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by angelica

It was pm I didn't love it

Streaking...Streaky tan anyone
by Danni B

I used this on the recommendaition of a friend who had used it to blend her natural tan lines for a wedding. If you are using it for this purpose it works great, but to spread over large areas, not so much. Even when you use an applicator, it streaks.

good stuff
by Ashley

If you don't cake it on and blend it is a great sunless tanner. I used it for a long time and was happy with the results!

by Samantha

Sunless tanning lotion from Coppertone is not a good product messy and very streaky after applying. Would not recommend.

by zunisun26

This product doesn't actually give that bad of a color, it is just still more of a dinosaur self-tanner, i.e. still a little orangy, still a little smelly, still a little not quite right. There are too many other products out there that do a better job.

sunless tanning lotion
by sharon malone

I was very disappointed with this product. It made me look like a carrot, too much orange, so fake. I wanted to avoid being out of the sun so much. I hate tanning beds. I rather do none of them now.

great for halloween
by Jessica B

I used this product and was great disappointed ...again but if you are going as a carrot for halloween then i'd reccomend this product.

Leaves an orange glow
by Kathlene

This product left me looking very orange and since I could not tell where I had put it, I left with a lot of white patches. It also took forever for it to go away. I would not recommend this to anyone.

by Princess

Coppertone has been around for a while. You can trust their products. And since its a lotion, you'll be able to apply the product easily. No streaks!

by Sara Lynott

I have used this and it's great. It makes your skin feel great and the colour is very natural. I would totally recomend this to anyone looking to use a sunless tanning product

Exfoliate first!!!!
by LindaS

I tried this product and the first time I was all orange and streaky especially near my knees and ankles. The second time I tried it after a friend recommend that I exfoliate before applying the sunless tanner.. I did this and it worked like a charm. Looked like I had the real thing instead of the fake one!

There are better products
by Samantha

This was the first tanning product I used. I did not like it at all. It was so streaky. The smell was terrible. I felt as though this was slightly more difficult to apply than the foam. You will see results quickly, however.

My Orange Mother
by Dee

My mother faithfully used this product and she thought it was great! She felt she looked tan. Well, she was orange! When looking for a sunless tanning product I purposely asked what product she used so I didn't buy it! She continues to buy it because it makes her feel like she looks good.

Coppertone sunless tan
by Brenda B.

My daughter used this product just last year. She used it to get a tan before her prom. She loved the product, but you do have to rub it evenly to avoid streaks. She will use the product again this year for prom.

Works well
by brosfam

This product gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It's cheap but still worked great. It's not uncomfortable to apply, nor is it a hassle. Great item for its price.

Not awful, but not great either
by Megan

While I am no expert at sunless tanning, I had tried a couple of products prior to this one. I will admit that it didn't turn out as disastrously as it might have - in fact, it didn't really turn out like much of anything at all. I used it prior to a trip to Hawaii, following the instructions to the tee, and ended up with slightly darker but rather blotchy legs. Rather than looking like I'd been baking in the sun for a week, I kind of looked like my lower half had been caught in a dust storm. If I were to go back I definitely would choose another product.

sunless tanning lotion
by Jenn

I have used this many times and love it. I have not had a problem with streaking. The color looks natural and last about 2 weeks. Before I apply this product, I make sure my skin has been exfoliated. The color seems to last longer and no streaking occurs when I do that first. This product is great if you need some color, and the price is cheaper than one tanning session.

Sunless Tanning Lotion
by suzanne gregory

I have used this lotion a few times. I have found that it does take time for the color to change. I don't like the streaks it leaves. Also my hands turned orange. I think its a good product if I was going out for the night to a dark place. Hopefully no one would notice tan streaks.

