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by Tara

I used this all last summer, and you could not tell it was self applied. Only bad thing was when I applied to my face I'd developed a lot of blackheads. Other then that I'd use it again and have!

by carol haug

Did work well when used regularly. Even washing hands well tho, the discolor would get into the creaves of the hands

Carol Haug RN BS

Best So Far
by Kristen

I have tried out many different sunless tanning lotions, and this is definitely the best one so far. It really works, and you see change in as little as about 3 days. The only bad thing is the smell, it stinks.

by c

The odor is not so great and you do tend to go orange around areas that are dry

Dollar Store
by Natasha

I actually bought this at a Dollar Tree, and it worked pretty well.

daily glow
by heidi

I really like this product. I put it on my face in the morning before i lay out in the fun and it helps me tan naturaly and evenly. Also it helps me maintain my tan and keeps me well moisturized.

by Krista

I used this and didn't like it- my skin felt very very oily and I saw little to no improvement, I didn't really like the smell either. I wouldn't recommend this product.

by Laury

I love that this is a moisturizer and tanning aid in one and that it is very gradual. Great for those dry spots.

by lauren

I use this like every other day after a good exfoliating shower! it goes on really even ( a trick is to put on a lighter color) I know you want to look tan but patience is the key if you want it to look good. i always buy the light. even though i have a little olive natural tanned skin. it looks prettier! it seems nice... and it gives you a beautiful tan all over!

by Vicki L. Vertrees

Has great smell and doesn't leave the yukey orangey look.

by Princess

I love the smell of Banana Boat. Its a tropical scent! All of their products work great!

Pretty Good Lotion
by Jessie

I like this product. It takes a little while to really look great, but it looks fairly natural, unlike a lot of self tanning products. The tanning was gradual, but nice.

by jessica b

Worked well for sunless tanning first sunless tanner I've tired. It had a nice shine to it and looked natural.

A Kiss of Sun in the Northwest
by Kandi Larson

I live in rainy, cloudy Portland, OR. Even when it's sunny out, I tend to avoid the sun due to the harmful UV rays. As a result, I've tried many a sunless tanner. I was absolutely amazed by this product. There was no orange color, and it was very simple to apply. People who have commented on my beautiful tan don't believe that it came out of a bottle. They insist that I must have gone to a tanning salon. I have a great many converts. It's a kiss of sun the safe way.

by nikki

This is the best I have ever tried.

Great for Nonsensitive Skin
by LD

This easy to use, nonstreaking diluted tanner works great because you build up the tan you want by using this product over several days. I had no problems with hand staining because I put lotion on my hands first and then washed throughly after applying the Sunless Tanning lotion. I saw the tan appear after a few hours and it was a nice faint color. By the third day it was the light tan (not deep) that looked natural on me. No more florescent white legs.

Unfortunately, I started itching where I applied it after a few days. Then 2 days after that a very itchy fine rash appeared on my arms and legs. I stopped using Sunless Tanning but the rash kept getting worse. I scrubbed my legs trying to get the irritant off, but it did not help.

It itched so badly that I scratched till I had open sores on my legs and arms for over a week. Finally they went away.

That was 2 months ago. Yesterday I thought I would try it one more time just in case it was something else because otherwise this is a great product. By evening the itch was back and this morning I am again covered in a fine itchy rash. I'm giving it to a friend who has less sensitive skin.

So this is a great tanner- UNLESS YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN !!!

by Destiny

This product is simply AMAZING! I was a little cautious when buying this product (from past trauma's with sunless tanning), but I decided to try it and not follow my instinct. Wow! I WILL NEVER USE ANOTHER PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE!! The results were so much better than I expected. EVEN TONE EVERYWHERE! No orange palms, or "white knee back"!!

everdayday glow daily moisturizer
by barbara

This is about the greatest product of its kind that I have ever tried. I live in fl and tend to avoid the sun as much as possible so I don't really have much of a tan. Using this product gives my skin a natural sun kissed glow without the worry of the suns harmful rays and the added benefit of well moisturized skin. My skin appears to be healthier.

