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by angelica marr

I though t was so good

LOREAL is the best...
by Liz Theobald

I love Loreal products. I find that, especially the tan line, compliments my skin complexion and doesn't dry out or irritate my skin type. I have a hard time finding products in the summer that both moisturize yet don't make my skin oily or dried out. Loreal encompasses many of these qualities and MORE!!!

consumer reviewer
by Lynn Solberg

I used LOresl Sublime Bronae tinted self Tanning lotion all summer last year.I was very happy with the tan it gave me, a nice even color. It was tinted as I applied it, making it easy to see where it was. The tan lasted a long time.

Sunless Tanner
by lgirl

This is a very good product. I have tried many sunless tanners but this is one of the best. It's not to greasy and dries pretty fast. With many of the cheaper ones, you get an orange look. With this you get a browner tone, a more natural look for summer. Enjoy I do.

by Joe

this product tans well but you always end up with tanned palms or white reverse of your hands, otherwise the color is good

by cecilia

This is my holy-grail product when it comes to keeping my skin tan. I use it once every week on my whole body before I go out for the night or wear any dresses. This product gives me a real glow and tan, unlike many other products that give people a fake orangey tan. This product is cheap and affordable. You have nothing to lose but your pale white skin! This tanning lotion will sure give you the glow that you've been searching for! Try it now ASAP before the warm sunny weather comes!

Makes you look like you've baked all day in the sun
by pianogoosie

This is an amazing product. I am as white as a ghost and I don't like to tan in the sun because of the risk of getting skin cancer. This product makes you look naturally dark and beautiful. It is even better than tanning beds for several reasons. First of all, there is no risk of skin cancer. Secondly, it gives you more of a natural glow. Lastly, you don't even have to leave home. These are just some of the many reasons this product is worth the money.

Average results
by stacy

This product worked great for my mom, but I didn't have as much luck. I did get color, and it went on fairly evenly, I didn't end up streaky looking, but I was more of an orange tint than tan, I couldn't wait until it wore off. It was also a bit messy to use, and I had a hard time trying to tell if I had covered everything.

Work good looks fake
by Phil Young

This tanning lotion works very well. I have used it to stay tan during the winter, and it has stayed on for days even after showering. The only downside it that it looks fake and kind of orange.

Sublime Self Tanning Lotion
by Emily K.

I used L'Oreal's Sublime bronze for about 3 months and to be honest it always left me with an oily residue on my skin. After 1 hour of walking around the house naked, then holding a blow-dryer up to myself, it still left me feeling oily and unclean. It also makes a mess on your clothes, more so than other self tanner's do. It also fades after 1 day.

One of the better products
by JH

This L'Oreal self tanner was a little difficult to apply, so I recruited my girlfriend to apply it. What a difference!! She liked the results so much on me that we tried it on her, but I guess because of her really light complexion, the color came out a little orange. My conclusion is that people with a darker skin tone will benefit more from this. If you have light skin and a decent base tan, this should work good.

Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion
by Rashmi R

I have used this sunless self-tanning lotion and found it to be okay. It was pretty hard for me to apply it but I kept following the directions and finally could make it. The result was a sleek, shiny tanned skin. It doesn’t smell great but for a quick tan I could deal with it. I probably will not buy this again and try another product.

Difficult to use
by Annie

It is always harder to use lotion for self tanning and this product was no exception. It was difficult to evenly spread the lotion in order to get an even tan. The good thing was that the tanning lotion had tinted bronze so even if the tan was a little uneven it was difficult to notice. It did however make your hands very "orangey" so make sure to wash immediately after application.

Reliable Natural Color
by Lana

I have been using this self-tanner for some time now, and have had excellent results. I have followed the directions and exfoliated/shaved before using, and have never had any issues with streaking/uneven color. The color seems to develop better if you massage the lotion into the skin. It's also helpful if you use a blow-dryer to speed the drying. There is some "post-tan" scent (like all self-tanners - from the chemical process that causes the self-tanning color to emerge), but it's not excessive with this product, and I have found that it disappears completely after bathing.
I have also used the product successfully on my face, although I would exercise caution if your skin is very oily, as it leaves a greasy residue. Since my face is somewhat dry, and I have always applied to product to just-cleaned skin, I have not had any issues myself, but it might be problematic for break-outs for someone with acne-prone skin.