Only to Augment
by Jen

When used alone this product is not the best (but far from the worst). It can come out a bit orange. It does have a tendency to streak if not rubbed in very well. Where it shines though, is when used in conjunction with real tanning (from a booth or the sun). It helps deepen the color with fewer tanning sessions. On top of a base tan, the orange color is not as noticeable, particularly if you pick the formula that is right for your skin tone. If you are very pale and try the medium/dark, it will be pronouncedly more orange.
This product also does not smell as bad as some of the others available. I still wouldn't call it pleasant though.

Vaguely Oompa Loompa
by Kevin Lumpkin

My girlfriend tried this product several years ago as an alternative to going to a tanning salon, and it turned her skin to what I can only describe as a light shade of oompa loompa. The brand name Copper Tone is right, because copper is certainly not a natural skin color, and neither was my girlfriend after using this product. I'd suggest alternatives like Neutrogena's brand over this.

too orange
by Marcie

This product for me, did not blend well. I applied to my skin and rubbed it in evenly as it stated on the bottle but still showed streaks or orange. Product was to orange for me, definitely not bronze.

Wouldn't Use
by Kathy

I tried this product in hopes for a natural tan. Being very fair skinned (as most red heads are), I wanted to have the color without the burn. Neutrogena's sunless tanner did little more than turn my skin into an unnatural orangish color, not to mention the color of my hands, which looked like I had played in red mud..horrible! Took weeks to wear off. Defintitely not worth the time or money.

Pass on this one...
by Melissa

In my never ending quest to find a great sunless tanning product, I came across this one by Coppertone. My fair skin came out somewhat "orangy" with this product. Also, I was unable to keep it from streaking and creating darker areas on my wrists, knuckles and elbows. While Coppertone makes great tanning products for actual sun exposure, I think I'll pass on buying this specific item again.

OK product
by Henley

I'm really pale and this did not turn me orange, nor was it streaky. I would definitely recommend exfoliating all over with a scrub brush and a grainy scrub beforehand, or you might get streaks. Also, you should moisturize days before you apply the sunless tanning lotion and dilute the tanner with regular lotion when you put it on your feet, elbows, knees etc. I would recommend this, but be really careful and rub it in well. The smell isn't the greatest.

Don't bother
by Alle G.

I tried this product before trying Neutrogena's sunless tanner and I was very disappointed in this product. I completely disagree with the manufacturer that it produces a natural-looking color. This is true only if you are naturally a shade of orange. I would definitely not buy it again.

Not the best
by Kari

I have a really fair skin tone I used this product once over the summer and I turned more orange than tan. I would try something else.

Greasy and Messy
by Jenny Morton

I am not a big fan of sunless tanning products in general, and this one was not good. It was very thick and greasy to apply and it smelled very strong. I didn't think the final results were encouraging either - I had the tell-tell signs of an orange tint and the color wasn't uniform - I definitely had streaking on my legs. On the other hand, my skin did feel softer afterwards, but I won't use this product again.

by Tami

I bought this product for a wedding so I woudn't go to the Tanning salon. I used it couple of times. I got the light/meduim shade, but it still made me look orange, plus Im fair skinned. It smells werid. lLooked fake, and too orangie on me. I will not buy this product again.
Thumbs Down!!!!

Choose Another Product
by Sharon

I have always been fair skinned and have recently started using self tanning products. This was one of the first products that I originally tried. I ended up with streaks of orange all over my legs. It took forever for the product to disappear. I have always bought copper tone products, but this will be the one that I leave sitting on the shelf.

Affordable Tanner
by leslie

This is an affordable tanner by a respected brand. It won't give you salon results but it will give you results. If it were just a little less orangey in color, it would be perfect, but you can rub it in or add water to it to dilute the orange effect a bit.

Very dissapointed
by Valorie Joy

I am a former sun worshiper and always had the perfect "real" tan. But I stopped three years ago concerned about skin cancer. I hated being so white, so when this sunless lotion came out I was excited because it claimed natural results. Remember Quick-T that turned you orange? Well that was years ago so I was so sure this would be improved by now. What a disappointment. Do not even try this unless you want to look like you have hepatitis!

