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by Tiffine

I used this product. Turned a little orange. Did not work well and could hardly stand the horrible smell.

Orangey Glow
by Christine

This product gives skin an orangey glow that is only slightly believable as a real tan. Not the greatest sunless tanning product.

by zunisun26

Neutrogena needs to redo the self tanner--
1.too orange
2. stinky
3. streaky
4. stains cloths

great for a practical joke
by Jessica B

I used this thinking I'd be a sexy fox... well I did turn orange so thats a start I guess... I'd give this product to someone as a practical joke but never use it again.

by Bridgette Ormond

This will turn your skin and hands so ORANGE.

No, no, no !
by Carol

This is not a good product. It is expensive and it is one of the most orangey ones I have ever used.

Not good!
by Elizabeth

I have very pale skin and I always am looking for a product to give me some color. I put the lotion on on a Saturday night and I woke up and looked in the mirror and was mortified. I had to stay home from church because I had streaks everywhere. I was disappointed because I followed the directions.

by Theresa

I would not ever buy this product again. It leave you orange looking. It kind of builds up more orange in areas of your skin that were dryer and leaves lines in creases of you skin in the knee and elbow areas. I am grateful that I was just trying it out to see if it worked and didn't have a special event to go to. I always plan things ahead and couldn't imagine trying it for a real event. I would never buy this again and would advise friends to stay away.

Not too bad
by Mandy

I used this lotion for 2 months before senior prom. I wanted to get a slightly darker glow than what I have naturally during the winter. I've got medium toned skin, but at full strength this lotion left me orange and streaky, not at all natural looking. It works much better if you dilute the product with regular skin lotion, especially when using it on the joints. I would not buy this lotion again though, the lotions that gradually build up a tan work a lot better and look much more natural.

Orange Stripes
by Carrie

I have VERY fair skin and I am always looking for a way to look sun kissed. My mom and I both tried this tanner. I came out with orange stripes. My mom is darker than me so she had slightly better color but she had streaks also. Also around the knees and ankles it highlighted the lines in our skin.

A human orange
by Ashley

I bought this lotion one week before my high school prom. I couldn't afford the $200 it cost to go to the tanning salon, and I didn't have the time to go to the beach. I picked this product among all others because Neutrogena is pretty reputable. I was very disappointed with the results. It left my arms and legs very streaky and orange, and I am positive I applied it correctly. It also has a way of building up in certain spots, which makes patches of your skin a darker orange. This product will not give you a natural looking tan, it will only spot you out as a person with a drug-store tan. If you need an instant tan asap, I would recommend a "gradual tan." You won't be 5 skin shades darker 2 hours, but in one week you can get pretty dark. Also, if you're going to use Neutrogena products (or similar products), I would stick to a spray. It goes on much more evenly.

Not streak-free
by Erika

I purchased this lotion along with several others to try and get an easy tan. I found this lotion difficult to evenly apply on my legs, as it left little streaks all over. It also had a tendency to seep into any cracks in the skin -- even if they were just creases at the knee. I simply did not trust the product enough to put it on my face evenly, as it dried relatively quickly and I didn't want to end up with streaks or orange lines from the creases of my skin. The smell of the lotion was quite fragrant and pleasing however. It did a terrible job on the underside of my knees and especially my elbows, as it left dark orange spots.

Makes my skin rough
by Arlene

I bought this product when I went on vacation to Florida last year. I used it for 5 days. I used this brand because the name brand is well known. First I applied some and it was creamy and I liked the way it made my skin glow a little. I kept using tht product through out the vacation. What I did notice was everytime I took a shower my skin felt rough. I did not think much of it but then my husband said maybe it's the sun tan lotion. So I changed to something else and he was right. The lotion was making me skin feel rough. I guess it's not for all skin types. I won't be buying this anymore. I was not happy with the results.

by Christine Martens

I applied this lotion slowly and very little at a time. (I've learned my lesson with others). Smell was pleasant, and color wasn't too bad. After a few applications color is better. Knees could of been better. But nothing beats the real thing.

Fine for me, not for others
by Carrie

I liked the color of tan I got after applying, and it was noticeable after one application. It looked very natural, and not too harsh. I didn't have any problems with streaking. However, when used on or around my face, my eyes burned from the scent. My daughter was not so lucky. She is more fare than I am, and her skin turned an artificial orange color.

Beware! Gross!
by M. DeGilio

This stuff smells terrible after a little while. Not only is the smell unbearable, but the product actually did damage to my appearance. It left me orange and streaky!

It has that SMELL
by Sarah

When you first put it on, it smells fine. But after it starts "working" 10-15 minutes later, it smells like your skin is being burnt off. I thought this might be a better product than some of the cheaper varieties, but this is just as bad, if not worse.

by Candace G.

I burn very bad trying to get a tan in the sun because I am so light complected. So I tried this, hoping they had perfected sunless tanning products since I tried them in high school. But not this one. This turned me bright orange and was just splotchy all over. I wasn't impressed with this at all.

One of the worst
by Terra

Gross stuff! This is one of the most unnatural looking self-tanners I have tried. It DOES streak and will stain whatever it touches. This is heavy-feeling.

Sticky and hard
by S. Grevious

It does smell, but I've smelled worse. It comes out clear so it was kind of hard to keep track of where I had put it so far. It felt a little sticky and kind of hard when it was hardening but it wasn't bad after about 10 minutes. I went to bed and when I woke up 6 hours later, I was orange. After trying this product I figured I'll let them find some new formulas or something. At least I didn't streak. In this case, I think the bottle represents the color your going to turn. The bottom line is that there are much better sunless tanners and I'm glad I tried it so I could warn everyone out there.

by mommyof2

Ugh! I used this and had orange streaks all over my legs. I couldn't wear the skirt I had picked out because the streaks were noticeable! I am very pale and really just wanted to take the "shock" out of how white my legs were. Well- this isn't the product for me. I will go back to the tanning salon for a Mystic Spray Tan.

