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loreal bronze review
by Angela Crawford

this self tanner was ok. i would not recommend for the face, and it did have a bit of a sheen to it. It was better to use at night and shower in the am to take away any sheen. i don't think i will buy again.

Did not have a good experience
by Natasha

This came out horribly bad, and made my legs look like orange sticks.

by Joy Elvin

This took nearly an hour to dry, went VERY dark for a medium and was streaky - it looked really obvious. I only used it on my legs and had exfoliated before. I'd be very careful with this product.

by Melissa

This gave really good color, but it can get a little sticky & globby at times. I mixed mine with lotion, which made it much easier to apply.

self tan
by kim2728

This works well but be careful not to put to much at one time. Throughly rub onto the skin.

Works well with effort
by Alexis

This works well if you are willing to put in the effort. You must be careful to apply it evenly. I recommend putting on a thin layer evenly. You can always go back and add another layer if you want it to appear darker. All in all, this product works well for the price.

Nice looking Natural Tan
by livsmom04

I have tried several products for self tanning but I hadn't found anything that gave you that natural looking tan. I was in the store a few months ago and saw that this was on sale so I went ahead and tried it. After using it the first time I found that it did give me that natural looking tan and was pretty easy to apply. Now I use this product year round so that I have that tan year round. I would highly recommend using if you are looking for a soft Natural looking tan.

Golden Tan
by Kathy Michael

I seem to become colorless in the winter so I decided to try this product to maintain healthy look. At first I used way too much at once and ended up getting uneven blotches, especially on my knees and elbows. After a few uses I've learned that a little goes a long way. I have also found that it works better if you allow it to dry before dressing-about 5 minutes. I now have a light golden tan that looks healthy, not fake.

Natural Tan
by Lynne Parker

I have used many sunless tanners over the years with not so great results. I have to say that this product when used properly is effective in giving you a nice natural looking tan. I have used this product several times and it is very easy to use (just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly immediately after applying) . After about 2-3 applications, I got my desired results. Since there is no sunscreen in it--it is always important to make sure you use sunscreen outdoors even though you have a nice tan with this product.

Tan in Bottle?
by Ali

This product works pretty good, especially for the price. I got it at Wal Mart for less then $10. It goes on easily and dries quickly. If you wash your hands afterwards, then there is none of the orange tint on your hands in a few hours. I did see a little bit of streaking, but after I reapplied the product in those areas it seemed to even out. I would use this again because it did provide a nice tan color when I used it.

by Lisa Bowling

I have tried many self tanners over the years. I love that deep dark tan that is hard to get with self application. Many of them turn orange or streaky. This tanner goes on very smooth almost like a lotion. It is very easy to get an even and great looking tan. It also makes your skin very soft and supple. I used this tanner last summer and looked like I had been laying in the sun for hours. It has also helped me maintain a subtle color through the winter months as well. As with any self tanner, exfoliation is the key. The only downside to any self tanner is the smell, but I know you will get wonderful results with this product, I have.

One of my favorites
by Linda

I began using self-tanners as a young woman, including the old time mixture of oil and iodine. It is hard to say just how many I have tried. Of all of them, I must give Loreal's Gelee an almost perfect score. Not only does this product go on smoothly, it results in a natural, golden bronze glow that realistically mimics a true suntan and left my skin soft and supple. Furthermore, the price was reasonable! This is one product that is always in my beauty supply cabinet.
As with most self-tanning products, be sure to wash your hands and nails well after applying.

Slight problem
by Elizabeth

I've used my fair share of sunless tanners. This is a good product but if you don't really shake the bottle well you won't get all the ingredients for a good tan. In a hurry I squirted the bottle applied and out the door I went. The next day getting out of bed I noticed half my leg was white and the other tan! Good product you just have to make sure you really shake the bottle well.

Love it!!
by Julie

I was very doubtful when I first bought this product, but it is excellent! I was surprised by how wonderful my skin looked and how evenly this product applied to my skin. I am pregnant, so I can not go into a tanning bed right now...this is by far the next best thing. I look like I have been laying out by the pool all summer, without all the risks that come with the sun and tanning beds.