Love it!
by Liz

I have used many self tanning lotions in the past and this one is one of the best I have tried. It goes on smooth, dries fast, and it doesn't have a terrible smell. It also leaves my skin with and even bronze, not that ugly orange color that so many other self tanners have. I would recommend this product.

by sherry

I love this product. I have olive skin already, but I want golden bronze tan and every time I tan naturally, I get dark brown. I started using this product almost 2 years ago and if you have olive skin then you know that most bronze tanners out there turn you orange. THIS one did not turn me orange...I had a very beautiful, gradual, real looking golden tan. YIPPEEE, and no harmful rays.

by wendy c

This is the best smelling self tanner on the market today I believe. Most others out there don't smell nearly as good. The color is tinted so you could see where it goes. The texture is good to in a soft lotion. Color develops more tan rather than orange- this is another good thing. It is a little hard to get it in hard-to-reach places.

Liked this one...
by Mindy

After being afraid of sunless tanning lotions due to the orange look, I thought I'd give it one more try. I ended up picking this product up. I like how it goes on, and it didn't give me the bright orange glow when I was done. Finally, a product people can use!

No Ompa Loompa this time.
by Jessica D

L'oreal Sublime Bronze is a wonderful product. No ompa loompa look that time. A nice consistency too! I like that it doesn't come off on my clothes also! A great product!!!

Really works.
by Amanda

I'm hooked on this stuff. It's the first self tanning lotion that I've used that didn't make me orange! It absorbs quickly into the skin and at least on me, it didn't have a strong scent. It also didn't leave me greasy feeling. It gave me a nice golden glow and it's so easy to use! You should check it out!

Its good
by holly wilson

I used this after a recommendation from my friend. It worked fairly well. It goes on evenly and it easily rubs into your skin. I love how it doesn't leave you with an orange tint to your skin like other products do.

A natural and safe bronze glow all year!
by Robin

I haven't tried many sunless tanning lotions for fear of looking orange or spotty. My mother recommended Sublime Bronze by L'oreal, and after using it just once, I was hooked! It's not greasy or sticky at all, and blends easily into your skin. The bronze tint also makes it so simple to see the areas that you missed! It is a great product and I use it year round! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a safe and quick way to have that healthy, bronze glow!

I love this product!
by Lisa Dryden

I have used many, many bottles of Sublime Bronze and have never been disappointed. It not only gives you a natural, healthy glow at any time of the year, but it also has a pleasant scent. Many times, self-tanners may work well, but then have a heavy, cloying scent that lingers for quite a while. This is not the case, however, with this product. I use it not only during the summer, but also during the fall, spring and winter and have never been disappointed with this product. The lotion is also very creamy and is easily absorbed into the skin. Try this product!

Works wonders!
by S

After trying a few different self-tanning product lines, I was most impressed with Sublime Bronze. It leaves a sheer color as you apply it, so you know where you have coverage right away. No streaking, no mess, and it doesn't take long for the tan to develop. It's great for sensitive skin too, and won't leave you feeling greasy or excessively dry.

The Perfect Tan!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

After a bad experience with a different product/brand, I was scared to try other self tanners for a while. After I did research and read reviews online and in magazines, I tried this. I LOVE IT! I am fair, so I used the light-med. People kept asking me how I got so tan, because everyone thought it was a REAL tan. Those who knew me were surprised, because they know I hate real tans due to skin cancer risks and it ages you faster. To me, this is the perfect tan. I use it in the winter before special occasions also.

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this works great
by tiffany

I used this when I went tanning last year. I only went a few times and applied this everyday. It helped me tan so much better. I love it and still buy it today.

by sasha

Its okay, the color was a little too orange though.