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Love this product
by Anonymous

I love this product it makes your teeth super white almost instantly! People ask me all the time how I got my teeth so white and that I have the whitest teeth they have seen, my secret=gosmile.

Love them!
by MamaB

My favorite teeth whitener by far! Use anytime anywhere and don't leave a weird gunk you have to wash off later!! Now, If only they went down in price

the best
by doubleB

I love this product. It doesn't taste disgusting like some products and works really well. The touch ups are amazing! If I notice that my teeth aren't quite as white as they were then I use the touch ups and they look great!

go smile
by heidi

I ordered this off qvc about a year ago and i loved it its an amazing product and got real results. The only bad thing about this product is the price. Its very expensive. About 100 dollars for a 1 month supply.

Good For In Between
by Keith G

I got to try this on the last cruise I went on. They were giving away samples in the spa/gym. They work pretty well, but I would still recommend using a regular whitener if you want to see drastic results.

by Krista

This product really works. And it works fast, my only problem is the price- when I buys it at sephora it is reallly expensive- so buyers be wary.

by Princess

I know this product works!

Its very powerful. And comparable to the stuff you would find at a dentist office.

not so good
by carmanmm

Didn't work so well for me..not much whiter, maybe if i had more of them, anyway, won't use them again.

GoSmile tooth whitening system
by Amy

I used this tooth whitening system and it was decent. It was pretty expensive though for how it worked. I think other systems like Crest strips are just as good. Also, it does not taste good at all. It also made my mouth a little numb. It did make my teeth whiter though so I can't complain too much. I probably wouldn't use it again though unless it was the only item around at the time.

Why choose bargain products?
by Arianna

Your teeth are an important mark in beauty and is usually the first thing a person who you speak with sees of you. Why take the risk of a bad product and choose a bargain brand tooth whitener on something as noticeable as your teeth? The best thing about GoSMILE Advanced Formula B1 is how quick and strong it is. Just like the dentist uses.

Great product, but worth the cost???
by Corri

The only reason I'm not giving this product the highest rating, is because of the cost. However, if you have the extra cash to spend, this product is highly recommended! I also found the taste to be quite nice. That was a nice surprise. I just think that Crest White Strips work just as well, and are about 1/4 of the cost.

Definitely worked!
by Kelli

This product definitely made my teeth whiter, but it did cause some discomfort during the process. I am pretty sensitive to chemicals, and this was no exception. It was also pretty expensive, but like I said it worked very well so it's probably worth the cost!

Works, but pricey!
by Erika

These little buggers work very well, but they should for how much they cost! Still, it is less than getting them professionally whitened. Very easy to use. Claims to have a great mint taste; even though it's better tasting than other products, it still doesn't taste very good. I would recommend these if you can afford it.

Go get Go Smile
by Cindy B

I think this is the best over-the-counter tooth whitening system out there. The whole Go Smile line is fantastic. It is pricier than other options, but well worth the price. It does work in 7 days. The application really isn't that bad and it is only for a week. It really works and I have also used the dental trays before made at my dental office. I prefer the Go Smile. I just use it every once in awhile for a boost and am very happy with the results.

it works!
by somemom

This product works. I saw this on the Sephora website as well as multiple magazines, and decided to give it a try. There were immediate results and I loved them. However, I have stopped using it due to cost. This stuff is awesome, but not so cheap.

Very Effective
by Annie

This product made my teeth white after the third use which was a nice surprise. Application is very easy and the product is very compact making it easy to take with you. The whitening effects have lasted for 7 months which is amazing and my teeth are still white! Although it gives very pleasing results you must continue to use its products to maintain your white teeth which at times may be tedious but it works. Also it is a little on the expensive side so be aware of that.

You'll Smile More Often
by Melissa

I heard about Go-Smile from a friend and as a smoker and a coffee drinker, I thought that it might be the help that I needed to get my teeth back to a nice white color. I certainly don't want to pay the $600.00 that the dentist charges to do this if I can get similar results from this product. Bottom line is if you are serious enough to spend the money on this product, serious enough to work on the whitening process over a period of 7 days, you will see a vast improvement in the shade of your teeth. I'd give it two thumbs up but can't give it a five because I still think it's a bit pricey.

Best on the market
by M Luttrell

I love the entire GoSMILE line. I purchased a starter kit and fell in love. I have used similar products available online and I have even purchased trays and gel from my dentist. I think that all of the GoSMILE products are well worth the investment.

Good product, but costly
by Lynn

After seeing many advertisements and doing research about the product, I decided to purchase to give it a try. I did see immediate results and saw even further results by week's end. However, the maintenance and follow up applications become costly.

decent product
by Masha M

I tried this after a recommendation from a friend and the stuff works great. You can definitely see a huge difference after a week (less even). The only problem with it is that in order to maintain it, you need to use the GoSMILE toothpastes and touch up ampules which tend to get expensive after a while.

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