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by meagan brooke

I love this stuff. It's easy to put on evenly and unless you gob it on, there are never any streaks. I refuse to try anything else because it took me a long time to find something as good as this! When it fades, it does it gradually so that it is not noticeable coming off in patches. I would highly reccommend this product!

by Diane Gantz

For the price I think this product works well. I like the added color so you can see where you have applied it. I have fair skin so to get a real suntan I have to burn which is not the healthy thing to do. This self tanner gives me a decent tan after a few days of applications and I have gotten nice compliments on my "sun"tan. It also does not have that obvious ucky smell that some self tanners have.

Made me have orange skin
by M B

I have tried several sunless tanners. I am very pale normally, and my legs are blotchy. I love that sun kissed look. I have been happy with Coppertone products in the past, and when I saw an oil-free tanner, I thought it might be for me. I didn’t like this one though. It made my skin have a slight orange tint. I only used it one time, and won’t use it again.

Not for me.
by Sharon Mac

After being bombarded last summer by so many horror stories of tanning and skin cancer, I decided to attempt to become pro-active and try out a few different self-tanning lotions. At one point I attempted this product because one of my good friends sells the product line. I was disappointed in this product. I applied it as per the directions, and after several hours I did not notice a difference. It seems to me that this product must be used several times daily over a few weeks time to achieve results, and I cannot commit that much time to applying lotion.

Others are better
by BA

I have tried many sunless tanning products as the dangerous properties of the sun seem to be getting more and more headline news time. This is one of the products that I dabbled with while looking for a regular sunless tanning product. Overall, this product is not bad. I purchased it because I trust the Coppertone name and have been using their sunscreen regularly for years. I have a natural medium tan already, so this product really did little to add to my color. I applied it as directed and though the visible tint included in the product was very helpful, it didn't quite work with my skin tone. When I tried the next level of color up (dark), I found that it was way too dark for me. Other than the color, I did like this product. It was easy to apply and felt nice on my skin. It didn't smell as bad as some other sunless tanning products that I've tried and this product dried relatively quickly. The lack of color options was its biggest downfall for me, but if there was a color match, I would have purchased this product again.

It's OK
by Sabrina

I have medium skin and this product definitely gave me a bit of tan coloring. The tinted lotion helps a little when applying so you know if you missed a spot, but it doesn't help with the streaking problems. I also noticed that on my legs in particular, it would get into the hair follicles and would be darker in those places, so it looked like my legs had little pinpoint spots, but you only noticed if you were close to my legs. One thing I found that helped with that problem was to only go down my leg when applying. I also had the problem of orange colored areas between my fingers even though I had washed my hands after applying. It's not my favorite sunless tanning product, but in a pinch, it'll do the job.

Worth it!
by Sally

I have only used a few sunless tanning products, but I definitely like this one the best. I used it at the beginning of the summer last year, and it really got me started on a great tan. I used it into the fall, and I felt like it seemed to extend my tan. Looks great, and doesn't cost too much. I will get more this summer for sure!

Not for fair skin
by Rachel

I have very fair skin, and this turned it orange. Not even remotely tan, but orange. Applying it evenly is a real challenge - I had streaks on my legs. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards - I had orange coloring in the dips between my fingers.

Good for the Price
by Shauna

I purchased this product after trying several more expensive brands. This product works great for the money. It is a little hard to get even, but works wonderfully once you get the application right. It goes on smoothly and feels good on the skin. I would recommend this product to someone wanting an "OK" tan for a smaller price.

Try a different tanning lotion
by Jill S.

I have little time to get to my local tanning salon. I tried the light/medium oil free tanning lotion. I really liked the scent and the non-greasy lotion. I was disappointed in the color it stained my skin. It looked like I had tanned from a bottle and not been to the tropics.

Works for me
by man

This product is by far the best sunless tanning product I have ever purchased. In the past, I had spent a ton of money on department store brands. However, this product is still the best. The color appears as a real tan, not yellow or orange. The lotion is tinted to allow for easier application. However, it needs to be rubbed in completely.

Not recommended
by dee

The price of this product is cheaper than other sunless tanners but I urge you to pay to higher price as I was never able to get it even. It streaked no matter what I did. On the flip side it didn't seem to have that sunless tanner smell. Cost friendly but goes on uneven.

There's better
by allismom

No matter how hard I tried, this stuff would not get even. I did like the greaselessness, but was unhappy with the results. Thought it would be better from a company like Coppertone.

Not so great
by K.M.

The lotion went on smoothly, but ultimately didn't turn out to be a good color for my skin - I looked like I had used a bottled tan. I only tried it on my legs at first, and ended up covering them until it faded.

Streaky, Orange
by Christie

I ended up streaky and orange after using this product. Even though there is a slight tint so you can see where you placed the product, it still left me streaky. Also, the color that it gives is not at all natural. I have extremely pale skin, so the lack of brown behind the self-tanner left me looking orange (think jaundice).

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