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not so great
by Ashley

This stains easily, is streaky, and gets old fast. It dries very quickly as well, not giving you enough time to blend it in properly

by M

I've gone thru 7 dif. types of self-tanners until I found "the one". I love this foam! It doesn't give off a weird smell like others and gives me a tan closest to my skin color. It dries fast so you can see if you missed any areas. I recommend not bending your legs soon after and applying body lotion on your knees before hand.

by zunisun26

Oh no, there are actually high marks on this. Maybe skin tone plays a role here neutrogena makes me orange and is streaky, stinky and stains my cloths. I don't know why people buy it.

by Melissa

I love the foam, it makes it easier to apply. The color is good, as long as you have a 3 way mirror to avoid streaking. Doesn't smell great, but not as bad as some other sunless tanning products.

Better Product than the Lotion
by Elizabeth

I used this product after I tried the lotion. It was less streaky probably due to the foam. It still gave me an orangish tinge but at least I didn't look like a zebra.

Works Great!
by Lisa Dryden

This product worked very well on my skin and also enhanced my overall skin tone. The foam was easy to spread and created an even-looking tan that looked very natural. It was also great that the product provided an instant bronze color so that you did not have to wait an hour or two for the color to develop.

Easy tan
by Erika

I had purchased several self-tanners at once to try them out. Out of the three brands, Neutrogena was the only one that did not leave streaks, was easy to apply, and stayed for many days. It has a VERY natural color to it, and does not look orange. I even felt comfortable enough to use it on my face. It was an extremely good value for the effectiveness of the product, and I felt it worked better than a "spray on" tanning booth.

Not Orange Anymore
by littlecat

I'm 41 years old, and trying to stay as far away from the sun as I can, so no more laying out and tanning for me. I bought this to compensate for my lack of color, and was happily surprised that it covered well, looked natural, and didn't leave me orange. It's easy to apply, and not messy. You can always see where you have already applied it, so you can blend it better, and not get those nasty streaks and stripes. The price is not outrageous either, I recommend this product whole-heartedly, and give it a big 5 stars.

Watch out for Streaks
by C

I've always trusted Neutrogena products, so when I went to find a tanning foam, this Sunless Tanner and Bronzer jumped out at me. Just like most sunless tanners, there is that not-so-pleasant smell. I doubt it would be strong enough to irritate most people, but it is present. After applying as directed and letting it take it's course, the tanner worked but I noticed I had streak marks on the back of my legs. My advice is to pay close attention during the application and make sure there is enough lighting.

Works Great! Fast & Easy!
by Lecrisha

If you're ever planning to go out and need a quick tan to show off those legs, then this is the product for you! My best friend and I picked it up at a local super store once before a night out. We rubbed it on, waited a few minutes for it to dry, and we had nice, sexy legs to show off! If it's been awhile since you hit the tanning salon or if you just don't like to tan because of the radiation, this will get the job done quick!

Forget the Expensive Junk...
by Ariel

If you want to cover up cellulite, get a tan!
Unfortunately, we MUST avoid the sun’s harmful rays. There is nothing beautiful about skin cancer.
In comes the sunless tanner! I have tried many tanners, including some ridiculously expensive ones. I can, without a doubt tell you that this one is the best of the bunch!
Many self-tanners are very difficult to apply evenly. I was always paranoid about having streaks, splotches, or stripes. That was until I found Instant Bronze. The bronzer added into the mix made all the difference in the world.
Would you believe you could actually apply a sunless tanner evenly if you can SEE where it is going on? It really is wonderful, and it is even one of the more inexpensive tanners on the market! Get it! You won’t regret it!

by Shannon

I LOVE this product! It's so easy to use, and it is nice to see where it goes on, so you don't miss spots or overdo any spots. The foam is light and fluffy, so it won't run or streak, and it has a light fresh scent to it. It won't turn you too orange, either.

Excellent Tan, Great Texture
by SierraK

One of the best tanners. The foam feels light and isn't greasy, the instant bronze color makes even application a snap, it dries quickly so you don't have to wait to get dressed, and gives natural-looking color. What more could you want? As with any self-tanner, you do have to be sure to exfoliate before use and blend the product well to avoid streaks. Streaks are usually a problem with application method, not the tanner itself.

But there's a very simple solution to the stained palms problem. Forget about directions that tell you to simply wash your hands well after applying, that doesn't work. Before using this or any self-tanner buy a box of latex gloves and wear them during application. They can be any type, surgical gloves, latex cleaning gloves (not the big yellow rubber gloves!), or hair coloring gloves.

When finished applying the tanner, carefully remove the gloves by turning them inside-out while taking them off to prevent any tanner on the gloves from contacting your palms. Then apply tanner to the backs of your hands only by using a small amount of tanner applied to either a tissue or disposable make-up sponge. Voilà! You'll get a beautiful tan and no more stained palms!

Great tan. No cancer! (I hope)
by Gina

I use this every summer. I prefer this over "sun" tanning or tanning beds because it is supposed to be safe. It won't cause dry, wrinkled skin or skin cancer (as far as I know). It's so easy to use, too. Just spray it on and watch your brown skin appear! Just be careful you don't spray too much in some areas and create a blotchy tan!

by Annie

The product was easy to use, fast absorbing and showed no streaks after usage. It gave a gradual tan that WILL FADE ONCE YOU STOP USING THE PRODUCT so for a long lasting tan you must continue to use the product or your tan will fade. It gave a natural looking tan that came on evenly but the only bad thing was if you do not wash your hands immediately after application then your hands will tan as well leaving you with golden hands!

The perfect combination
by Nancy P

I tried many of the sunless tanning solutions and when I compared them to an area not treated, I could tell the difference. The truth is there was no obvious change.
With Neutrogena's Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer In One Foam I got INSTANT results from the bronzer as it tanned my skin. The foam mousse was easy enough to spread on quickly and the tan was brown, not orange. It didn't look fake and it lasted a number of days.
I highly recommend this product. (Be sure to wash your hands right away after applying!)

Nice to see where it goes
by Jennifer Heaney

The best thing about this product is the fact that you see exactly where it has been applied, because it's an instant bronzer. It also acts as a sunless tanner, so there's no wondering where you put it, like tanners that go on clear. The's not the most realistic color if you have very pale skin.

Foam is messy
by Kenna McHugh

Using the foam application is not the easiest why to get a tan. I had to use some of my own lotion before applying the foam because foam is not as moisturizing as the cream brands.

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by moc

Love this product. Gives a real natural glow and not very expensive. Only problem is it is not available in Ireland!!