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It's actually really good!
by blondie

I use this product every day...and its actually really good!?
i dont get why everyones saying its bad when it looks really natural?
i use a sponge to apply it and its really even and looks really good

Not so good
by Emily

I tend to burn when I try to tan so I turned to this product. The first time I used it I ended up all splotchy, a really noticeable color compared to my extremely fair skin. My friend told me to try putting lotion on before, to help it spread. I gave it a try and I had the same result. I tried two more times with different lotions and it just wouldn't work. Eventually i gave up.

Not Natural
by Lynne

I have tried many self-tanners in foams, lotions, sprays and gels. This one came far below my expectations. I am not a big fan of the foam self tanner to begin with because it is not that easy to apply but this gave me a very unnatural streaky looking color and turned my palms orange! It took some time to get it off. I would not recommend this one.

Orange is Not my Favorite color!
by Sherry Ward

I did not like it when I put it on, and also it made my skin scream "orange." I was embarrassed to be seen in public. My family looked at me and said you've got a fake tan. How humiliating!!

Orange Tanning
by patricia

I didn't like this item at all. I was really pale before and wanted a little tan before I went to Florida for the summer so I used this and it turned me orange. I was so embarrassed that I refused to go to Florida and my ticket was wasted.

The Color Orange
by littlecat

Don't get me wrong, Orange is a nice color in its own right, however, not as a skintone. I hid in my house for a bit after trying this product. I was so orange, I feared someone would try to juice me, like in willy wonka and the chocolate factory!. I would not recommend this product, unless its for halloween, of course. Its inexpensive enough..but you get what you pay for. I will never use this product again.

I scared away all my friends...
by Cassandra

It is products like these that I cannot stand because they scare you away from trying similar ones...

I could not believe the color this product turned my skin. Seriously... it was the ugliest orange/brown that I had ever seen. There was no doubt in the mind's of anyone I ran into that this was a straight-from-the-bottle BAD tan!

I thought with this being in foam-form, it would be easier to apply... but I was so wrong. Foam, of course, turns into a liquid and the result was terrible streaking. If you like dark tanning, I highly suggest you try this in a small, HIDDEN area to see if it matches your tastes before doing your entire body, like me.

Not for Me
by Cecilia

I tried this twice on my body and I cannot find it in myself to like it. It made my skin orangey, with a fake looking tan. Also, my skin was red the next day! I think this formula is not for me. I will try other brands, but as for now: I do not recommend others to use this product. It does not provide you with the color you would want. A real tan is not an orange tan! There is a fine line between that. So please do not use this product!

I am orange!
by jane moore

Oh my! After applying this, I looked so orange that I was embarrassed to go out. Had to scrub my skin so I could get rid of this product. I thought with a good name brand like this, I would be happy with the results... but I was so wrong. I will stick with my Clarins brand. May cost more, but it is worth it.

Not Impressed
by Jeremy Rose

I was shocked with how my skin turned out after giving this product a two week trial...I looked like a sweet potato! If you want a natural looking, sunless tan, look elsewhere!

Not Happy
by Eli

This tanning product from Banana Boat is the worse I've ever dealt with. It tanned my skin to a unnatural looking brown tan. It also caused streaks all over my skin. The worse thing about it was its smell which wouldn't go away even after showers.

Sunless Tanning
by Sassyswt

This is a good product. Its very easy to apply, and its important to follow the directions. I used this during the winter months. I feel it gives a very natural looking tan, and is much cheaper than going to a tanning booth. It is a lot faster and there are no chances of skin damage or drying.

Easy To Apply
by Victoria

I love trying new self-tanners since I avoid tanning beds and only get as much sun as I need for optimal health. It's difficult to find a self-tanner that meets all my needs, and most of them fail in one or more departments.

Banana Boat Summer Color/Instant Bronzer & Sunless Tanning Foam is no exception, although it did perform exceptionally in a few areas.

The Good: It's very easy to apply, and the instant bronzer gives a nice healthy glow that doesn't look fake. It also lets you see where you have applied it and makes it easier to avoid streaking. Once the color developed (after a few applications as I am somewhat naturally tanned) my skin had that "sunkissed" glow. It dried quickly and was not sticky, but it did have that typical sunless tanner smell (although it was not as bad as others). Over the period of a few days I developed a nice, deep color. It did not look fake and was not that orange color some self-tanners leave behind.

The Bad: Since the color was relatively dark, it did seem to fade somewhat quickly, though the fade down color was natural. This product does not contain sunscreen, so be sure to apply your own. You need to be sure that the bronzer is completely dry before dressing, otherwise you stand the chance of ruining clothing (this also goes for sweating).

Overall, I would recommend this product for an inexpensive, fast-working self-tanner.

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by Shannon

I am very pale and tend to burn more than I tan...
Before a beach trip I purchased this product and gave it a shot.
I was orange for a week...