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Love this product
by Melody

I have used many different types of sunless tanning products. This product is awesome. I like the medium to dark the best but they are hard to find. They work fast and give you an even tan.

tanning towels are like a tanning bed in a box
by janine esser

omg i love love love tanning towels & this is comming from some one who pay's to tan @ a salon every single day even in the summer now that i've used these i limit my tanning alot more and i look absolutly as tan as i do when i go to the salon & i get so many comments about my glowing tan

by andrea rogers

I am extremely allergis to all uv rays but i really wanted a nice dark tan never possiable i have tried every item avalable then I found loreal self tanning wipes , its simply a miracle nice even dark , never ever a streak and so many people have commented on how beautiful my tan is , and what a rea;ife to finally be able to tan with absolutley no pain or antibiotics because of the allergic reactions to the u v ray , thank you thank you

Easy to Use
by Liz Theobald

I really liked the convenience of the Sublime Self-Tanning Towelettes. I find that Loreal products compliment my skin and are just better in general. I also use their Bronze Tinted Self Tanning Lotion which I have also reviewed.

My girlfriend is obsessed
by Keith G

My girlfriend loves tan towels of all kind. She is like a sunless tanning expert.

I Love Tan Towels
by Natasha

I have used many different brands of tan towels, and they never fail to give me an amazing streak free tan. The same goes for Sublime Bronze. Seriously, if you use sunless products tan towels are the way to go!


These are amazing....they dry so fast, and I never have streaks. So simple, fast and you can take them anywhere!

by Samantha

Sublime self tanning towelettes are easy to use and you don't have to deal with the mess of creams and lotions. Super easy and fast. Great product!

easy to use good color
by barb w

These are fool proof and my friend accused my of tanning! I always get a lecture them about sun damage. I had to convince them it was a self tanner. I swipe the towel only once on nose and around eyes but 2-3 times on cheeks/forehead.

Great tanner
by Wendy

This is one of the few self tanners I have been pleased with. I don't know what makes the towletts so special but I have never had streaks, blotching or unnatural color with these little babies. You can't go wrong trying these. Slip them in a purse or luggage for easy on the go tan without the mess. Easy application, use and toss!

Sublime bronze self-tanning towelettes
by Brenda B.

This product is a great on-the-go tanning product. I use it myself, it is great. I have tried several other tanning products, but this is the best I have found, as it doesn't leave your body with an orange affect. You can put it on evenly with no streaks, and it is easier to carry with you for a touch-up tan as needed as well. The towelett was a great invention for self tanning. I would suggest this product to anyone. It is a great product.

Great on the Go
by maryam

This is one of the best tanning systems to have on the go. Whenever I am traveling, it can be a pain carrying around liquids and gels that could potentially leak if packed with your luggage. But with these, there are no such worries!
The towels are easy to pack and easy to use! It usually takes me two towelettes to get the job done, but the tan comes out even and natural looking. Plus, unlike many other tanners, it does not look orange or leave my hands all orange.
I would definitely recommend this on the go!

Love My Sunless Tan
by Tanning in California

This product is amazing!!! If you want a natural looking tan without having to worry about streaking this is the product for you. I have been using Sublime Tanning Towelettes for about a year now and I like using the towels as I am able to get more coverage than the lotions. I highly recommended.

Easy to Apply
by Maudrey

Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes are great!! I've tried the Department store brands of self tanners thinking I was going to get a better quality because I was spending more, but I was wrong. After many failed attempts and lots of money, I tried this product and loved it. You get an even Tan every time. I still wore gloves to apply since it stains your hands. I even used each towelette twice. I would apply in the morning and then place the towelette in a Ziploc bag and then use it again that evening. It worked great and the price was in my budget.

Great product
by maggie a.

SOOOO easy to use! The towelette works great and it ensures it goes on smoothly and it is not such a mess. Dealing with those creams, gels, and foams can get messy. I liked the color that it gave me. I made sure to just use as little tanning product as possible so I wasn't too dark and then I was left having to use some more to get the color that I desired. I think it is a great product for women on the go.

No orange streaks
by Kathy

This is a great product, easy to take with you on trips. I loved the fact that it didn't turn my hands and body "orange" and it worked fairly quickly. Worth every penny, give this product a thumbs up..WAY up!

No Sun Needed
by Az

These towels are great if you live in a city that doesn't get a lot of a sun. I think it's a bit of a stretch to say one towel does the trick- at least initially you need two to three towels. But if you use it fairly regularly, one towel is good. They're convenient and easy to have on hand. They also provide an even tan in a relatively short period of time.