One of my favs
by BA

I really enjoy Banana Boat products. I've tried many creams, sprays, and foams to get the perfect sunless tanning look and have found that Banana Boat fits my needs well. This product is one of my favorites. It is easy to apply and I have found that it is best to wear gloves when applying to avoid the tell-tale orange hands of sunless tanning. In addition, the color on this product is perfect for me. It complements my shade without being overbearing. It has a lovely glowing sheen and make me feel wonderful when wearing it. I truly think that this is one of the best products that I have found to date. Its texture is non-oily and I have had no adverse reaction to it despite my sensitive skin. Really wonderful product.

Winter Tan
by Denise

My daughters and I absolutely love this product. We are very fair skinned and this product gives us a glowing, natural tan. The tanning process itself is very subtle and not noticeable until after a few days. It is great for winter weather when we need that extra moisturizer and a boost on the tan! The odor is pleasant and I never notice streaks from uneven application. Though I do wash my hands immediately after use. I would definitely buy this product again and I would recommend it to my family and friends.

by Amie

I love this product's color. I use it instead of lotion when I need a "tan". After several days of use, I have a nice glow or light tan look.
The good -- great color - works great to moisturize -- not greasy.
The bad - I am not crazy about the application method. I prefer the micromist or a moose to the lotion. That said, it isn't greasy and I haven't ever had problems with uneven or streaky areas. Second, it will fade quickly when you stop applying the product. 2-3 days is all it will last.
All of that said, I highly recommend it.

Great Product
by An

I usually don't use moisturizers daily, only when I need to. But after my friend gave me some to try a month ago, I was thrilled with the results.

The smell of the product was terrific and the color was just right for my skin color. It gives my skin a healthy feel after applying it and also a healthy look.

The price for it is a bit on the high side but it's worth it.

Not too shabby!
by Cassandra

I was apprehensive about trying this after a bad experience with another self-tanner, but after "glowing" reviews from a friend, I gave it a shot. I have not been disappointed!

If you usually apply lotion, then swap it out for this, and get a tan while you moisturize!! It is really that easy.

The lotion absorbs quickly and the fragrance is very nice. I've never had a problem with "color" on my clothes, but I do recommend watching where you apply! I used this primarily on my legs, and how embarrasing, when after three days, my legs had this beautiful golden glow... but my feet and ankles were pale!

I'd say the tan lasts about three days if you stop using the product -- but of course indefinitely if you didn't stop. I highly recommend!!

Natural tan all year round!
by Rachel Schwartz

When I bought this product I was a little nervous, because I did not want to turn orange, but this product is great! It smells so good and refreshing, and builds a natural tan within 3 days. All of my friends thought I went to a tanning salon and they could not believe how great my skin looked from a bottle! I had a wedding to go to and I still looked tan from the summer! I did not look orange, and it left my skin very smooth. I have to say that my legs looked great in my dress (I didn't wear stockings!)
Awesome product to use, and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys being tan but does not want the harmful effects of the sun!

Awesome Product!
by Jennifer

My daughter and I have both used this and love it. It gave us both such a natural tan that no one knew that it came from a bottle, and we did not tell them!

Nice color!
by mommyof 2

I used this product and loved it! I am very pale and this product helped give me a nice, subtle color and glow. I have recommended it to all my friends. I never had streaks or an orange tan when using this. Great moisturizer too!

by Nams

This is a great product, and it smells great right out of the bottle, but after you put it on and get in the tanning bed, you begin to stink unbelievably. Other indoor tanning lotions that I have used have never smelled this bad after use. As far as giving you a nice tan, it does do a wonderful job, and it looks great.

EveryDay Glow Daily Moisturizer Medium
by Joan Fusco

My skin tone was very pale until I bought this product. After only two applications, I can already see a difference. It is very important to take the extra few minutes to apply evenly and wash hands thoroughly. The scent is a little unpleasant, not terrible. It's very easy to use and having a moisturizer is a real plus. Plus, you can't beat the cost, very inexpensive!
I will continue to use this tanless suntan product and also recommend it to my family and friends.

Good for a little color
by Jen W.

If you are looking for that subtle, sun-kissed look, then this is a great product. I like the feel and smell of the lotion and it seems to keep up a general bronzed look as long as you use it on a regular basis. If you are looking for that just-back- from-Hawaii look, then this is probably not for you, but for a subtle change, this is great.

