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Leaves me orange
by Jenny

Sorry this is only a short term use product for slight color not for a long dark tan

Yay! It worked!!
by Brittani

I am really claustrophobic, so tanning beds have always scared me, and I am not that good at sitting still for long periods of time. This product was amazing in giving me a even tan that didn't kill my price budget.

supplement junkie
by sarah keturah

I love love love this product! It gives a nice glow to the skin, literally. (I think there's a sparkly tint to it). I've used other products and this by far gives the quickest and most natural looking glow to the skin, while being easy to use. I'm not crazy about the smell, so when putting it on, I spray a touch of my favorite perfume. The end result is I look great and smell great! If only this product were a little cheaper.....

by Melissa Walls

This is a very good product. I used plastic gloves to apply and it left a nice even tan.

by nikki

I recently had skin cancer removed from my shoulder and thought that I would never again be able to have a nice tan. I decided to give sublime glow from Loreal a try to see how it would work. I was very happy to see that after just a few uses, I could really tell the difference from where I had used the product verses where I had not. This is a great product for everyone, but especially people who should not have exposure to the sun's harmful. rays.

by Rebecca

This product looks natural IF rubbed in evenly. It has a really nice glow and it's inexpensive. I use it and I recommend it.

It gives, a nice little glow to your skin. Be careful about applying to thick or it will streak. I found it works better, to have moisturized your skin, a half hour before applying.

Easy as one, two, three
by Brooke

I'm not one for spray tan or "fake Baking," but I needed a nice glow for winter formal. I purchased the sublime glow and got MANY compliments on my skin, and I later became winter formal queen.

By Beatrice
by It's Okay

I've used this product for 2 summers in a row. It gives me a nice glow and has a pleasant scent. However, if it is not put on correctly you will see streaks. Yikes, how embarrassing-a fake tan!

by kimberlee

I used this product when i was pregnant to give my skin an even nicer glow. i really liked it. I worked full time at two jobs and had no time to lay in the sun. this product left my skin soft, smelling nice, and gave it a pretty light brown color that shimmered ever so slightly. I will never forget this product. I just love it.

Example: John Doe, N.D.
Certified Naturopath

by Amy

Works perfect and moisturizes. I love it!

My opinion
by Linda

I have a hard time using self tanners, but a friend of mine recommended L'Oreal sublime glow and it does what it claims. You get a beautiful rich deep tan without the harmful rays of the sun.

It's great
by Carol

I got a free sample tube of this stuff. I was afraid of being orange, but nope. It is a beautiful product. Don't be afraid !

by Princess

L'Oreal has been around for a long time. You know this product will work! And it gives you a glow as well. Sooo worth trying it out!

by Genie

This is my favorite sunless tanner. I have olive skin, and this tanner is easy to apply and looks completely natural. I will buy this over and over!

by mary mcmenamy

Great idea and works beautifully. It even smells great.

by ss

I think this is a gr8 product. You can use this instead of harmful sun rays.

Medium skin tone - mist
by L'Oreal Sublime Glow

My belly hasn't seen the sun in years. I have what most call a 'Risque' farmers tan because I wear tank tops. I sprayed this dead center of my stomach and had a tan spot in two days. It wasn't orange-y either, looked tan, even my husband noticed it. I have easy-to-tan skin so I don't know if that was a factor. The mist was surprisingly strong so it felt kind of wet is the only complaint.

by Paula S

I am also a fan of L'oreal Sublime Glo. This product is the best at giving skin a nice, even tan, without the orange streaks that can happen when I apply self tanner. I would highly recommend this to everyone, and the price is just as nice :)

Not a bad product for the price
by LindaS

I like sublime Glow but it seems to work alot better when you already have somewhat of a base tan first. When I applied it without having any color I looked somewhat orange and it took quite a while for me to notice the color. I bought this on sale and used a coupon so I got a great deal on it. I would recommend exfoliating first before applying the product and stay away from the joints and knees as they can get very orange!!

"light skin tones" version
by DN

I am extremely pale and I cannot tan in the sun. I have dark hair, and the contrast really emphasizes how pale I am. My friends enjoy teasing me about my skin color.

I've been using the light skin tones product about every other day for the last two weeks. To me, my skin seems more radiant and slightly less reflective. My friends haven't stopped teasing me, though.

