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by Claudia

I love Neutragena Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner and now it's discontinued! The new product, with grapefruit and "natural" products does not work as well, does not have a SPF, and doesn't smell all that much better. Also, when I used it in Hawaii, my legs got bitten by mosquitos (many bites), something that has never happened there using the old product! I finished using my Moisture Rich - no more bites! So, now I can't get this great product! Boo!

Moisture Rich Sunless Tanner
by LucyH

This product works and gives you that "just out of the sun" san but smells funny and takes a while to dry.

Nuetrogena Sunless-Moisture Rich
by Pam

I purchased a bottle of this product about a month ago, to start getting prepared for spring. It is an average product, one that I may or may not buy again. I didn't care for the scent at all, and it is somewhat difficult to get an even layer spread on your body.

Neutrogena Sunless Tanner
by ceb

I have used several Neutrogena Sunless tanning products in the past. They are a little more expensive than some other brands, but well worth the extra investment. When carefully applied (as with all sunless tanning products) over a few days, this Neutrogena product gave me a great tan at home that looked natural, increased gradually, and left no streaks or orange residues. I will continue to buy Neutrogena products and especially this product.

Well Known Self Tanner
by bkf

I used Neutrogena Sunless Tanner just after it came out. I found that with proper exfoliating, it works great. It is very affordable, and can be applied lightly each time to achieve a darker, richer color without leaving dark streaks. It is very moisturizing, the smell is great, and it is not sticky or greasy. I ran out of another product I had, quickly ran to the store, and a store associate suggested this and I am very happy to report how great it worked for me. I would buy this again.

sunless tanning lotion
by Jenn

I only used this product once or twice and my results were very streaky and uneven. The color was on the lighter side, not very brown at all. Out of all the tanning products I have used, this one does not compare. Don't waste your money.

great product
by candi lotz

This is a great product to get the affects of the sun without the time the sun takes. It is priced affordably for every individual. It goes on evenly and looks like you did it the old fashioned way. No dark spots. I would definately recommend this product.

Neutrogena Tanner
by Jarmelia Ladson

I am satisfied and that is about all. To me it was average. Nothing exceptional or bad about it. The "tan" lasted two weeks. But, what was great is that it did not rub off at all when I first applied it. It didn't take long to adsorb. It does have a smell but it is bearable. I would use it again.

Best I've Tried
by Katelin

My skin isn't pale but it's certainly on the fair side. It can be very difficult for me to tan without burning and because of this, I started experimenting with self tanners.

This is my favorite by far. I was afraid that even their lightest option (Medium) would be too dark for me, but it turned out just perfect. It does have a funny smell to it, but it doesn't linger for very long. In comparison to the other brands that I've tried (Jergens and Banana Boat), the smell is hardly even noticeable.

What I love most about this product is that it doesn't leave me with the sticky feeling I've gotten from the other brands. I've also noticed that lotions seem to absorb better than foams, so that's certainly a plus here. At such a low price, I would recommend this to anyone. Finally, fair-skinned ladies need not be scared of looking fake!

Healthy tan
by Jennie Jacobs

I've tried 2 or 3 different brands in the past, and this one is by far the best. It gave me a healthy look to my skin that was natural looking. It was easy to apply. Something I would recommend to my friends.

Smelly!! but works!!
by dee

Well, this product is really smelly but it does go on evenly if you can stand the smell. The price is very friendly and the results are great. I would recommend that you apply long before you have somewhere to go as you will smell like tanner for a couple of hours!

by barbara

A very easy to use product that gives great results. It goes on easily. The results are an even, natural looking tan and softer skin that makes you look healthier and gloeing. Thats a lot to say when you are over 50.

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