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by angelica

Its was great I loved how it came out

Must Use Before Sunless Tanning
by Natasha

I only use sunless tanning products. I have found that before you decide you are going to apply the product you must use a scrub to get off all the dead skin cells so your tan will apply evenly. This product does the job, but I think any scrub would do just fine.

Too expensive
by Carol

This is a good product, but man is it expensive. I opt for a store brand which does not smell as good, but oh well.

Good Stuff
by Melissa

I love this stuff! It came with my sunless tanner as a promotion, so I gave it a shot and will buy it from now on. The smell is nice, and it does a great job of exfoliating.

by Billi Walford

I tried this product the first time to use with a sunless tanning product. I did not like the results of the tanner and ended up throwing it away. I ended up using this one day to see what it would do on it's own. I use it once or twice a week, and man does it make your skin soft. I love the way my skin feels and no need for lotion all the time. Great way to renew the skin by itself if you don't use the tanners.

Exfoliating Excellence
by Sheri

This is the best to use prior to using Sunless Tanning Products. If you don't use an exfoliator, you'll not get the results you want. I use Neutrogena Scrub when showering. I rinse and pat dry prior to applying my sunless tanning lotion, to rid skin of flaky dry skin cells. It has a nice smell, and the product does what it says it will do. I feel it gives the best results. I have tried other products, but they have not worked as well. Try this, I know you'll love it, and it's priced well too. I have used this product for about a year. I am very happy with it.

by Amie

I love this product. This works as an exfoliator to clean off all the dead skin and prepare your skin for a sunless tanning product. I use sunless tanning products a lot and can attest to the benefits received by using this as preliminary step. It worked great! It allowed the sunless tanning product to cover perfectly - no streaks or uneven spots in the color. A perfect product. I use this frequently. I tried this product because Neutrogena is a name I trust in skin care, and I was intrigued by the possible benefits of a pre-sunless tanning product. The only draw back was that I found it wasn't suitable for use on the face, there I did have some red spots after using. If you avoid the facial area, this works as promised. I have and will continue to buy this product.

Pre-Sunless Scrub
by carol1560

I bought this because it was somewhat inexpensive compared to some of the big names. The product definitely does what it is supposed to. It is a little strong and I guess the public does not realize what it is supposed to do. It worked wonderfully on the back of my feet and elbows. I would buy it again. It does pack some heat with it. gets the blood circulating to the surface

Great Product Before Tanning
by cecilia

This product is used to prepare you for the usage of tanning lotion. I use this product weekly, right before I use my tanning lotion. This product will get rid of your dead skin cells and smooth out your skin to prepare it for tanning lotion. You will see the difference after you try this product before using tanning lotion because your tan will look more real and blotch-free. This product is affordable and can be purchased at many mass merchandiser stores and markets.

No thanks! - Too rough
by Elizabeth

Like most Neutrogena products, this is particularly harsh on skin. It made me break out in a rash, it smelled terrible, and it didn't even help smooth my skin. I think this is also a ridiculous concept for a product - a PRE-self tanning scrub? Just use a normal body scrub! This is a rip-off, I would never consider using it again.

Gotta have it
by Elizabeth

If you're gonna use the tanner this is a must. Once I was in a hurry decided not to ex foliate and what a mistake. I had patches and streaks everywhere. Aaagh! Never again did I skip using this product for an even toned tan. You gotta have it!

Burns Your Skin
by TP

It helps smooth out your skin a little but it isn’t what the pain you have to go through after applying. I have only used it once but it started burning about 2 minutes after applying at which point I ran into the shower. Stay away.

Too sticky
by man

Stinks in more ways than one. The term 'scrub' is misleading, as it really doesn't slough off skin very well. It develops a bit of a lather which is annoying as it leaves behind a residue. Also, it has a 'nothing' smell that's actually worse than some stranger scented plastic almost. I got this free in a kit w/ self-tanner & even that was too high a price.

Not For Sensitive Skin
by Ali

This was great for elbows, knees, and feet before sunless tanning. It does even out your rough skin so it is smooth, BUT it is harsh on your skin, so I would not suggest it to people with sensitive skin. Maybe just use a washcloth while using it to exfoliate.

Too harsh for me!
by ambreen

If you have sensitive skin, I really wouldn't recommend this scrub. I usually love Neutrogena products, but this scrub is just way to harsh for my skin. After one use, it left my skin feeling rough and splotchy. I really don't think this product is neccessary at all before you use any type of sunless tanning products!

Great Product
by Sharon

I am fair skinned and have been using sunless tanning products recently to avoid the harmful effects of tanning beds. This product works great for those areas that have a tendency to soak up the product and leave these areas very orange or brown. I use the Pre-Sunless Scrub prior to the application and it has greatly reduced the discoloration on areas such as elbows , ankles, knees and knuckles. This scrub is a must for me prior to using a sunless tanning agent.

Works well, But a bit harsh
by Trisha

I have tried many body scrubs, and this one works as well as any of the others. It is however, a little harsh for sensitive skin.
One must remember before using a sunless tanning lotion to use a pre-tan scrub to prepare the skin. When using a tanner it is usually best to use the same brand of exfolliator, just like any other skin care product.

Dont bother
by stacy

I have sensitive skin, and this scrub is way too harsh for me! I just tried it for the first time today, and my skin is now very blotchy and irritated. I really hope that I can return this.

Not necessary
by SierraK

Proper exfoliation is needed before applying sunless tanners, and this product does what it says. But there are alternatives that work just as well or better.
Using a loofah in the shower works, and any apricot seed scrub works even better. Why spend on a product that isn't needed? Neutrogena Sunless tanners work great, but honestly they work just as great using something else to exfoliate. You don't have to use their exfoliator to make the tanners work.

Love it!
by Lana

Love the scrub. It's good for exfoliating (before sunless-tanning)... and for rubbing out flaws (should you make any). I use it primarily on trouble spots like elbows, ankles, knees and hands (knuckles), and use a gentler exfoliater on face.

Pre tanning Scrub
by Crystal Neal

This is a very good product to use either before going out in the sun to tan, using a self tanner, or to just get rid of your dull, flaky skin. Smelled great too. A little expensive for the size, but worth it, I suppose.

A must use before tanning!
by Jit Patel

It is common to look like an orange after tanning and in order to avoid this, one must only trust Neutrogena and their Pre-Sunless Scrub. This product cleanses the skin and prepares it for a nice smooth tan. Moreover, it is proven most effective while used with other Neutrogena Sunless tanning products.

Worth a try
by Stephanie

If you've ever used any sunless tanning product, you know all about these two words: Orange & Streaky! I have to say this scrub does help with both. It gently exfoliates and moisturizes your skin so the sunless tan goes on smoothly and evenly. Also, if you've already applied your sunless tan and you are the dreaded Orange & Streaky you can still you this. Just rub in on the worst of the streaks and orange and it helps it all blend together.

This is awesome.
by Laura Frost

If you are a regular tanner, this is a great product to put on before you go out and tan. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

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