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by angelica

I thought that it worked really good

insurance Agent
by sherry

I looove this product!! I am fair skinned and usually get blotchy with sunless tanners. I used medium. You have to make sure you loofah your body first and get all the dead skin cells off. Follow the directions. I had an amazing tan in about 5 hours! Maybe helpful to have someone do your back.

supplement junkie
by sarah keturah

This spray tanner works for sure, but it leaves you a little sticky. The spray is a fine mist which makes the application super easy to get it right. One thing that makes this better than a lotion is you can get your back tan. It's not easy, but I would just bend forward and spray over my shoulder. This isn't the best product to use for daily use, but if you're going to an event and want to look great, plan in advance because this takes a few days or so to work, and you'll have a fantastic tan when you get there!

Unhappy Customer
by Janice King

This has to be the absolute worse sunless tanning product on the market. Horrible orange blotches and streaks all over my feet and legs. And the can says it will last for days!! I need to get this mess off of my feet and legs - any suggestions other than wait a few days until it wears off? I am having to wear long pants and shoes and socks to hide it - in 90 degree weather! I would rate this with zero stars.

by Kristy

I liked the spray convenience. It came out evenly. Just don't get it too close to your feet, knees or you'll definitely be able to tell you're using a self tanning product!

by Ashley

If you don't mind stained hands for a day or two, this has an okay color, but there are way better self tanners available.

by Tiffine

I have used this product and it did not change my skin color. I used it on a daily basis for about 3 days

Too Un-Natural
by Natasha

This comes out relatively even, however, it is too orange. Better to stick with gradual tanners.

by Barbara Shofner

I like this product very much. It doesn't turn your skin orange like so many other products. It is very easy to use, and looks natural. My daughter-in-law swears by this one, it is truly the best.

tanning spray
by heidi

Its very hard for me to tan naturally because I'm so fair skinned so I've tried many sunless tanning products. I wasn't a big fan of this one it didn't give me the results I wanted. I just got a little tint and it only lasted for a couple days.

Not Top Choice
by Jessica Reynolds

I don't think this is the best I have tried, and I have used many many many different brands and types of sunless tanning. As I recall this went into the skin quikly but almost too fast to where you can't spread it around evenly before it's gone. It's a problem common with using the mist tanners. Also because it can be hard to get it on evenly you end up with streaks AND the color is not natural. I am very fair so on me it looked yellow-orangish but maybe someone darker could pull it off better.

Pretty good
by tracy wilkins

I like the micromist. It makes you feel like you are really getting it on evenly. Not orangy at all and I'm a very fair skinned girl! Smells ok too.

Nice Alternative to Salon Spray Tan
by Jaclyn Miller

I needed some color for a wedding, and this product gave me a nice glow and tan after just one application. I'm glad I "practiced" earlier in the week first, because I found that I really needed to exfoliate before applying. Plus, I played around with how far away to hold the can from my body while spraying. The tan does get a bit deeper the more it is used. I lightly wipe my elbows and knees with a towel when I'm done to keep the color even. I buy a separate facial tanner, but you can spray your hands and evenly wipe this on your face. Until it is dry, the color may come off on clothing!

by Mo

When compared to some other sunless tanning products, this one is okay. I was expecting much more though. It was very easy to use and didn't smell bad. I did not get as much color as I was hoping for. For the price, not a bad choice. I would use this product again unless I want lots of color.

by Princess

Another awesome product! The misting system works just like the Mystic Tan that you would find in a tanning salon. This is cheaper and will give you many more uses.

by mary mcmenamy

Great product! Sprayed on evenly and no streaks with great coverage.

by One time use

This product delivers beautiful results, but the product runs out so quick! It takes the whole bottle to use on your body!

No Mess!
by Donna S

I love this product! It is super easy to use and goes on evenly. I have a shower making sure to exfoliate all over, paying extra attention to knees elbows and feet. Then I get out of the shower and towel dry lightly, then apply a thin coat of moisturizer on my legs, feet & elbows. Then I stand in the tub, spray my body down ( my husband helps me with the back if I ask nicely) rub the tanner in lightly on my elbows, knees & feet. Then I get out of tub, wash my palms and then rinse out the tub and shower. This system works great for me and gives me a nice even tan. I've used all kinds of tanning creams and have found them to be messy and stinky.

by Kelly

I used this a few weeks ago and the only reason I gave it any stars is because it made my fiance and me laugh our asses off at it! he sprayed it all over me while we stood in the shower so it wouldnt get all over but the fumes just made us gag horribly. the color was orange and tons of streaks.i do not recommend this product unless you want to laugh at yourself!