Good Price and Product
by Cara

The product itself does what it promises--gives you a natural looking color. It also is a big plus that the product makes your skin really soft and adds a good amount of moisture on it. Of all the products I've tried, I'd rate this one in the middle of the pack just because the effects of the product do not last very long.

Looks so real
by Kathy

I like this brand of sunless tanning because of the Shea butter and aloe. It will give you that "sun-kissed" look as well as nourish and soften your body. I especially like Banana Boat products anyway. So, when I see a new product out by them, I just HAVE to try it. Never disappointed yet and wasn't with this one either.

Good tanner but weird smell
by Annie

This did a great job tanning my skin but it left a weird tanning smell on my skin after using it. The product itself smells great but after rubbing it into my skin the product left an "after smell" on my skin making it less appealing. The smell goes away by washing off the lotion but it was a lot of work.

Must Have Self-Tanning Product
by Traci Anderson

I'd nearly given up on self-tanners until I found this product. I have extremely fair skin and each time I tried self-tanning I ended up looking orange, or an odd shade of brown. I tried this product because it was affordable and I figured I wouldn't lose much if it didn't work. Well, it did work...and it worked fantastic. My skin had a natural glow without being orange-ish or too brown. I also liked that the color was gradual so I didn't have skin splotches or uneven color. I will be using this product again this summer.

Good sunless tanner
by Gerry

I really like this product. It gives my legs a nice lightly tanned look so I can wear shorts as soon as the weather warms up. It gives you just a hint of color when you first use it. I do not use it anywhere else on my body except my legs . It also absorbs quickly so you don't have to stand around and wait to get dressed.

Who Knew
by Jennifer W

I tried this product for the first time last week and it was so much better than I expected. The color was natural (just don't over do it on the feet!) and the smell and feel are great. I am so happy this I will not look like a ghost this winter! I like this try of sunless tanner better than any other I have is subtle and natural.

Works Great!
by Christina

I love this product!

I have used a variety of self tanners and have found this one works just as well as some of the more expensive products out there. Plus, it doesn't smell bad like some of the others tend to.

It's also easy to apply, and didn't leave me with any patchy or streaky spots. As long as you remember to wash your hands after applying, this is a highly recommended product.

Great tanner!
by Liz Gelbert

I have tried so many other tanners in the past and this is one of the best I have tried. It doesn't leave my skin the ugly orange color like so many other products. It goes on smooth and dries quickly. It gives a nice even tan.

Nice tan...
by Mindy

I was referred to this product by a friend, and was happy with the results. I didn't end up turning orange like you do with other lotions. It absorbs quickly into your skin, and gives you a nice glow.

Gives a healthy glow
by Candice

I am very picky when it comes to self tanners, I have had many bad outcomes in the past that have left me looking either orange or just unnatural. I like the banana boat brand because its affordable and this product just gives you that refreshed glow not a dark tan. A perfect product for someone that just wants that sun kissed look.

Good product
by Henley

I have used this product before and it works fine, as it doesn't give you the orangy tan like other products do. It absorbs quickly and gives you a light, glowy tan. Works pretty well if you want a quick tan without the sun or harming your body.

Nice, bargain-priced tanner
by Lisa Dryden

I have used this product a few times and have not been disappointed. It has a light, fresh scent and is easily absorbed into the skin. It also leaves behind a subtle and natural-looking tan as well. If you are on a budget and want to try one of the self-tanners, you should try this product because it gives really nice results.

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worth a shot
by alyson cerimeli

I have never tried this product exactly, but I have tried numerous other gradual tanning lotions. In my experience, they tend to work well and as long as you apply the lotion evenly and completely, you will remain streak free. However, in my experience these lotions ALWAYS leave my skin smelling a little funny. It's a bearable smell but not a scent I would ever choose to represent me. It wasn't the lotion itself that smelled, but just a faint odor from my skin while using the product. It's worth a try, in my opinion, because the risk of streaking is minimal. It works, and I have never known these products to turn skin orange.

works well
by Linda

I was pleased that it did not have the streaky fake orange look like many similar products have. I give it a thumbs up.