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Beauty is pain, folks.
by Holly

I tried these a year ago and they made my teeth super white. The only downside is that you have to leave them on for 30 minutes to an hour every day for 8 days or so, and they BURN LIKE FIRE if you have sensitive teeth or gums. My teeth were sore for days but white for months.

by Dave

Tres White was my second choice of products, the first being too expensive. I am glad that I tried it as I feel the results were far better than i would have expected from the first choice. I am thoroughly pleased with the results and the ease of use of this product, and the price is far better than some of the other brands.

Teeth Whitening
by Kelsey

I am a dental assistant and have worked in the dental field for 10 years. I have used the tres white system and I think it works great. I am always getting complimented on how white my teeth are.

Great product!!
by Heather

I have used Tres White for a year and a halfand I absolutely love it! It's not cheap...but the results are amazing! I get compliments all the time about how pretty my teeth are and I have recommended this product to many people. After about the 3rd application, I started using it only once or twice a month. And to make it last longer, I only do my bottom teeth every other application...if even that. They are really white and you don't even see them when I smile! So, I just use those extra trays for my tops. As far as leaving them in for a long time (I think it recommends 30-60 mins...not really sure), I put the tray in before I take a shower. By the time I shower, get dressed, dry my hair, etc., it is time to take them out and brush! Someone below mentioned they make them spit! I love this product and would not pay the money for it if I didn't know it works!!

by Tiff

My teeth had a little yellow on them and I asked my dentist if there was anything out there that could fix that, he told me that Tres White Professional Teeth Whitening System would work great on them. I went home from the dentist and looked it up online and saw the great reviews it had. I went out that night and bought it and it has worked great on my teeth, and I still use it from day to day. This is a great product and I think everyone should give it a try!

An O.K. product!
by Shah

After I got my braces off I had some yellow marks so I decide to use this product to whiten my teeth. The product is a little pricey compared to other teeth whitening products. It was not very effective. After using the product for a month it only whitened my teeth a shade or two. But if this product it used for a longer term it may be more effective.

by Henry L.

My dentist recommended I use this to whiten my teeth for a crown I was going to get on my front tooth. My teeth throbbed with pain at first, but I hear this is common for all teeth whiteners, and I eventually got used to it. It also made my gums a bit sensitive, but in the end I noticed a visible difference. My dentist deemed my teeth whiteness going up from a grade C to a grade A!

Good, but worth the price?
by Deborah

I got the trays from my dentist, who recommended them as an alternative to more expensive in-office whitening. I paid much more than they are available for online! I was pleased with the results, but was not sure these are worth it. They made my teeth sensitive (a common side effect, I guess) and even though they have a gum line "protectant", they still bleached and hurt my gums. Also, I found it inconvenient to sit with the strips in my mouth for an extended period -- and they made me drool all over myself. I still give them a four, though, because of the excellent whitening.

These are good!
by may

These I really liked. After trying another product, I was wasn't sure if I wanted to be deceived once more, but I went for it. I started out by taking pictures of my teeth, and when two weeks passed I did it again, my teeth were different! Another thing that is great is the flavors that they offer, and they taste good. I really am pleased with this product. I have my whole family using Tres....yeah!

Teeth whitening
by kelly

I used this a while back and boy, what a difference. This works excellent. It changed the shade of my teeth to a whole new white. I don't suggest using this if you have sensitive gums that bleed easily or if you have gingivitis. You will feel extreme pain if you do. I saw results after about 5 uses. It's been about 5 months since I've used this and my teeth are still as white as they were the day I finished the last application. This is an excellent product! Big thumbs up from me.

Try works!
by allismom

Only on the recommendation of a trusted friend would I spend this much on teeth whitening, but she was right! It was great! And it lasts. I did not feel the need to whiten again for 6 months! Good investment.

A good product from a great company
by vmvdmd

This product is great! It is from a very trustworthy company and their products are always very nice. It is easy to apply and the individualized applications fit well into the mouth and accurately represent the arch of the mouth. There are 2 flavors, both nice and most of all, the product bleach is great and very effective! I especially like the way that the product removes cola and smoking stains. There is a bit of sensitivity but that is transient and will stop once the product is discontinued.

by holly wilson

This product is good, but its a little expensive. It works pretty well and I was really happy with my results. The melon flavor was pretty good, and the mint wasn't half bad.

High comfort, fine taste, white teeth!
by Ruth

Tres White provides bleaching trays that can fit well to your mouth, and ten bleaching applications. It comes in two flavors--melon and mint--and results in whiter teeth by minimizing stains! Good product and recommended by many dentists.

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