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by zunisun26

This is almost salon quality this works well, but it is hard to find so maybe it should be three stars.

by Diane Gantz

I love this self tanning product! The added color makes it easy to see where I have or have not applied it. After a couple days of applications, I have a tan that my cousin thought was real and she asked me how I found the time to lay out in the sun. It isn't greasy and doesn't have that obvious ucky smell like some other self tanners do. I highly recommend it!

Works Terrific!
by helcha

This has got to be the best ever sunless tanning product. It really goes on smoothly and doesn't streak or stain your hands. The smell is not so great but a small price to pay for a great tan without the risk of sun damage. I stock up on this whenever it's on sale. I recommend this to everyone who wants to look natural and not orangy or fake. I have used this for about 2 years.

Great tanning product!
by Tiff

Radiance Eternelle is a good tanning cream. I don't have the time to lay outside and tan. If you don't either, then this is the product for you. I had 2 weeks before my wedding to get a nice tan and didn't have the time to go tanning. So, I applied this cream and it works great. Every 3 days I reapplied it 'til I had the tan I wanted. It works great and doesn't smell bad like other tanning products do. I will highly recommend this tanning cream to everyone that wants a fast tan or doesn't have the time to lay out in the sun and tan or go to a tanning salon! I love this product and told everyone in my family about it and they have tried it and said they love it too!

No more uneven results
by Arvinder

My first marriage aniversary was coming and i wanted to look special on that day. I tried this Radiance Eternelle product but was fearing about the results but i was shocked to see such wonderful results. There were no uneven results and tanning turned out to be awesome. It is easy to apply and i does not smell that bad as other products do. I was looking great on my aniversary. Thanks to radiance eternelle and i want to recommend it to everyone

Wonderful Product
by Lorri

I have been using Radience Eternelle for about a year now. I apply it mostly in the evenings so it has time to dry thoroughly. The smell, well, that I can do without but as for it working, it's the best one for me. I am fair skinned and since skin cancer runs in the family I avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Now I can have a year round tan that looks natural looking. Someone once told me I look like I was "kissed by the sun". That was a real compliment to me since I usually looked "pale like a ghost". I buy this several boxes at a time when it's on sale. For best results be sure to exfoliate your skin before you apply it. That makes it last longer and look best on you.

Wonderful product
by Anne

I love the way this product makes me look like I spent hours in the sun. Being very fair skinned and one who burns and freckles instead of tanning, this is the only product I use. I can put up with the smell - it doesn't smell pleasant, but you will love the results of your tan. I keep applying it about every 3 days 'till I get the shade that is perfect for me. Then, I keep applying it once a week to keep that shade. For best results, use an exfolliant scrub before applying the first time to remove any dead skin cells.

Radiance Eternelle
by Cheri

I am one of those people that use this kind of product all year round. I really love this one and use it all the time. It performs as advertised for me. I have used Bain de Soleil since I was a kid so I trust them. It was as good if not better than my department store brand. I love this stuff!!

good product - weird smell
by Mari

I'm very fair and this definitely gives the best color on my skin. (It works especially well if you use an alpha hydroxy acid lotion for a day or two before hand.) The only thing I didn't like was the smell, which tends be quite noticeable and long lasting. I used a scented lotion constantly and that helped, but my sheets still smelled like the self tanner. It doesn't streak and it develops very consistent color and the application is very quick and easy. For best results, I did another layer every day for about a week and developed fantastic, natural looking color.

Cant live without it
by Tami

After trying dozens of self tanners I am hooked. Radiance Eternelle is a light lotion consistency that is easy to apply evenly. Two pumps for each leg and a pump for each arm is really all you need. The lotion absorbs quickly and the color develops in about 30 mins and lasts for days. I have had the best complements on this color, a "golden" tan. All my friends are hooked now.

Thank God for this product, I love it.
by man

I am so fair that I don't tan, I burn ... It is because of this product that I can now wear shorts to go outside and feel totally comfortable in them. It is simple to use as you use circular motion exactly as if you were applying skin lotion. And the best part is that you can see exactly where you are applying it, and therefore it leaves no streaks. I use a second application and it lasts me personally more than a week. Word of advice though, if you are like me and you use hair removing lotions such as Nair, the tan does come off along with your hair when you wash your legs...At this time, I just wait a day and re-apply. But other than that, this product is GREAT. I highly recommend it.

Radiance Eternelle
by Emily K.

I did not care for the smell of the Radiance Eternelle at all and it takes a while to dry. However, I am crazy about the results! The tan looks natural and lasts for several days.

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