Orange Power
by Elizabeth B

Over the years I have tried many sunless tanning products hoping for that sun-kissed glow.

Much to my surprise, most were a flop, when I saw that Neutrogena made a sunless tanning spray that was suppose to be amazing. It was $10 but I figured if it worked, then great.

HOWEVER it turned out like all the others, orange and streaky, even after following the directions exactly, I had dark drown lines up and down my legs where the spray hit my leg, it was horrible.

A fast tan option
by Jennifer Bennett

I like this product because it's fast and I don't have to worry about tanning the webs of my fingers. I spray it on my fair skin after toweling off from the shower and it gives me a bit of a glow that wasn't there before. I can see how some people would not like it because it doesn't give a dark color with proper application, but proper application is key; spraying too heavily creates streaks just like lotion tanners. A spray tan is perfect for me because I don't have the time to apply a lotion and wait 20 minutes for it to sink in. Spray on!

uneven and orange
by j

I got this product a few years ago before I moved to the sunshine state and no longer need it. When I used it, I found it hard to keep the spray at an even mist so I often times missed spots, but that was okay, since the spots I hit came out orange!

by Destiny

My best friend was looking a little pale, so I bought her this tanning spray. Something affordable, yet was credited for working. Thinking that Neutrogena has a good name for working products. Well after following all the instructions, she came out orange! Needless to say, I will never buy this product again!

MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray
by Susan A.

Hated this product. I am very fair and never got a tan tone. Spraying left uneven lines with spots on the back of my legs that were left light or untouched. I was so excited about the ease, but was left totally dissatisfied. Also the spray that gravitated to the floor left a mess to cleanup and a higher concentration on the top of my feet. I only use sunless tanner, but will not use this one again.

Good, but not for me
by BA

I think that the application of sunless tanning products are based on personal preference. I tried this product because I was interested in the mist-based application. Although I did find the misting process interesting, I had difficulty controlling the application in specific areas. I like to be able to see directly where I apply the product. It was a nice fine mist, but I still prefer the cream-based applications and will tend to stick will those in the future. For those who like a misting spray, this product did work quite well. It provided a nice even tan and dried very quickly.

Not a bad product
by Ross

This is one of the better sunless tanners I've tried. Like the others, it smells pretty foul during application, but that obviously goes away soon after. It does produce a bit of an unnatural orange glow, but not as much as some of the earlier versions. It also seems to last for about 10 days, which isn't bad.

Didn't work for me
by Dustin

I decided to give this a try because it looked and was easier to apply then the Coppertone Lotion I had been using. I have fair skin and the Neutrogena gave me an unnatural color that did not look like a tan at all. I even tried it again because I thought I may have sprayed too much the first time and same results. It may work for you depending on your color, but I won't be using this again.

Good spray tanner
by Amy

I have used many self tanners in the past since quitting the tanning beds. This is definitely one of my favorites. I am fair skinned and some make me look very orange. This spray produces a very natural looking tan. It also gives you a medium tone which is nice. A lot of self tanners don't produce too much color. The best thing about this self tanner is it doesn't streak or leave big blotches of tan color on your skin. I started to try another self tanner just to compare. The other was much more expensive but it left me with so many streaks. This self tanner does not do that at all. I really really like this product.

Easy application, not the best color
by Amie

The good - I loved the ease of application. You can quickly micromist the product over an area - blend it in and not worry about streaks. I didn't have any problem with missed areas or some areas being darker then others.
The problem - I have extremely fair skin and this wasn't a good color match. It did not look natural on my skin tone.

it's alright
by victoria

The thing I liked best about this product was that the mist was fine enough to just barely coat my skin. The product did not run, it went on quite evenly. It is best if you have someone help you get the backs of your legs and shoulders. The tan was alright, it wasn't perfectly brown and golden, but it was definitely better than most. The orange tint was there but it was subdued. Overall, it's good if you're in need of some quick color.

Tried it...
by Maggie A.

I do think this version of a tanning application works better then the foam product that Neutrogena puts out, however, it still left my skin orange. I am thinking that it is the problem with Neutrogena instead of the product itself. Very easy to use....and I had no streaks. I have a very pale body so maybe the orange shows up on me more then they do on others. I am thinking if you have an olive skin tone this would be a good product and the orange wouldn't be noticeable.

by BAH

I have tried tanning products in the past. I thought wow a spray, that's what the stars use, it must be good. Well I was wrong. I was still streaky, orange, and it was kind of hard to get it on even. So I had some extra orange spots!

just like others
by brandyn

I have used this one summer ago and put it on before going on a hike. I was hoping to get some color on my face but this to me, was just like the other self tanning products out. I was left a little orange on the face and everywhere else I put it. The reason I chose this, is because I really don't have much time to get a real tan and I think that suntanning is unhealthy.

