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by Tracey Whitt

I used coppertone endless summer sunless tanning foam light/medium and it changed the pigmentation
of my skin color and now I have a large 12" scarring
on my left leg all the way around and about 3" scarring on my right leg, I need to know how to go about getting this problem fixed and advise anyone who uses it to be very careful

Do you like to be orange?
by Melissa

I used this last spring to get a base tan before summer came. I found myself orange tinited. I wouldn't buy this, spend a little more money on better stuff, because this is not a good product to buy.

by donna

I had really good luck with this--gave me a nice looking tan without having to lay out in the sun. Doesn't work too well on face though--fake looking.

by Debra

A sunless tanning is a safe way to go,a natural solution to reduce sun exposure.sunless foam would be easy to obsorb and spread evenly. Its fast drying and seems to be a good product. Thank You

by Mary

This is a really great product and is really cheap to buy. The color comes out tan, not orangey at all. You can build the color too if you need to.

by Kelly

This item for me was too hard to get even. I followed all directions but still just couldn't avoid the patches. I have tried this about 3 times with the same results every time. This does, however, give you a nice color. If you think you can avoid the patches and streaks...go for it. Unless you're a professional, I don't think that'll happen. It is just too difficult and not worth it...even if it is cheap!

Too Funny
by Becky

My niece had a wedding to go to last year, and she is very pale as it is. So she figured she would buy some of this to make her skin look better. Well, she came out of the room, and she looked hilarious. She had patches everywhere, and by the time the wedding was over and she got out of her white dress, she had brown spots on the sides. It is good on the price, but not so good on the product. I wouldn't suggest it at all.

I've used better
by Wendy

I haven't had much luck with sunless tanners and this item was no exception. It looked unnatural and streaky. The foam part was nice & light opposed to heavy creams.

Endless Bummer
by Henry L.

I used this product over the winter break; it appealed to me because it was so cheap, but you get what you pay for. I was sure to apply it correctly, but the whole thing was botched and I had an uneven coat. Don't be fooled, this product does not work, unless you're looking for colored spots.

by brosfam

This product made my skin tone very uneven and unnatural. The price is very appealing, but believe me, it's not worth the patchy tan you'll get from using it.

Pale girl looking for a glow
by Marsha Garcia

I have used many sunless tanning products over the years as I have very fair skin and burn easily. The Endless Summer Tanning Foam was very easy to use, but left more streaking than other brands I have tried in the past. The consistency of the foam is very light, so it is good if you don't like heavy creams, just be very careful to apply evenly.

by Candice

My little 17-year-old sister spent the weekend during the Christmas holidays bringing this product with her. She wanted to have a tan during the winter months so she thought she'd try this. I haven't seen anything as funny as the patchwork colors this product gave her skin! I'm pretty sure she did it right as I watched her apply it myself, still looked like a tan in a bottle treatment! Poor thing...

No orange tan here
by Angel

This is a good product, if you are looking for something that dries fast and you have a fear of an orange look.
It made my skin feel ok, but it doesn't contain as much moisture as I like.
Which I also have a type of dry skin and need all the moisture I can get.
But overall for a fast, not so fake looking tan, this is a good product.

I've tried better
by Jill S.

I tried this Coppertone tanning cream and was disappointed. It does have a soft pleasant scent and I like that it is a foam. It was easier to apply than lotion but it discolored my knees and elbows leaving me with that bottled tan look. The palms of my hands were also left darker than the rest of my body.

Endless Summer Tanning
by Mary

I chose this product because it dried quickly. While it did dry quickly, I felt that it left me with an undesirable fake tan look. It was obvious to my co-workers that I had tried a sunless product. I did not feel that I had a natural looking tan. Although I wasn't orange, I didn't look natural. I also thought the product went on evenly but as it dried I noticed that there were splotches of darker areas. I would not use this product again.

I was a little surprised
by rachel anderson

This product seemed to work fairly well compared to regular tanning products. The foam was easier to apply, but it did streak. The color was nice.

At Least I Wasn't An Orange
by Kasandra

I purchased this product because it dried quickly (in under five minutes) and it was not a cream. It did dry quickly and did not have an offensive odor. It was reasonably priced and came in a convenient pump. As for the tan, it was subtle but I could see where it was washed off on my hands (I looked a bit like I was wearing sleeves down to my wrists). I also noticed that it settled a little bit in my elbows and knees but I remedied that once I went a little lighter over those areas. This product did not turn me orange which was a very big relief.

Save your money
by Stephanie

I purchased this in the Light/Medium shade, and I did not like it at all. While I have to admit it goes on easier than the lotion, the results did not look good. You could definitely tell I was wearing a sunless tan product. It may look better on other skin tones than mine, but for now I think I will stick with Neutrogena products.

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