Great Color, Poor Texture
by SierraK

I give this product a 4 for the excellent color it delivers and the scent. It has a rather strong but pleasing masking scent that effectively hides that distinctive rotten-lemons smell that plagues so many self-tanners. That smell comes from dihydroxyacetone, the active ingredient in all self-tanners. You don't smell it with this one, it just smells pleasantly perfumed.
The color it delivers is top notch as long as you follow directions to exfoliate well and apply the tanner evenly. I am normally fair yet even the deep dark version of L'Oreal Sublime gives a natural looking tan.
So why a 4 instead of 5? Because of this products one and only problem, the texture. I thought "gel" would mean it would not be greasy but it was very greasy and never did completely dry after application. (Directions on self-tanners always say to wait for the product to dry completely before getting dressed.)
I ended up using a dry bath washcloth to try to blend it in better but it still felt too moist and oily and stained my nightgown and cover sheet. I did have a beautiful "tan" the next morning but so did my bed clothes. Fortunately the stains on the nightgown and sheet came right out in a regular wash, so I did end up happy with my Sublime Gelee tan.

Not great, but works good
by Ali

I have used this and so have my girlfriends. You have to make sure you exfoliate WELL before using this. Apply it evenly, so that you get a nice and even tan. It will give you a wonderfully dark tan (I think it is better on people that do not have fair skin).

One of My Favorite Drugstore Tanners!
by Lindsay

This is definitely one of my favorite sunless tanners. I do prefer it in the lotion though because the gelee tends to be very greasy and doesn't dry very well. If you buy this in dark you will end up with awesome super dark color. It lasts a pretty long time, but if you don't exfoliate before and after you will end up with some dark patches especially when it starts peeling off. Make sure you use plenty of lotion after this tanner develops because it will dry out your skin.

Not a golden tan
by Tami

I was disappointed in this product. To begin with it does not give you a natural looking tan. I tried it and unless you coat your entire body with it you have tan lines where you did not apply the product..It also stained my hands. When I took my first couple of showers after using this product my towels were stained after drying off.

Average Tanner
by v

The final result of using this tanner was an average looking tan- not too dark, maybe a little too light. However, while applying, the tanner was ridiculously sticky and goopy and hard to spread. The tanner also got on some clothes that are now permanently stained. The final result of using the tanner was not worth the process of actually using it.

Best Color!
by Lana

I have had excellent results from this product. As with any self-tanner, skin prep work and precise application are critical, but this is far easier to apply evenly than most. I found the drying time to be minimal and the color is great. I do not think this has a self-tanner scent at all. Leave it on for a full 24 hours for the best color. Maintain with Jergens Natural Glow and you don't have to reapply as often.

Not worth it
by christiana

I saw this product on the shelf when I was shopping for self tanning products and because of the good packaging, I decided to try it. I used it but was not satisfied. It does not give even tanning at all, and the worst is that it applies very messy.

Sticky stuff but a nice tan!
by Cady Dailey

I saw this product on sale, so I figured "why not?". The gelee is exactly that-- a bit sticky and thick. I really had to work at it to get it to absorb into my skin. But overall, the product gave me a nice looking tan. I would recommend wearing gloves when using this product.

Nice, natural color
by Paula

I used this product all last summer and loved the natural color. Before applying, I used a good lotion, waited a few minutes, then applied the tanner. This made it spread more evenly. The color lasted several days, and I only reapplied every 2-3 days. Just be especially careful when applying any tanner to the feet and ankles. I usually take a damp cloth and wipe away the excess before it dries.

Not so great
by Aubre Rice

I tried this product while searching for a good self tanner for my fair skin. I found the gel difficult to deal with when applying to large areas, like my legs. It is goopy and slimy and isn't easy to spread evenly, causing streaks. The color wasn't bad, but I would prefer a lotion for ease of application.

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by britt

It had a gross feel ugly color and bad lasting smell.