Gets the job done
by Terra

This is not the best self-tanning product I've tried. But sometimes when I'm short on time and want a quick tan, I have used this. It's not terrible. I haven't experienced streaks, although I do blend after I spray. Overall, I'd say this is an average product.

Still orange
by Mike Huang

I used this spray because my body is so white. Usually, people think girls use tanning sprays, but guys need them too. I used this before I went to the beach, and this product worked great on my white/pale skin, but there's a fault to it. The product still leaves my skin somewhat orange and greasy, but maybe it's just me.

by Amanda S.

This product helped me to get that extra little tan I was looking for. All of the lotion products I have used always end up making my hands orange or would inevitably miss a spot somewhere or overdo it somewhere else. This is so easy to use I love just being able to spray it on. The smell is good. I would definetly say try it.

Not so easy to use..
by herm

I like the idea of micromist as a way to apply this. The problem I found with it though, is that it is difficult to apply only to youself and not get everything else close to you sprayed. I tried spraying it while outside, but that only works if it's not a windy day. That is a rare thing in Omaha! The color is pretty good actually, just couldn't use it.

Still streaks...
by Melissa

I bought this product because it advertised that you would be "streak free" however, I must have done something wrong in application because I had obvious areas that were streaked or missed. At the time I bought two cans of this. I still have two cans of it in my closet...used it once, then moved on to another self tanner.

For a quick tan
by Henley

I don't care how boring and outdated this looks next too all the new sunless tanning products out there-I still find it to be the best drugstore stuff for an easy and QUICK tan. I literally just spray it on lightly, rub it in, and an hour later, I'm good to go. The scent is by far the least offensive of any sunless tanner I've tried. If you want quick results that look good and not too artificial, this is the way to go. There are too many other complicated products out there today that cost more, take too long to show up, or streak and leave behind blotchy results. This is cheap, quick, and effective.

Try it!
by Kyle

Great product that hasn't left my hands orange and greasy because you don't have to rub it in. It works great at not looking streaky and orange. Very reasonably priced.

A breeze to use
by Jenny Morton

I love the look of a suntan yet I am getting increasingly concerned about the long term effects of exposure to the sun, which is why I picked up this tanning spray. I am very picky about these kinds of products and this performed better than most. I hate the nauseating smell that seems to accompany all tanning products. Thankfully, this wasn't as bad as most. Also, it was very easy to apply. I got a nice, even covering without much streaking - but be extra careful when you apply around your feet and ankles! My skin did not look orange and had a nice healthy glow to it afterwards. Overall, I would definitely buy again. And the best part? My hands didn't get messy or feel greasy since it came out of a spray bottle!

Not for fair skin
by Rebecca

While this product is easy to use, it did not produce the tone for my skin that I was looking for. It simply made me look like an orange. But with fair skin, it is always hard to find a product that makes the tan look natural.

MicroMist Sunless Spray
by Emily K.

I like the "micro mist" quality of this product, but had a horrendous time trying to get it to come out of the can. Even using two hands, I was lucky to get 2 seconds worth of mist out at a time. This of course means that all those special angles are impossible. I think the color is nice and the smell is OK, but unfortunately I can't benefit from the product because it is so impossible to get it out of the can.

great tan
by J

This product is great! You can get a nice tan and there's no greasy feeling left on your hands because there is no need to rub it in. This is the first sunless tanner that I've used that did not cause my skin to look orange, and I have very fair skin.

Easy to use
by Trisha

This product is easy to use for sure, but not quite the right hue for me and my fair skin. It's been a tough battle looking for the right tanning lotion. They have half of it right with this product, goes on easy and no messy hands afterwards. I just wish more skin care companies would take the time to create a product for us ghostly white people. Most products make us look like we belong in the produce department. SO, if your not fair skinned this is probably the product for you.

by LR

I love MicroMist Tanning Sunless Spray. Unlike lotions that can make a mess, this sprays on neatly and worked well. I used this while on vacation in Florida, and was very, very happy with the results. Did I mention no mess? It was great.

Easy to use
by Annie

This product did a great job giving me an even tan. The only set back was that because it was a spray I found it more difficult to apply to my back, so make sure you have someone on hand to spray your back for an even back tan! Plus, the best part was no orange hands!