Dont buy
by Stacy

This stuff is terrible. Not only did it not work well, but it left me looking all orange. I had to use an exfoliate to scrub it off. It looked so bad. It's way overpriced, and it leaves blotches. Don't waste your money on this product.

Thumbs down
by Brooke

It is very difficult to get an even color, and it didn't look natural all. It took to many applications to make a noticeable difference. I thought it was way overpriced for what you get.

by LR

I will not buy Coppertone Sunless Tanning Lotion ever again. My tan looked so fake, and not like the tanning bad tan, more like I painted it on. It was messy to begin with, and then the results were really bad. Thumbs down form me.

by amy

This self tanner is so-so. I have used it in the past and found it hard to apply evenly. For the price, I don't feel like it works nearly as well as it should. I will probably never use this product again.

by Lana

I bought this product a while ago, and have used it a couple times. I have used several other tanners, and this one is the best, but it is still not that wonderful. I have very fair skin and red hair, so no self tanner is going to be perfect for me, but this one is somewhat orange-y. The main drawback is that it is so thick that it is hard to spread quickly and evenly. I have to use muscle to get it all over my legs. It also stains the palms really quick, so make sure to wash your hands several times during the process, not just at the end. It also has a very powerful "fake tan" smell, which I know is obvious. I would recommend using another product.

by carolyn

Every since I bought this item, I have never been dissatisfied. I am so happy with the tan it has given me. I am no longer red for a couple days like I was when I used a tanning bed. My skin is much healthier now than it was when I went into the tanning bed, because there iare no horrible rays required. In the long run, this item has completly changed my life and possibly even saved it.

Coppertone Sunless Tanning Lotion
by vmvdmd

Coppertone has always been a brand that I could trust so I was eagerly anticipating what my sunless tan would look like. I live in the Midwest and in the winter, one surely needs to have a little color. I found that the application process was easy, the tanner seemed to go on smoothly and without fuss and the scent was very nice and mild, this, however, is where the positive comments end. I was very disappointed by the fakness of the tanning solution. I came out a strange shade of orange instead of a bronze. I think that this can be improved upon. In addition, I feel that for the price, they should be able to improve the realness of the tan.

by Linda Collins

I feel this product is way over priced considering the fact that your tan doesn't look real. The product did have a pleasant scent but I will pass on using it again!

Sunless tanning lotion
by Crystal Neal

I was not impressed with this product at all. Hard to apply, didn't smell so great, and did not give you a natural looking tan at all. But the tan did, to my dismay, stay for awhile. I would not use this product again.

do not buy
by J

I tried this a couple of months before a wedding to see if I could get a natural looking tan without spending the time or money at a tanning salon. I used the light/medium shade and it looked completely unnatural. It turned my skin into a shade of orange. At least I tried this in advance, so I didn't look like a fool for the wedding.

Not very good!
by Ellisha

I did not like this product. The shade didn't seem right. It looked like a strange color on my skin. Also, it didn't seem to last very long. It did smell pretty good though!

Orange Glow?
by HS

If you want an instant Orange makeover this is what you should buy. This product turns your skin orange and you will have streaks all over. If you don't wash your hands soon you will have orange hands as well. I don't advise that you buy this product.

Not great tan
by Mindy

Since this brand is popular, I wanted to give it a try. I wish it wasn't so expensive, because I did not like the product. The tan looked too fake and not natural at all. For the price, it should be close to perfect.

Good for amateurs
by Emily

This lotion works great if you're not great at application. The color shows up quickly and it's easy to apply. It mixes tanning lotion with moisturizer, which softens your skin. Tan comes out natural looking and not strange in color. The scent is very pleasant as well.

Not worth the money
by Stephanie

I tried this in the Light/Medium shade and I did not like it. It did not look real at all. I also tried the same shade in the foam and though it did look a little better it wasn't great either. Considering the price I think it should be a better product . I will just stick with Neutrogena for now.

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by britt

alot of gross built up at the top of the dispenser quickly. And a very light orange tan