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Pretty good
by Keith G

These work alright if you just need a touch up. And the face that you have to brush them on your teeth is slightly annoying.

by Princess

You can take this kit anywhere! It makes it very convenient to have a white smile! Enjoy and you will see great results!

Worth it
by Matt H

Worth it! I have tried countless teeth whitening products, and this is by far the best. I have seen results pretty quick and over time I have gone shades and shades brighter. I can't recommend this product more than any other whitener. Worth the big bucks if you want big results.

by Violet

I have used this for over 1 year and I am so glad I found this. This product does what it says-- it whitens beautifully and the results are noticeable. I love it! Besides being convenient and easy to use, I had no sensitivity from this as I did from trays and strips I used in the past. My teeth are now naturally white and my whole face is brighter for it. Pick this up and apply (so easily!) to your teeth- they will be whiter, your breath will be a bit fresher, and the results will be well worth the money.

Wonderful results!
by Tiffany

Yes, this costs more than most, but then again, you get what you pay for. I first came across this product in a bag full of samples that came with a purchase. At first I thought that a sample couldn't show me enough results to convince me purchase more, but boy was I wrong! Not only did I notice, but other people noticed the difference in my teeth as well (um, were my teeth really that bad before?). I wasn't happy at the price that I had to pay to continue the treatment, but then again, I knew I wasn't wasting money buying it. I would tell everyone who can afford to use Go Smile to definitely do it, because it works.

whitest white
by Arvinder

My teeth are whitest white and it is the result of this wonderful daily vanity anywhere kit. I am a nurse by profession so it is important for me to wear a smile. My patients always praise me because of my smile and I thank vanity anywhere kit for it.

Direct Cleaning
by Kim Phan

I really enjoy GoSmile. I first found this at a Sephora store when they were giving out sample vials for people to try. I notice a difference with just one application! I've been using it for over a year now since that fateful day! The GoSmile little tube are more direct, you break the vial and the formula goes down towards the mini/hard brush, that you use directly over the specific area you want clean. You squeeze the tube and the agent goes on directly and you brush around. It is better for people with sensitive gums, because you don't really get anything anywhere else, except where it's suppose to be, on your teeth!

I really like it and am a devout user!

Don't Let The Price Scare You...
by Sarah

I've tried both these and the Crest WhiteStrips and I've found these to be far superior. The strips are painful and don't last at all, but this kit will painlessly whiten your teeth and keep them white for much longer. At first I didn't want to pay $85, but for what you get they're really a bargain compared to the strips. Even if you have sensitive teeth and gums like me, you can use these without fear because they're simply a better product.

Dazzling Smile!
by stelle

If you're like me and can't afford getting your teeth bleached, try this product. I'm always on the go and always need a quick mouth hygiene fix so I reach for one of these ampoules. They are compact, stylish and easy to use. Once I brush it on my teeth, I see instant results unlike other brands of whitening products I've used in the past. A friend of mine recommended this product to me and I'm recommending it to you. This is a fantastic product. Why not the 5 stars? I kind of dislike the minty aftertaste but it doesn't stop me from using this product.

Fantastic Product!
by Mari

I have InvisAlign trays and using them makes it hard to keep my teeth bright. I drink coffee and tea constantly, so my teeth always get stained, plus I'm supposed to brush after every snack/meal, which just isn't practical for me. With a couple of these tucked into my purse, I can take care of stains, freshen my trays and remove debris from my teeth all at once. I can't recommend these highly enough!! I've used these for over 6 months with fantastic results, and I'll probably always have a couple of these with me.

by cecilia

This saved me hundreds of dollars because I was planning to bleach my teeth. After using this kit for two weeks, I already had pearly whites that I showed in every picture that I took. Previously, I was embarrassed about my yellow stained teeth from drinking too much coffee. Now I can still drink coffee and still have wonderful teeth. This product is convenient and easy to use! It doesn't take too much time out of your daily life. It is affordable-- compared to the hundreds of dollars you might want to spend to bleach your teeth!