You'd think a tanner for light skin tones would help some of the palest skin out there, but it's helping a lot less than I wanted. At least it isn't uncomfortable, and it hasn't made me look unnatural.

by PS

I love this for the cold winter months! When my tan from the summer is fading, and my skin starts looking duller and wheaty, I just apply some of this and BAM! I'm walking down the street with amazing, glowing, tanned skin. The consistency is nice, however the smell of the product is not very nice. On the plus side, the smell does not linger for too long and goes away. I usually apply this lotion 3 days before any event, this is how I get the desired color I want. However, I have noticed that when I do use it for 5 days in a row, my skin starts resembling a carrot. Do take precautions in how often you use it.

Easy to use, Not easy to spread
by Jessica

I tried using this to brighten my tanning bed kissed skin tone. It appeared to be working pretty well. After a few days, I could notice the golden glaze. After a few more days, I noticed that my ankles and elbow creases had become orangish !

So as long as you stay away from joints and or skin creases, the product works excellent. And I will most likely use this product again and avoid those areas.

Best Self Tanner Ever!
by Nihility

Sublime Glow is the best tanning product I've used so far. I'm very pale and I have a hard time keeping a tan; usually I just burn. In the past, other products I've used to attempt that sunkissed glow has turned out either too dark, too orange, or too streaky. That's not even mentioning how dramatic it usually looks. With L'Oreal's Sublime Glow the tan looks natural, and never harsh, since you can build on the color each day. It's nice that they have one for fairer and darker skin tones as well. It lasts for a good amount of time and keeps your skin moisturized as well. I won't be giving up this product any time soon.

Easy Way to Look Look Your Best
by Natalie

I love Sublime Glow. I enjoy having the look of a dark tan. Since having skin cancer I can no longer lay out in the sun. I started using Sublime Glow late 2005. I use this lotion everyday during the shorts weather and every couple of days during the cold winer days. I always look like I have been on vacation and enjoying warm weather somewhere. People are always asking. Another great benefit of Sublime Glow is that it moisturizers your skin, especially during those cold winter months when the heating indoors drys out your skin. My skin has never looked or felt as good. I always look rested and very healthy, even on days with not much sleep. I highly recommend this product and would not consider not using it.

Nice product
by CN

Great results with this product. It's not the instant dramatic change that you receive with some products, but the wait is worth it. The gradual change is nice and not so obvious. Very natural color. I also love the scent and feel of this lotion.

Loreal is better at dying hair than skin
by Josh

I do NOT recommend this product at all. L'Oreal is good at dying hair but they are NOT good at creating a product for dying your skin. It will leave you looking splotchy. On the other hand, it's safer than going to a tanning booth. However, if you're looking for a natural look do NOT use this product. You will look fake.

Safe Way To Tan
by Pearl

I have to say that Sublime Glow is a great product. I'm a big fan of laying out by the pool all summer long and starting my base tan by going to the tanning salon for a month before it's time to lay by the pool so I will not be afraid to wear my swimsuit. The lotion is easy to use and smells so good. A big plus is that it moisturizes as you tan! My skin has never looked so good and felt so good. The cost is also reasonable, and I buy it every year to get me ready for the summer.

by TP

This is the best tanning product I've ever used. I love how easy it is to use. You simply apply it just like lotion. Within minutes, you see a slight tint in your skin color. With continuous use, I was able to achieve the tan color I wanted.
If directions are followed, the lotion should not rub off on skin or clothes. I tend to use it after a shower so my skin can dry when I'm brushing my teeth, blow drying my hair, and so on.
Excellent product!

Caribbean glow
by Jen

I live in Oregon where we get only a few days of sun in the winter. I went on a spring trip to the Bahamas last year. As I didn't want to blind anyone by showing my glow-in-the-dark white skin, I tried this product to get me through the first few days of wearing shorts. It was very easy to use. Since it builds up color over time (it took me a week and a half of twice daily applications to get a good color) I was able to correct any streaking and spotting with the next application.
My second day down there, I started talking with a girl who admired my "tan". She said she wished she had been able to get a tan like that before coming since she lived in Oregon (small world).

Sunkissed skin without damage
by Kellie

After a scare at my dermatologist regarding an odd mole, I decided to turn in my tanning bed pass and purchase a bottle of Sublime Glow. Having read excellent reviews in various fashion magazines, I was anxious to receive a bronze but not orange glow. Immediately I was impressed with the tropical scent, as so many other self-tanners burn your nose hairs with chemical smells. I found the color subtle, yet I still had a healthy glow that lasted throughout the day. My hands didn't stain using this product, and I didn't have any noticeable streaking. The price is a bit higher than other self-tanners on the shelf, but the product performs well enough to justify the price.