No more dirty hands!
by TC

I love this product! I used to hate putting tanning lotion on, because it always make my hands so dirty and greasy. With this product, there is absolutely no mess! I just spray it on wherever I need a little help, and it goes on so smoothly. No rubbing or spreading is even required! The bottle is so convenient that I even take it with my while I'm at the beach. Great product!

Easy to apply!
by Lana

Sunless Tan for the lazy. This is the only spray tan that I have found that you DON'T have to rub in. Literally, you just spray it on and leave. Smells nice, too.

Not great for fair skin
by K. McIntosh

The great part of this product is that it is easy to apply and covers skin smoothly. The bad part is that I have extremely fair skin. Even when I followed the directions completely, I still had an even, but orangy tan. If you have very fair skin, you may want to try a different product.

GOOD for those in a hurry!
by Lori Baranski

My friend uses this stuff religiously. She doesn't have a lot of time to go and get a spray tan, so she does it herself. Most of the time it looks natural, but you have to be careful as to not streak. sometimes you can tell that she did it herself and see missed areas, or places that got more spray than others. Overall, great product especially if you only want a certain area done- like your legs for a cocktail party.

Didn't Like It!
by Ellisha

I did not have a good experience with this product. In fact, all I got out of it was a huge mess all over me and my bathroom. It was hard to spray and it didn't really seem to cover evenly! It might have been easier if I had someone else spray me!

Suntan in a bottle!
by Albert

This product has worked wonders for me. I really needed a tan because we were going to the beach soon and I used this product. It was recommended by one of my friends and it worked. The tan looks natural and there were no streaks. Make sure to have someone help you though as it CAN get messy.

Tan without the hassle!
by heather

I decided to give this tanning spray a shot when I was in a friend's wedding. This is truly an easy product to use and it goes on nice and clean. I didn't have any streaks and looked great in that dress for the wedding!

Really liked it
by Lois

I tried this product after trying a few others when I was pregnant. I really liked this one best. I always sprayed myself in the bathtub and let it dry. The only bad thing is that the fumes can overtake you if you are not in a well ventilated area.

Not so Ompa Loompa this time.
by Jessica D

Neutrogena Micromist tanning Sunless Spray is good for someone who doesn't like getting their hands greasy, but if you are paranoid about breathing stuff in, this is not for you. The mist tends to tickle my nose, and I sneeze a bit when I use it. Good thing, if you use an even coat, only applied once, you only have a tinge of orange.

by carolyn

This isn't a very good product. I felt as if it wasn't helping my skin to look tan, but it gave it an orangish color too. It left streaks.

by Wendy C

I didn't like the Neutrogena Micromist tanning Sunless Spray as much as I liked Neutrogena's other self-tanning products. The application of this mist seemed very haphazard if you do it yourself--- I got it all over my bathroom and ended up dying the bottom of my feet bright orange. You almost need another person to spray you with this.

by lala5

This is one of the best products that I have used to get a tan without sitting out in the sun. I think that as long as you spray on an even layer, you should be fine.

No time to tan!
by JoDean Roberts

I have very little time to enjoy the sun or tanning bed, but I like to keep a healthy glow. This micromist is perfect! It goes on easily and quickly. I know that it will be even unlike traditional products such as lotions and gels. It gives great color that can be deepened with multiple uses. Time is minimal to apply and the price for the high quality is unbeatable!

I love it!!
by mary allen

I love this product and I used it all summer last year. I just saw it in the stores again this year and I will be buying it. The cost is inexpensive and it looks good. It makes you look tan and not orange like a lot of others do! I also love this product because it's "hands free" so you don't walk around with orange palms. That's the worst, but that doesn't happen with this product! I love it!

by Laura Frost

You don't find many tan products that give you that even feeling or look. This one though does an amazing job at just that. It feels very nice and makes your leg still feel smooth and also sprays on as a mist giving you that even look.

Nice and even
by Dr. K Morgan

Very nice and even 'tan', though I am very light skinned. I did apply each layer very sparsely for fear of spotting. The mist will land on whatever you are standing near, so one should apply it in the shower.

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love this
by tiffany

This works great. I used it in the winter time because I was pregnant and couldn't go tanning, and it gave be a great dark tan. It went on nicely and dried really well to no runs or orange color. I love it!

Love It
by Christine

I'm very pale and it looks natural on me. It did kinda dry out my skin. It only comes out streaky if you don't know how to use it. Don't spray directly on your feet, just spray in the air and let the mist fall onto your feet.