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Not a substitute for professional whitening!
by Alex

I've been using this product for a few weeks now and I really haven't noticed a major improvement in teeth coloration. My teeth are slightly whiter, but it's not really noticable to a passive observer. It's really not worth the hassle to me; the paste tastes awful and it's such a pain to apply to your teeth. The price is pretty similar to other teeth whitening products as well.
If you really want your teeth pearl white, this really isn't a very good solution. The only real way I've seen is to simply go to a dentist, which is prohibitively expensive. I'm not going to repurchase this product, it simply isn't good enough to warrant another purchase.

Works, but with side effects
by Cassandra

I've tried several different teeth whitening products and this one fell closer on the bad side than good. I have to admit that there was a noticable improvement in the whiteness of my teeth. The bad, though, overshadowed that. The edges of my gums also turned white... which was very embarrasing. The taste of the whitener stayed with me for several hours after the treatment. And lastly, on one tooth only, a spot would lightening significantly more than anywhere else. The extra white tooth and white gums turned me off from showing the world my new smile.

bit pricey..
by brandyn

For me, this product worked just like the other whitening products I have used and they didn't work 100%. The price is a little high too. They did however turn my teeth a little white, but not the white like Paris Hilton and all those rich celeberties have.

by Meira Wainstein

I recommend this product to everyone! I'm a smoker and smokers are known for yellow teeth, which included me. Now everyone always compliments me on my white teeth and this is the only product I have used to whiten my teeth and will never switch. Even my dentist is impressed!

Works decent
by Kristy Blume

This was an average whitener. It did work but not Hollywood white. I didn't like the smell or the way it made my teeth feel. The smell lasted all day and then when I went to eat something, it kind of made the food taste like that. It did whiten my teeth some and for that I am glad.

Different Product, Same Results
by TP

Works just as well as the other big named brands. It takes a few days to notice a difference but it really works. The best part is you will save a couple hundred dollars compared to getting professional whitening.

by Jennifer

This is one of the kits I have tried . I drink a lot of coffee and smoke and these worked great and quick. Has done wonders for my smile.

not the worst
by SB

This product isn't too bad, but for the price, I was expecting better results. I do see a difference but it was shortly lived. I don't drink tea or anything so I was surprised it didn't last longer. For the price, I would try something else.

Works Good
by Tami

I tried every whiten product and none worked very well. When I tried the Complete Whiten Kit, it worked good but smells bleachy and my teeth are sensitive. This product works good, but pricey.

Works Well
by Katelin

I drink about 3 cups of tea daily and it was definitely starting to take it's toll on my teeth. While this product did leave my teeth feeling a bit sensitive, it was only temporary. Not to mention, the product itself claims to be the strongest at-home whitener, so what else can you expect?

At first, I was hesitant to try this whitening kit due to it's price, but I'm so glad that I did. I had tried Crest Whitestrips prior to this and the price of it is almost as much as this kit, yet it did nothing for me. The Fast White kit was effective in one day, just as the product claims, and I would rather spend a little more money if it's actually going to work!

I highly recommend this product. Although, if you already have sensitive teeth prior to using this, you may want to consider using something that's not as strong.

Fast White
by J mault

I bought Fast White for my son for his birthday.
It is very expensive. I thought being that I did pay so much for it, it would work at least a little. We did not notice any difference in the appaerence of my son's teeth. I felt like I got ripped off.

Teeth whitening
by Kennedee

This product did not live up to its claim. Ten shades lighter in just one use. The price is too high and it only lightened my teeth maybe 2 or 3 shades. It smelled like bleach. I would recommend this product only if you have to lighten your teeth a few shades.

Teeth Whitening
by William Duong

I've never had enough money to pay for a professional procedure. This is why I bought this kit - I didn't want a cheap Crest whitening, but a complete kit that had a better, guaranteed chance of working. My teeth are significantly whiter now, although it is not as white as those on TV. What you can expect though - I drink a lot of coffee and soda drinks. They are probably 7-8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Fast White
by Patricia Madden

Fast White brand of products are okay. They have a strong bleach smell and it makes your teeth really sensitive to the cold. I used the complete kit and saw little to no change also the price is a little high I would say to others that if you have the money to spend on this product you should buy another.

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