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by cherie

I have only tried this product once myself and I thaught it was ok... It seemed to make you tan, but I found that it washes off very easy... but like I said, I only tried it once...

Overweight Mom
by aje

I have used this product and like all sunless tanning products you really have to watch how you put it on so you don't streak or get blotchy. I had help and it turned out really good. I would use this product again.

by Gabby

I love Banana Boat products and love how they work!

bought it for my cousin
by eneida

I bought this product for my cousin and decided to try. I didn't see any difference. The one thing I did like about it is the smell. I think it's good for other people it just didnt' work for me.

Sunless tanning
by Brandy Russell

I love coppertone products. sunless tanning products are prone to streaking when I have tried them in the past but this one seems to be easy to applyy and works really well. I wass surprised by how natural and evan it looked. I would highly recomend using it.

Good product
by BA

I like Banana Boat products. This sunless tanning cream worked well for my skin tone. I liked the application process, but found that it worked better with a little lotion added for even application. There were no streaks and I did not end up orangey or fake looking. The color was gradual and subtle and no one could tell that I didn't earn this tan by being in the sun. In fact, my friend commented that I looked relaxed and calm and wondered where I traveled for my vacation. I would definitely use this product again as it gave me the glow that I was looking for. Also, it didn't smell bad. Sometimes other products can smell so overpowering. Although I did detect a scent from this cream, it wasn't massively unappealing. Overall, good product and I'd buy it again.

Awesome deal
by An

This item is really cheap. With the same amount of money, usually I can only get the generic pharmacy brands so this is a great deal. However, as we always say, you get what you paid for.

The color of this product is horrible. It is hard to get a shade that blends in with your skin because it is so different from normal skin color. I advise people not to purchase this item.

Can't beat it for the price
by Jen Cummings

I've used this product for about a year, and compared to other sunless tanners I've used, I really like this one. It's not too streaky, not too orangey, and dries quickley. In particular, I like to use this on my face because it doesn't cause my acne-prone skin to break out. The only downside is the smell, which isn't very pretty. However, for the price, you can't beat it.

Very Orange
by brooke

This made me extremely orange. I would use this product again if I was going to dress up as the sun for Halloween. It stained my hands and feet. It took days before my natural skin color returned. I would not recommend this to anyone.

Dark Orange
by JJ

I bought this product because it was a little cheaper than the others. I guess I should have known better. I followed the directions and applied this product the way I was supposed to. I was streaked everywhere, a dark ,orange color. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with Banana Boat!

Love Color
by Tami

I have tried every self-tanning product. They made me orange, but when I bought the Summer Color Sunless, I was surprised. I had a natural looking tan. It smells good, is streak free, not oily and dries really quick. I love this product and I will keep buying it.

Great price, good results!
by M

Banana Boat products generally work great in my opinion. For a nice tan, if you don't have time to tan yourself, this lotion works good! Like any sunless tanning lotion you will have to spend a small amount of time putting it on, but unlike some this actually works. If you want a nice golden tan, but not very dark, this is a great lotion. It isn't a very dark tan that gives you a fake looking tone, it is a mild tanning lotion that satisfies if you want a noticeable tan. All in all, great product!

Summer Color Sunless Lotion
by Emily K.

I've only used this on my face and neck, where my skin freckles instead of tans. No streaking and a great color. The smell isn't that great, but you can wash it off after an hour or two.

Not one of my favorites
by Sarah

While this self tanner is one of the more affordable tanners out on the market, I believe that you get what you pay for. I was not fond of the smell and it felt greasier to me than other self tanners I have used. I have very pale skin and after I applied this self tanner, I was orange! I did not like the color of the tanner, but maybe it was because my skin was too light. It might look good on certain skin types, but it did not work for mine. It turned my hands orange and it was kind of hard to get off. I think spending more on self tanners is the way to go. Like I said, you get what you pay for.

by wendy c

This product might be cheaper than the other self-tanners on the market, but it will also turn you a shade of radioactive orange if you are pale-skinned. When I tried it the application turned out developing streaky and spotty. I looked like a big orange monster. Whatever you do, do not put it on your face. Otherwise you'll be scrubbing with lemon juice and salt trying to discolor your skin.

Nice Color
by Crystal

I used this last summer and it really does add color and is natural looking. My skin is fairly pale and I was worried about using a product like this because I didn't want it to look fake, but this product is specially made for lighter skin and it looked great. It gave me a nice color that really looked natural.

Not bad
by NTReviewer

I have had good experiences with this product. I mix it with a bit of moisturizer and apply it to most of my body. The resulting tan is quite natural looking and has no blotchy areas or streaks. I found that it also dries pretty quickly although I am hesitant to touch things for awhile afterwards just to be sure. Application is a breeze and I am pretty satisfied.

Keep on tanning!
by Jessica D

Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Lotion Light/Medium is my ultimate fav! It has a great texture and a great scent, and does a wonderful job!!! Always a perfect coat every time. And also cheaper, and still has a great quliaty! Also very quick to set!

Sunless tanner
by melissa

I love this stuff!! It has the same results as the more expensive brands at a fraction of the price.Takes minutes to apply and it starts tanning. No orange glow like some products, just a natural looking tan!!

It works
by Jeff

This is a great product and it really works well. It gives you a very natural looking tan and not an orange tan like some products. It is very easy to use.

Very natural looking
by Aubre Rice

I use this product mainly on my legs, arms, and shoulders and love it. I have found it is significantly cheaper than other products in this category, but works much better. I am fair skinned, so I worry about looking orange. This color is very gradual and looks very natural. This lotion drys fairly quickly, within 5 minutes, and has a nice scent. With the addition of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, it doubles as a great moisturizer too.

by M Smith

My daughter is very fair skinned and blonde. She doesn't tan really easy so I bought her this so she could have some color. This worked Great. She applied it and was very easy to do. She had a natural looking glow to her skin and was very happy. I would recommend it , wholeheartedly.

Nice to have a light/medium option
by Ellie

If you're fair-skinned like me, most self tanners end up looking too dark. What I particularly like about this product is that it's available in light/medium. The "tan" I get looks natural, plus this lotion is really easy to apply, since it's thicker--no drips.

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