Easy To Apply
by Ali

This is very convenient to use. I liked it because I could just wipe it all over, and it doesn't streak or run. There were no drips! I use this on the go. It is a good product to bring when you travel. You can tuck them away, and don't have a big bottle to pack. It gives you a nice even tan, and not an orange look. I liked this one a lot.

Great for a touch up!
by mommyof2

I had an airbrush tan and used these to "touch-up" between tans. They were great. They were easy to use and had no noticeable odor. I like the color and they were easier to use than creams. I would use these again.

Works flawless
by Nams

This has worked best for me. I have used quite a few self-tanners I could find, from inexpensive to luxury. This product is easier, smells better, dries quicker, and leaves no streaks or dark patches. You may need more than one towel for your initial application to get a good base, but thereafter, one towel does the trick. I've found leaving it on overnight gives the best tan I've ever had (short of weeks in the sun of course).

Great Product
by Shawna

I love the entire line of L'Oreal self tanners. These towelettes, although not the cheapest way to go, are convenient and supply a nice even tan. Lancome also makes great self tanners but they are owned by the same company so you might as well get the L'Oreal brand. I feel this line is the best when it comes to self tanning. I only buy these when they are on sale as they come in handy.

Easy to use
by Trisha

This is an extremely easy to use product, especially if you have help with your back. But, it still has problems. I looked orange, not as orange as some of the others I have tried in the past but still orangish at least. The value of it all in all is not that great; it takes 2-3 towels depending to cover body. It dries about as fast as any other one out there. I am giving a middle of the road review, I neither liked or disliked it. It's just not the one for me.

Not the tanner for me
by Lindsay

I can't say that this is a bad tanner, because it's not. It is just not one of my favorites. I prefer the the Sublime dark tinted lotion. I don't think this product comes in dark. You definitely have to exfoliate before use otherwise like any other tanner you will have dark patches. It goes on very easy, but stays very greasy and takes forever to dry. The color isn't very dark at all, and the smell is absolutely terrible.

Easy application!
by Lana

If you're new to self-tanning, this is great product to begin with. Doesn't streak as long as you exfoliate before applying. This is true with ALL self tanners. You'll find those who complain of streaks don't actually exfoliate first. The smell's not great, but not worse than others I've tried. The colour's not bad, quite bronze, not as dark as hoped; maybe because I'm not that fair to begin with. It takes about 2 applications to achieve the color desired. It is fast to apply, dries in 5-10min. No staining of clothes, unlike with creams. The only problem is that it takes 2 towels to apply to the whole body. Another thing is that it stains the palms if don't wash hands immediately after. Tip: apply moisturizer to palms first. For longer lasting tan, apply moisturizer over whole body afterward.

looks natural
by Tammy R.

I tried these and was surprised by how much color I got from one application. I did find that I needed to keep the cloth folded to keep it from drying out to quickly. Make sure you go very lightly over your elbows, knees and ankles. Then you may want to put some lotion on those areas, so they don't look darker than the other areas of your body. This was the first self tanner I had ever used and I had good results.

Perfect for travel
by Karina

I love L'oreal's self-tanners, and this is ideal for travel since you don't have any spilling/leaking worries. It has the perfect amount of self-tanner for one application. I suggest moisturizing feet, knees, and ankles before applying.

Good for travel
by Wendy C

I love the L'Oreal towelettes for when I travel. They are the perfect amount of color for my pale skin when I go to more exotic locales. Also, the towelette form means there's nothing to leak all over your luggage. I also like to use these to do the backs of my hands after applying other self tanner to the rest of me. The towelette form makes this easy.

Effective way to get a faux tan
by nikki counts

I used these all last summer. The first time, I did get some streaking, because the product goes on clear. After I applied it a second time, my tan was even. I am pretty fair and this gave me a nice medium tan. I did wear gloves though while applying and I went over my knees and elbows after I'd used the towelette pretty much up. That way, they didn't get so brown.

Works Surprising Well
by Janine Logue

My good friend used these, for the first time, on the morning of her wedding. I thought she was nuts, what if they made her orange, or worse, rubbed off on her dress? But she had gotten a tip from a friend that they worked, and guess what, they did. In a couple hours she looked noticeably more tan. It should be noted that she has an Italian complexion, so she is already naturally tan.

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