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by Mary

This is a really great product at a really good price. The tan is even and easy to work with. The color is believable and not orangey a tall. This is great if you have to look tan quick!


I am really impressed with this sunless tanning, it works great, easy on, nice smell, I do not look orange, and its a good price and it is a name we know and trust.

Bronze & Beautiful!
by Violet

I love this foam! I have tried several sunless tanners, as I love the look of healthy bronzed skin. However, I hate the unhealthy and aging effects of the sun. Therefore, I picked this up on a whim to try. The foam is easy to apply and truly lifted my fair olive toned skin to a natural golden hue. It was light enough to remain natural, but still effective enough to see a change. My skin looked bronzed, sleek, and carried an oh-so-subtle glow. The problem I have with other tanners is that they can sometimes be greasy, turn my skin orange, or smell funny. I did not have a problem with any of these issues here. The foam also really applies easily and develops beautifully after a quick dry time, too.

Good Choice
by Amie

I am very light skinned and don't spend a lot of time in the sun so I have tried many many of the "fake" tans currently available on the market. I liked this one because you could tell where it had been applied. It was easy to apply. The color was a little too dark on me using the light/medium color, but it wasn't bad. It didn't turn orange and the scent was fine. This is an affordable choice. I like the micromist application method a bit better, but this was easy to apply. It wasn't greasy and lasted well.

Works GREAT!
by brosfam

This product gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It's cheap but still worked amazingly. It's not uncomfortable to apply, nor is it a hassle. Great item for its price.

Endless Summer Sunless Tanning Bronzing Foam
by Elli

I tried this product last spring when I was trying to get tan for my spring break trip. I really liked that it was a foam and was so easy to apply. It didn't streak or make me orange and was pretty inexpensive. I plan on using this again this spring!

Nice Tan!
by Jill S.

I am really happy with the results from this bronzing foam. Finally, a product that gives you a great bottled tan. I have tried so many different tanning products and have found that this Coppertone foam works great. It works fast and has a nice scent. I will buy this again.

by Carole

I have 2 daughters that do beauty pageants and need to be tan so they don't get flushed out under the stage lighting. I love this product because you see where it goes and its easy to spot any missing areas, and dries within minutes. It doesn't turn out orange or dry your skin out. It leaves you with a natural looking tan that wont stain expensive clothes or your everyday clothes. Its safe to use on children as well. One of my daughters is 6 and we use it on her before a pageant and its easily removed when the pageant is over. Love this product!

Natural tan
by Nams

I used this and it is worth every penny! It gave me a sexy, delicious, dark tan. No one knew it was fake! I'm excited to try other Coppertone products. Highly recommended.

Great affordable product!
by Lisa

I use this product regularly. I have light olive skin and use the light medium formula, not so much to look tan, but for an overall healthy appearance. It gives skin a healthy natural look. The results are not orange, but it doesn't look like you just got home from a tropical vacation either. It is a smooth formula, applies evenly and smells pretty good!

Sensational Sunless Tanning
by Emily K.

This product worked well for me. It's nice that it shows you within a few minutes where you need to touch up. It gives you a nice subtle color, no orange, which I hate in most other products! This one doesn't smell horrible either, which was a relief. This is the first lotion sunless tanner I've tried (I usually use sprays) and it was really easy to apply. Didn't stain my clothes or bedding, as I applied it right before bed and waited 45 min before going to sleep. I left one star out because I didn't get the "dark" that I was hoping for. Overall, a good product though.

good for the price
by ndy

A friend recommended this product to me and I tried it. I got even tanning and it was not messy to apply like some of the sunless tanners I've used. I loved it and have recommended it to three of my friends since I used it.

Go with Coppertone!
by Lana

I have used at least a dozen different self tanners including lotions, sprays, and foams - both grocery store and department store brands. This is easily my favorite. It provides a gradual, natural, BROWN tan (not orange or fake looking). It is very easy to use, doesn't streak, and doesn't smell bad as many others do. I actually started using it while on vacation and I really thought that I had a natural tan, but after continuing to use it when I returned, I realized that it was the product. As I am posting this review, I am replenishing my supply and I hope that Coppertone will continue to produce this product!

Love it!
by Angel C.

I have very light skin and I use the light/medium on it and the color comes out beautifully! The tan looks all-natural, it's not streaky or orange, and my skin looks sun-kissed. It's easy to apply and looks incredibly natural. I recommend to all.

Love this
by Holly Wilson

I've used this product in the past, and I can guarentee I will be using it again. This doesn't leave you looking like you used a self tanner, but rather like you've laid out in the sun for hours to get a nice tan. No orange color, no streaks, and an even skin tone. Great product!

Very nice cover!
by JoDean Roberts

I love Coppertone Endless Summer! I have tried similar foams with not nearly as much luck. This has a nice tint to it so I was able to get better cover and not have nearly as many missed spots. A small amount of this will go a long way. Color showed up quickly and last over a week! The bottle seemed to last forever and I recieved a lot of questions asking where I had taken my vacation and got the nice tan!

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