Good stuff!
by Tina

I was embarrassed by my "corn kernel" teeth and I didn't want the pain and inconvenience of white strip-type products so I saw this and thought I'd give it a try. It's a great product, so quick, easy, and PAINLESS to use. It works fast and tastes great. I do find the price to be a little much for me, but once a year or so, I treat myself. It makes me feel better because the color of my teeth drastically improves. I'm not afraid to smile when I use this stuff.

Go Smile!
by Tami

GoSMILE on the go capsules are easy to use and convenient to carry. I enjoyed the ease of applying this product on my teeth right after eating or if I needed a quick freshening of my breath. This product was gentle enough even for my sensitive teeth and gums. I was amazed after using the product for a mere 14 days I could see significant whitening results.

Nice whitening system
by SP

To treat scars on my teeth i have started using Anywhere kit recently. I am really thrilled with the kind of results I got. I never thought that I could get rid of the scars completely. The Anywhere whitening kit is very easy to use and I didn't have any side effects with this.

The best in tooth whitening
by Lisa

This kit allows you to get whiter teeth while freshing your breath. I can't live without this product. It works so fast and is so easy to use.

Good buy
by stacy

This product is very good I was so pleased with it. Easy application without the mess. I will say though, its quite expensive. You can get the same effect from Crest White Strips without paying a lot. If you don't care about price, go for it

Pearly Whites
by Emily K.

This is a wonderful kit. This was my first experience with GoSmile, and it will not be my last. It took the 14 days to go through the whole whitening process, and my teeth look lovely! It is extremely easy to use, even if you are out and about, like me all the time. You just squeeze these things on and move it in circular motions. I have never had them professionally whitened, only used the White Strips, which IMO are completely sub-par in comparison. The tooth pastes are yummy and coordinated for evening and morning. You also get a weeks worth of the maintainers with a nice little case. This is a definite winner.

by shawna

I researched dental whitening before I spent the money on this product. I love Go Smile and as the reviews say here, it is the best on the market. I was very worried about sensitivity but I did not have any with this product and I did have with Crest. This is the one for me unless I quit coffee and smoking (I will on the smoking) but for now I will use this and I recommend it to others who are willing to make the investment.

Love it
by angela

I was first introduced to GoSmile a few months ago. A sample was included in my purchase and I decided to give it a shot. I was so pleasantly surprised on just a sample size that I decided to check out their other products available. The Daily Vanity Anywhere Kit is really nice for people on the go or people who travel a lot. After noticably whiter teeth and fresher breath, I never leave home without it!

Love the taste!
by Nicole A

I recieved this as a gift for my birthday and I LOVE this stuff. It is convenient to use and really freshened my breath which is cool because most whitners can leave a weird taste in your mouth. My husband noticed a difference after the 2nd application. I highly reccomend!

nice but expensive
by wendy c

Go Smiles kit whitens and freshens breath pretty easily. It's effects are comparable to the very good Crest Whitestrips. However, Go Smile is so very expensive. It will cost you a pretty penny to keep this whitening regimen up if you wanted to. I recommend using the white strips by crest instead.

Great product
by Henley

My friends tell me that this product is very effective in whitening your teeth. I've seen it in SEPHORA and bought it. It IS more effective than other products that I have used. I also like that you can bring them everywhere you go. It's a great product and I recommend it to anyone.

by Lana

This is GREAT! I used it once, and noticed changes within a few days. I saved the last tubes to freshen up later:) I got many compliments and loved the product. I will be using it again soon!

Excellent Product
by BusyMommy

I have tried several tooth whitening products and this is one of the only ones that has shown results for me. It is easy to appy, gives you very fresh breath and showed results for me in 3-4 applications.

Feels fesh
by Hrd

The product is quite effective and the convience of the small test tube size applications is great.
It whitens the teeth as promised and also works as a good mouth freshner compared to some other which leaves a bad after taste.

Great product!
by Amanda

GoSmile is the first whitening product that I've tried that actually worked! I noticed a difference in my teeth after 2-3 applications. The only downfall is the price, it's rather expensive and not something that I can afford to buy all of the time.

Xtreme fresh breath!
by Ruth

Daily Vanity Anywhere Kit is nicely packaged in 30 individual applications, and works well for what it says it works for: whitens nicely, keeps mouth feeling clean. And wow, does it freshen your breath!

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