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Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi

Neem Tooth Paste is a unique ayurvedic blend of twenty four herbs which are being used in Ayurveda for dental care and protection.

These herbs give a long lasting freshness, extra enamel protection, most effective germ fighter, gum strengthen and prevent cavities.

With the freshness of Tulsi it gives twenty four hour ayurvedic dental protection to your teeth, with a smile.
Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi is 100% Vegetarian.
Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi offers 24 Hours Natural Protection.
Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi is one of the most effective Germ fighter.
Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi provides extra Enamel Protection.
Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi prevents Cavities.
Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi is 100 % Natural and free from harsh chemicals, additives & hardening agents.

Additional Information: 24 Hours Natural Protection, Germ fighter, Enamel Protection, Protect Enamel, Prevent Cavities, Flight Cavities

Ingredients: Aqua, Neem, Tulsi, Molsiri, Kankol, Patang, Babool, Khair, Bol, Lavang, Dalchini, Elaichi, Kachur, Jayphal, Akhrot, Ajwain, Katfal, Karkatshringi, Saunf, Marich, Rajjamun, Amla, Bahera, Haritaki, Yashti Madhu
Product: Neem Tooth Paste with Tulsi
Brand: LiveHerbals Ayurveda Sandhu's (More Products)
Size: 117 gm
Dosage: Brush teeth thoroughly preferably after each meal, or at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician.
Retail: $3.95
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2 Customer Reviews

by Norma

My experience with this product is very much different than Arron below as i took this product for healthy teeth without any chemicals etc. and not for the taste or teeth whitening.

It's not meant for teeth whitening and i did not see anywhere that they mentioned teeth whitening. I think this site has mis-categorized this product, which they should correct.

In any case, my experience with this product from LIVEHERBALS.COM has been excellent and have used for several months and am seeing wonderful results and i will continue using this for life.

Thumbs down
by Arron

I did not like this toothpaste. It had a bad taste and it didn't whiten my teeth at all. It also made my teeth feel grimy afterwards. I would not recommend this product.