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by angelicA

I thought I was way dark

Can't tell a difference
by Melissa

Seriously, tried this several times already and still don't see *Instant bronze*...Waste of good money.

Left My face orange
by Nichole Alderfer

When I applied this product to my face it left it orange. I normally have good luck with neutrogena products. My skin already has some color to it so usually tanners don't leave me orange. My advice use a tinted moisturizer looks more natural then any tanners I've used especially this one.

by Amie

I have extremely fair skin and use sunless tanning products all of the time. I enjoy Neutrogena products and gave this a try. This product is advertised as being specifically for the face, so I bought this is in addition to a non-face product that time around. I was completely disappointed in the product. I applied it and it had a very distinctive orange tint to it. It was a noticeably fake tan - incredibly disappointing. I only used it for the one application because of the color problems. I thought the smell of the product was fine and it went on smoothly. It wasn't greasy and didn't leave streaks or splotchy spots, but the color was completely unnatural and I didn't use the product again.

Natural looking?
by Suzq

Maybe if you are George Hamilton you'd think this gives you a natural looking tan. This stuff reminds me of the early tanning products that left you orange instead of tan.

I am not tan at all
by Silvio Chiba

Well, this product does not live up to what it is stated as being. After seeing this at the store on sale, I decided to buy it and try it on my pale white skin. When I applied the product I like how it had some body to it, but after seeing the final results, I was horrified. I looked like an Orange!!! Thankfully this was temporary, and it wore off in a week or so. I would definitely not buy this product ever again, even if it cost a penny.

I was striped
by Darla

This product states that it will not leave stripes. Well, I had stripes going down each side of my legs and my knees were a darker orange. It was not very attractive at all. I would prefer a different product for the same price.

Not quite the Spring Break Look
by Ashley Helander

This lotion made me look very orange, which does happen with bronzers. I work at a tanning place and we try out various methods to recommend lotions and things. This is alright if you already have a dark complexion and use smaller amounts it does give you the desired results. However, I was more fair skinned when I tried this and it did come out orange, while my sister looked like she just came back from Spring Break. Overall I would only recommend with caution. If you plan on going out over the weekend, don't use, give yourself some time for it to wear off. Hint, the more you shower and scrub, the more it comes off. All in all, not my favorite sunless tanning bronzer.

by Amanda Rhoads

This stuff made me look like an Oompa Loompa it was ridiculous. Believe me I complained to the company on this one. An absolute nightmare...evidentally they don't know what the color tan looks like since it was obviously orange!!

I'm Orange!!!
by Christi

I used to go the the tanning beds 5 out of 7 days a week. I didn't have the time to lay out in the sun and the beds were a convenient solution. As I got older and started to see more age spots I realized it was time to stop going to the beds. I don't like to be pale so I thought I would try a tan in a bottle. Big mistake with this one. Neutrogena products are usually very reliable but this one was a disaster. Instead of coming out a nice bronze color I turned out orange. I followed the directions according to the package and I thought for sure I would look great but what a disappointment. There is no way to get rid of the orange color for several days. Stay away from this product.

Great if its Halloween
by Ali

I wanted to see if I could get some color on my face to match the tan I had . It smelled wonderful. I was so pleased with the smell because so many products smell really awful. Well after a few days, I had color alright, just not the one I wanted. It was so orange! I think maybe this product is not made to use on some skin tones.

Be prepared for people to look at you funny!
by Lisa

This product made my skin noticeably orange tinted! Not good when used in combination with the body product since you turn out two different colors. Be careful applying to the chin , nostril and eye areas. Definitely does not give a healthy look, my co-workers laughed because I was orange, not tan. You would be way better off with a good powder bronzer.

Orange Color Anyone?
by dee

I used this product on my face and I ended up orange before an important event. I should have know to test a couple of days before, but I didn't and was left looking orange as can be. I do not recommend for my skin color which is already a little bronze it might work for another skin/ pigment color.

Sunless Is Not Always Better!
by Lana

Thanks to mother nature, I was not one of those people blessed with perfect skin. As a result, I learned to be extremely careful about what I put on my acne prone and sensitive face. Preventing sun damage and aging was an ongoing fiasco in my life, so reasonably enough I decided to try the Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer in One for the Face by Neutrogena. I was excited to have a potential opportunity to gain some natural looking tan on my face without exposing myself to the dangers of UVA and UVB. The label immediately got my full attention because Neutrogena claimed that upon application, my face would be left with a completely natural and healthy appearing tan. After meticulously exfoliating my face to ensure perfect tanning application, I applied the product evenly to my entire face. Within the next few hours, the color change was noticeable. I was very disappointed with my results! My face appeared to be very uneven and the application seemed to make my red marks more obvious. Furthermore, the color was extremely fake and orange-looking especially since my natural tan color is more of an olive base. I had learned a valuable lesson that day! While sun can be my skin's worst enemy in the long run, using the Instant Tanner and Bronzer by Neutrogena was NOT a desirable product for those interested in natural-appearing sunless tanning experience!

Too Oragne
by Jaime

I did not like this product. It left my face an orange color. It did not look natural. I did like the smell, but that's about all. I would not use this stuff again.

Great product !!!
by Stephanie

I love this stuff, it works great! I use this a lot and I have been very pleased. Neutrogena makes the best sunless tanning products in my opinion. I have a very light skin tone so I mix this with a little of my regular facial moisturizer and it goes on smooth and even every time. Great product. Remember. sunless is safest !!!

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