Natural looking color
by Natalie Kaliman

I would highly recommend this product. If your looking for a natural looking tan this is it. I love the way it gradually becomes a tan after a few applications. This tanning lotion has a very pleasant scent, and I like that I can get dressed relatively quickly after applying it without worrying about staining my clothes. It definitely makes my skin feel soft and is fast absorbing. This product delivers on its promises and gives you a healthy looking glow. Love it!

Good for Winter!
by Jane M.

I usually like to have a subtle tan during the winter. I try to avoid the fake bake tanning booths, so this is a great alternative. It is natural looking, so people think I just have a healthy glow. Goes on nicely and does not streak. Just a great product!

Best of the best!
by trisha

I have to say this is the easiest way to get a natural looking tan with moisturized skin as a bonus! This leaves you looking like you were kissed by the sun. It smells great, doesn't leave streaks or stains on your clothes and it looks so natural on your skin. It's great for fair skinned people like me who want to have a bit of color and look natural looking.

beats fake n bake
by Ricardo Gutierrez

Living in southern California and being pasty white doesn't really seem to make sense. Being a guy who is cautious of his looks, I tried Sublime Glow and am amazed by the natural looking results. I've tried other self tanners and even tanning salons, only to end up with an orange looking tan. This solution not only sticks to your skin, thus avoiding stained clothing, but also provides a richness to my skin that compares to that of the expensive body lotions that my sister uses.

Love at 1st site!!
by Angel

I simply love this stuff!!
I go and tan in a tanning bed, but I don't like going everyday so I use this stuff a few times a week, and I only go to the tanning bed twice a week.
I have never gotten so many compliments on my tan.
It's all thanks to this wonderful product!

A little more, but worth it!
by JJ

After trying other sunless tanners, I decided to spend a little more money and purchase this product. Not only did I start to get a little darker after a couple of days, it was a nice moisturizer and I loved the smell. I recommend everyone trying this first before anything else.

Sunless Tan
by Robyn

This is a great product. I live in Wisconsin---can you say WHITE SKIN! And with four kids I do not have time for the tanning salons. The product goes on easy, looks natural, smells decent, and the best part is my tan was even. My skin also felt nice and soft. Not to be cheesy but my friends actually said I had a "glow" about me. This product is a keeper!

by Dawn

I don't like tanning and I don't like spray tanning (makes me nauseous), so this was the preferred method to bronze up. It went on smoothly without streaking and looked amazingly natural. I will continue to use L'Oreal tanners.

Want a tan?
by ambreen

This is a great product to use in the winter season when getting out in the sun is hard to do! This tube is convenient and so easy to use. Just spread it over wherever you want to get a nice tan. The spread comes out even and looks very natural. It won't rub off onto clothes (or other people) either. Plus, its filled with extra vitamins that help your skin. And at the end of the day its easy to take off too - no stickiness or mess at all!

Nice Summer Glow
by ALI

I really liked the results, only after 2 days I had results, and that is when I needed to be tan. It was nice and even, with no streaks and it was not orange! I was even able to use this on my face without any problems. I will be using this again.

by Shawna

I am very fair and I bought this product on sale. It is lovely - L'Oreal and the more expensive Lancome are from the same parent company and many, many of their products mimic in effectiveness and quality. This bronzer slowly works up to a beautiful, believable color. This is one of my favorites and I always stock up when it is on sale.

Sublime Glow
by Dorene

This is one of the best sunless tanning products I have tried. The tan is a nice shade and looks real and the smell isn't too bad either. I like that it goes on evenly too!

Sunless tanning
by Trena Widmann

I absolutely love this product...
I have worked in tanning salons and I must say that this product works great for anyone that doesn't have time for the salon or a day at the beach. It leaves the skin feeling subtle and soft and it doesn't leave those terrible orange streaks that alot of other self tanners leave on the skin. I highly reccomend this product.

Works Good!!
by Tami

I used it last summer and it works good. It doesn't smell that good. I don't have to retouch it every other day. I never looked orange, just natural looking. This product works good. I keep buying it!!

