Lotion with Self Tanner.

by Rebecca

I thought a product from Bain de Soleil would be worth the money. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the resulting orange hue my skin had. Very unnatural!

Expensive, and not any better than others.
by Jody

I tried this, thinking that it would be a high caliber product being from Bain de Soleil, but I was very disappointed with the resulting color - very orange. My face actually looked dirty with it on, and it was virtually impossible to scrub off.

Get a natural looking tan.
by herm

I really liked this product. It smells really nice, goes on very easy and dries pretty quick. The color was darker than I expected, but very natural looking. I didn't have problems with uneven color as I have had with other similar products.

Mega Tan Sunscreen Lotion with Self Tanner
by Angela

I have heard such raving reviews about this brand, and the idea of a sunscreen lotion with a self tanner just seemed brilliant. Unfortunately, the product did not live up to my expectations. Application was very cakey and the resulting "tan" was a terrible streaky orange. Not at all natural looking, and not easy to remove. I've had wonderful success with several other self tanners and this was ijust not up to par.

Great Product!
by Lana

This is one of best sunless tanners out there. It gives a pretty and consistent color that fades well. I have never had a problem with streaking or splotching. The only negative is takes a little while to dry, but the wait is worth it.

So So
by mamma_nee

I tried this and while it worked well in protecting me from the sun, the mega tan was no mega tan ... I just did not like the color my skin turned at all .. so fake looking .. never again for me .

good stuff
by holly wilson

This product is worth every dime your spending on it if you want a quick tan without the hefty price tag along with it. It goes on pretty evenly, and leaves your skin feeling soft afterwards. It doesn't leave you with an orange glow like some other products tend to do.

Expecting more
by Niki Hause

I chose this brand because of it's catchy sing-song commercials from years past. I guess they stopped advertising as much becuase they didn't believe in their products anymore. Maybe that's because their consumers did too. After trying this self-tanner, I won't ever buy their brand again. It was caky and once I applied it, it certainly did not look like a got a tan. It looked instead like I put my foundation on really poorly. I would go with another product, for sure.

Nothing but Positive Feedback
by Kenna McHugh

My friends love this product, and for the price, it is well-worth the effort to put it on your skin. My friend told me that it really gives her an excellent tan color.

Nice Color
by Sherry Ward

With all the hype about the sun being bad for you, I started using self tanners. This product gives you an even color that you want. It has sunscreen so when you are out in the sun, it gives you protection.

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it lasts!
by britt

It works rather well and had an unbelievable long shelf life.