Not the greatest
by cindy

I bought this for my oldest daughter . She did everything she was supposed to do regarding preparations. She put the product on and it didn't really make her look tan to me. She looked like someone with jaundice, very orange looking. It also made her skin irritated. I wouldn't recommend this for someone with sensitive skin at all.

Expensive & Turns Your Skin Orange!
by Joan Fusco

I’ve tried several less expensive sunless tanning products with good results. Thinking that I would get even better results, I decided to try a more expensive brand. I chose Neutrogena because it is a well known company. Unfortunately, this product turned my skin orange after only one application. I was very disappointed with this product and would not recommend.

Difficult to apply
by herm

I really didn't care for this. The color is pretty good, but it goes on unevenly unless you are super careful. It does have a nice smell to it though and I'm sure for those who have lots of time, they could apply this product properly.

Brings New Meaning to Fake Tan
by Sharon

I previously purchased this product after trying Neutrogena's facial tan product. I was not impressed with the quality of this self tanner. Although it is easy to apply, I was left with horrible orange color all over my body. I threw out the rest of the bottle and put it on my list not to ever purchase or recommend to anyone to use.

Gives a healthy glow
by Tiffany

I bought this for a friend because she wanted to have a bit of a healthier look (not orange) and you can pick out light, dark or whatever. I helped her apply it, so maybe that's why we had a great experience with it. I will give a hint: shower and exfoliate first to get a better, smoother application. I wore gloves, too, so that may have helped as well. I would be prepared to walk around in the all together or in an old bathing suit until you dry so that you don't stain anything. But I did get a little on a cream colored towel and it washed out.

All in all, it did give her a nice tan, like she had been on vacation.

More Orange than Others
by Jody

Of the 4-5 sunless tanners that I've used, this one by far left me the most "orange" looking, making my "tanning secret" not-so-secret and obvious! The smell is also a little too "chemical", and it's really difficult to remove from between your fingers.

Not worth the cost
by Trisha

I guess if you want to match the bottle it comes in this is a great product. While I liked the pre-tan scrub, the tanning lotion didn't live up to its name or reputation. While finding the right tanning solution is a hit or miss quest, I definitely think for most people this product will be a miss rather than a hit. It tends to leave one with an orange hue, and can be splotchy if not applied properly. Nope, not the product for me.

I liked the color
by Brooke

I thought this gave me a natural color after a couple of applications. This is great if you just want to get rid of the general whiteness and add a little color. I wouldn't recommend it for a beach vacation. The sand and jacuzzi will cause your skin to exfoliate quicker and the "tan" comes off in patches. Also, use gloves to apply it so that your palms don't turn orange, and very carefully use your wrists to do the top of your hands.

Wouldn't use it again
by Troy

I probably wouldn't use this product again because I didn't tan evenly (although part of this might be due to the fact that I may not have spread it evenly on my body to begin with). But, it also left my skin an orange color that made it obvious that I had used the product making the tan look unnatural.

Never again...
by Ted

I tried this product some time ago only to find that it turned some of my skin 'orangy'. In addition the orange tone was different shades in some areas. While I've had similar experiences with some other sunless lotions, this was probably my worst.

Made Me Orange!
by Ellisha

This product turned me bright orange! It was patchy and did not cover evenly and I hated the smell! I will never use this again!

Great Color
by Lana

I give this four stars because after two applications, it changed my white legs to a natural looking tan. Great for wearing shorts! Downsides: The color wears off after a few days, but all similar products do the same. Also, some brown comes off on my towels after bathing, but it does wash out.

Didn't look very realistic
by cjthedog64

While this product was easy to apply and added a decent hint of color, I found it was very easy to go over the same area too much and get dark spots. I also found that my knees and elbows looked really dark and the skin on my hands was definitely orange for a few days, no matter how often I washed them during the process. The color that did look decent also faded quickly, while the darker areas took much longer to fade. This made for some really awkwardly colored skin for a while.

Reasonable color
by restonapt

This product does give you a subtle color - but I found that it fades or rubs off quite quickly. I would recommend it since for the price its a good deal but it's not the best product out there. The color you get is very natural looking, however.

A natural look
by Amy Derby

I have extremely pale skin that never tans (only burns). I have used this product for two summers with good results. My tan has looked natural, is not blotchy or streaky, and lasts longer than with many similar products. It does not create an extreme tan - for that you have to use a lotion with a bronzer. So if you're looking for a very dark look, this is probably not the product for you.

Dirty Knees
by Janine Logue

I am a very pale girl and I burn very easily, so I thought I would use a sunless tanner. This tanner didn't make me orange, but it didn't make me very tan either. It also made both the front and back of my knees look either dirty or bruised. It is not a product I would use again on my legs.

I Felt Like An "Oompa-Loompa"
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I was not happy with the color results of this product. No one complimented me on my so called tan. I felt it had too much of an orangish hue to it for my taste, even though no one had said anything. When I mentioned to someone that I felt like one of the little orange "Oompa Loompa's" on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie (original), they laughed and admitted it did look like it had an orange tint to it too. I couldn't wait 'till it wore off. I didn't use ANY other self tanner the rest of that summer because I was scared.

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