Beach bum
by cortney

I love this stuff! My husband surprised me with a trip to Florida and needless to say I had not been to the tanning bed. I needed a tan fast! I purchased Sublime Glow and after using it for 3 days you would have thought I had baked on the beach for a week! This stuff is great aside from a little odor, but the results are well worth it!

My favorite Sunless Tanner
by Kate

I am addicted to sunless tanners. I have tried most of them and this is my favorite!! I have very fair skin, and I actually looked tan, not orange, after applying this product. I stopped using it for a few days, and stayed tan much longer than I expected. The moisturizer's OK, not as good as some lotions. But I was not looking for a moisturizer, I was looking for a great sunless tanner, and this is it!

Good Product
by Lindsay

This product is a good product. The smell isn't the best and it can be quite sticky especially if using in the summer. The color wasn't the slightest bit orange on me and it lasted for a long time. Even though it isn't a regular tanner it helps if you exfoliate before each use to get all the dead skins cells off. Otherwise you will end up with darker patches. I personally use an actual sunless tanning product like Sun Lab and use Sublime Glow over it to maintain the tan. It works very good when using in that way.

Great stuff!!!
by Kelly

This is one of the best sunless tanning products I've tried. It goes on smoothly, and its just like applying moisturizer. It gives you natural looking color, and isn't orange looking. Just take it easy around your elbows, knees, and feet. Just a little is all you need on those areas. Some people don't like the smell, but I found it to be more pleasant than most other sunless tanners. You can regulate how dark or light you want to be, which is another plus. It darkens you gradually so you don't become darker than you wanted. It's a great product for the price, and I highly recommend it.

by Cara

I will admit a low price on this at Target lured me into buying it. However, it is the best tanning product I have used. I like the tone of color it gives the skin (makes it look radiant) and the effects can be seen for at least a month without re-application. Do not put this in your suitcase if you are flying though, I learned my lesson and the airline lost my luggage and it went all over my stuff. My suitcase still smells like the product but it's not a bad smell.

Sublime Glow
by carolyn

I think this is a pretty good item it makes my skin pretty tan. It's way better than going to the tanning bed daily. Before using this item, I was very insecure with my body because it was so pale, but now, I feel so much more confident than ever.

Don't mind the smell
by Lana

Okay, the smell isn't great...kind of like going to an actual tanning booth. But, the product works amazingly well. I couldn't believe how natural the tan looked! I looked like I just got back from a relaxing, sunny vacation! I do love this product. I noticed that I have to not use it more than two days in a row, or else I get too dark. I'm wondering if I should shift to the "fair skin" product for the winter. I like the additional color to my skin, but don't want to look like I have a fake tan (even though I do!).

by Karina

I love this product! I am very fair and end up orange from most self-tanners, but not this one! I have a nice, believable, bronze color. The moisturizer itself is great, too. The smell is different from other self-tanners, more like a wet hay smell, I don't mind it at all. This product is a keeper!

Loved It!
by Jennifer

I haven't tried sunless tanners in a long time in fear of having orange streaks, but my aunt told me how great it was! It looks really great, goes on so easily! Also, the price was wonderful as well.

by carolyn

My opinion is that I thought this item was pretty good. It did give me my natural glow like it said it would. It also made me feel better than going to the tanning bed and killing my skin.

Good Product for the Price
by MaeLee

A friend of mine used this product on her daughter to even out her complexion for photos for her daughter's modeling portfolio. The results were very good and my friend was very pleased with the way it evened out her daughter's skin tone.

by holly wilson

This product goes on easily, leaves your skin soft, and gives you a nice color. I used this product recently and am very happy with the results from it. It doesn't have an overbearing smell like some others, and it doesn't leave you feeling greasy either.

Too expensive for what you get
by restonapt

Product gives you a healthy look but its a little pricey for what you get. I switched to a store brand after finishing this product and found I achieved the same natural color results.

4 Customer Opinions

Love it!
by diana

This product works very well. It makes your skin feel smooth. Plus it actually smells decent - like sweet almonds....

sublime glow sunless tanner
by heather

This stuff works well, it doesnt leave you orange and your skin feels nice, but you have to use a decent size amount and keep it up to keep the color.

by Vicki

This is a descent product and it doesn't stink and it really works.

sublime glow
by heather

I ordered a sample of this and could not get enough when I used it, went right out and bought it. This stuff is great, doesn't leave you multi-colored or orange and great for long-term use. Get it!