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by Princess

This is a great product for people starting out with sunless tanning. They can work gradually trying to achieve a base tan. So simple to use! I definitelly recommend it!

Bronze Goddess
by Melissa

Love this kit! It provides everything you need to become a bronze goddess, and each product works really well.

Fast Tanning
by Annie

This product produces a likable tan within the first week, depending on skin tone and the level of tanning spray being used. While this is a safe and easy way to tan with fast results, the long term results may not be so likable, as the color fades and may start to turn to a yellowish, almost jaundice color. The areas around the hands and fingers highlight any cracks and/or wrinkles in the skin, and the feet end up with this somewhat dark 'ring' around the toes and sides of the heels. If used properly and maintained daily, this product is worth buying. If looking for a fast effect with no long term maintenance, you may want to think twice about using any kind of spray, or tan in a bottle.

Tanning Made Easy
by Leanna

This product is pretty good when used effectively. It helps prepare the skin for the tanning process, ensuring a longer lasting tan.

One item of note is that the more moisturized you keep your skin, the longer the tan will last. This is definitely one of the better formulas, as it does not turn your skin into a carrot orange color. I plan on using it again.

by Brian

Since I’m in an area of the country without much sun outside of the summer, and since I refuse to subject myself to the hazards of the tanning bed, I went looking for a simple tanning solution and found this. While it doesn’t double as a sunscreen, it’s a simple two-stage process to apply (a scrub followed by the bronzer), and when you’re done you look like you have a tan, not like you’ve just OD’d on carrots.

All you need
by Tami

This kit is the whole package! Most people forget to prep your skin for the application of self tanner. This kit includes an exfoliate that uses beads to slough away dead skin cells; the leading cause to streaky/uneven tanner application. You can use this scrub a couple times a week to keep your skin smooth.

The self tanner is light and easy to apply evenly. Make sure you use gloves or wash your hands immediately after or your hands will absorb the color too!

The face bronzer is great and provides a nice level of color. I found that if you mix one part of your face lotion to one part of the tanner you get great results.

I found that the color does not last as long as some of the other tanners I have used. I noticed that if I make sure I keep my skin moisturized I can make it last an extra day.

Best System
by TP

This helped me get to the color of skin that I have always wanted. I have always been very pale. I have gotten about 3 shades tanner and it lasts for about two weeks. Works really well.

Mistake proof
by Cydney

It took me many years and many painful sunburns before I learned that with my type skin I should not lay out in the sun to get tan. This product I have gotten the most realistic tan without the skin damage and I can apply it myself except on my back.

Good Product
by Laura

The Neutrogena Sunless Tanning Kit is great. I use it about once a week, sometimes once every 2 weeks, and it looks very natural. It's not too sticky or thick and it doesn't streak at all. Overall a great sunless tanner.

by Kate

After having my first child a year and a half ago - I have not found the time to lay out for a healthy dose of Vitamin D, and we moved to a neighborhood with no pool. Needless to say, my summer tan was in need of a boost! I bought this product (for a lot more money!) at a convenience store. The skin prep is amazing - the beads really do help exfoliate, and leave your skin soft (I even use it on days when I don't apply the self tanner). Since the tanning product is more of a mousse, it is light and SUPER easy to apply evenly (just make sure you stand in front of a mirror and don't miss any spots!). The scent is a little bit noticeable, but not nauseating like some. Lastly, the face tanner/bronzer looks super-natural, too. I was actually able to apply my make up on top of the bronzer, and when I washed my face, I still had that glow. The only drawback is that the tan doesn't last much more than 3 days. But with the easy application, it's no hassle to touch up arms and legs once a week. I should mention that I already have medium complexion - so I can't speak for you fair skinned folks out there!

Great start
by wendy c

This is a great kit if you're just getting started sunless tanning. It contains exfoliate so you could get the best tan possible by getting rid of unevenness and dry patches. It also contains everything you'll need to tan your whole person- face and body. Products work well.

Neutrogena is best
by Stephanie

If you are going to use sunless tanning product , it has been my experience that Neutrogena products work best. I always have the best results with Neutrogena , I think it's partly because they are so moisturizing. The more moisturized your skin is the better your chances of a smooth even sunless tan. This kit is great because it has everything you need for a complete great looking sunless tan all in one box. Remember, sunless is safest !!!

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