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by Mary

This stuff is a waste of money! It gives you an orange looking color, even worse on your face! Don't bother with this.

Works but don't like the smell
by AP

This product worked for me and only had a slight orange tint, but I didn't like the smell. It seems all the sunless tanners smell bad and this wasn't better or worse than any others

Not good for Asian skin
by David

I really had a bad farmer's tan so I decided to try the stuff out before I went to the beach. My friend recommended it to me. However he was Caucasian. The bronze color did not match the Asian skin-tan color of the other parts of my body, thus leaving me with two totally different skin colors. Other than that, the bronze tan fairly well on the parts I used the instant tanner with.

I Recommend
by Christine Martens

This is one of the better ones. My girlfriend and I love the bronzing color. She uses it in-between her tanning bed sessions. Color is realistic, but you do have to be very careful around knees, heels, and elbows.

Not an extraordinary tanner, but ok
by tndj

This tanner did get onto my shirt. I washed it right away, so I guess that did the trick, as my shirt didn't have a stain after. It looked a bit orange, but it did give me some color, which was what I needed. I agree with one of the other does need to dry thoroughly before you dress. I would suggest doing it when you have time...don't do it when you have somewhere to go right away. Overall, I think this product is average, but a bit pricey.

Not the greatest sunless tanner, results not worth the work
by Lisa

This product goes on pretty evenly, but be careful of rougher areas (knees, heels, elbows). The scent was mostly pleasant. This product needs to be dried VERY thoroughly before dressing yourself - I would recommend not wearing any of your favorite clothing after application, because it does rub off. It is a good product in a pinch, but overall it is a lot of work and the results are not spectacular.

Glowing skin
by Milf

This product gave my skin a pretty natural looking tan. It really made my skin glow and my man even commented on how good my skin looked. Even after it had dried it rubbed on my shirt just a bit and left a few uneven streaks. The rest of the areas I had applied it to were fine though, so I guess I should have waited a little longer. I thought it was a little pricey, but a good product for the price.

One of the best
by Eli

I starting using this product when I went on vacation a year ago. It is truly one of the best sunless tanning products I've ever bought. It keeps your skin natural looking with a shine. Overall, I recommend this product to everyone.

Terrible Sunless tanner
by Lindsay

I absolutely hate this sunless tanning product. It provides an instant glow, but that is about it. Once you put on clothing, the bronzer rubs off all over your clothing. I used this and waited and waited for color to develop and it never did. I even used it overnight and once I got up and took a shower and washed the bronzer off the color was completely gone. Definitely not worth my money. There are many other products that are better out there

by Annie

I was gleaming in this product, it gave me a gradual natural tan with a hint of bronzer that wasn't glittery but gave me that shine that said wow look at her skin! I had so many compliments after using this product. It does however smear onto your clothes if you put clothes on too soon after the application. so wait at least 25 minutes before putting on clothes but otherwise the product was great!

Instant Bronze Sunless Tanner and Bronzer In One Lotion
by Erika Gunther

I had never tried a sunless tanner before. I was leaving for vacation and wanted to look great. My friend recommended this product to me and I will never try a different one. I love it! Skin feels and looks great!

Looks good - a little streaky
by restonapt

When this product first came out it was very good for its price and what was available in the market. however now there are better options with the sprays and mousse which give you a more even, less orangey, look. This product does work and gives you good color but you have to be careful with application!

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