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Tooth damage
by Nikki

I had my first course (7 days) of Gosmile, and received a timetable of follow-up care - every month I have to use 2 ampules every day for one week.
The first week went well, and my teeth looked noticeably whiter. 2 months later I staretd my first refresher week. Disaster! A portion of my upper front tooth is discoloured, and a crack has appeared. Am devastated and off to the dentist! I have healthy, but very sensitive teeth, and no veneers.

Minty Fresh
by Mary

I like this product because it actually has a taste, unlike most other whiteners, where the only thing you can taste is the peroxide.

by Krista

Go Smile lives up to its name- this product is great for when you are on the go because it is so fast and easy to use. This product specifically is go because it is really convenient for us coffee drinkers, and wine lovers. This product lives up to the hype.

Didn't like
by Julie

It made my teeth look worse then how they look before.

Whiten your teeth!
by maryam

I'm a big coffee drinker and as any coffee drinker knows - that habit has its bad effects! I find getting my teeth whitened at the dentist's office so often to not only be a hassle, but also quite expensive. But I love this product because it solves both of my problems. GoSmile Daily Vanity Teeth Whitening System is easy to find and really simple to use. You just have to apply one of the little sachets to your teeth everyday. I usually just apply it once very early every morning and I can notice the difference all day. It even keeps my breath fresh! While this product is a bit more expensive than the other teeth whitening systems on the market, the price is well worth the product. It is much cheaper than a dentist's visit and really does work! You'll notice a difference after just the first application!

by Tim

I have used GoSmile Daily Vanity for quite some time. I would say that it has worked wonders. After about a month of not brushing my teeth regularly, my teeth were appearing to get not so white. I asked my dentist about teeth whitening, and he suggested this product. I like pretty much everything about this product. My teeth are now very white, something I contribute mostly to this. It has lived up to the hype and does as advertised. I will continue to buy this product.

Great product, but way overpriced!
by okyots

This product works. If you want to whiten your smile, this will do the job. Unfortunately you'll have to shell out big bucks to do it. It does cost less than a professional whitening in your dentist's office though. Use daily and you'll see results in a few days. At least I did.

Go Smile, portable, easy to use, and works!
by ardena carter

Im a HUGE coffee drinker, and I smoke. I am so in love with this product, it goes everywhere I do, it's very easy to use, no gum irritation, and works! You see a difference after just one use!. My teeth look great, better than they have in years, and the price is right, too. It's much less expensive than going to have whitening done professionally in a dental office. Go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and repaired, but for whitening them..use this product at home..or at the office..or in a restaurant bathroom..5 stars to "Go Smile"..what a treasure!

Does Remove Stains
by L.A.M

My husband cannot do without his coffee, but his teeth were so yellow and nothing would get rid of the stains until I discovered GoSmile at the mall. I was given a sample and liked how easy it was to apply and pleasant smelling. I bought the Daily Vanity product for my husband and he has been using for the last 6 months. Wow, it really does remove the stains and keeps his breath fresh. The cool thing he likes about this product is how he can use it on the go and does not have to wear strips for it to work.

Go Smile
by Diana

I received a sample in the mail and decided to try it after a couple of weeks of it just lying in my medicine cabinet. Wow, I was amazed at how well that little sample worked, my teeth were whiter than had been in awhile as I'm a coffee and tea drinker. This little sample prompted me to go out and buy more. I'm really glad I finally decided to try this, only wish I'd done it sooner. My teeth are the whitest they've been in years. You can see results in just a couple applications.

Less gum irritation, easier to use, works well
by Noah H.

I really like this product for greater ease of application and the smaller amount of time it takes both to apply and to achieve good results. My best friend and I both decided to try it and since it's a little expensive we went in together on the cost. Having tried several other "at home" plastic tray type products that you leave in over night and gotten such varied results and a lot of gum inflammation, I felt this might be a less abrasive, less corrosive, and an easier and safer product. After trying it once, I got slightly better results than my friend, but both of us could tell right away that it did indeed work quite well. I have some crooked and overlapping incisors on the bottom and the product worked much better to remove tea and coffee stains than anything else I had tried. My friend, who had had some previous professional dental whitening done at his dentist's office, said that although not as dramatic results as those, he could still see quite a difference in the overall whiteness and shine of his teeth. We both liked how easy it was to adjust where and how much of the product was applied as we later tried it again, learning as we went along what worked best. Overall coverage was easier and the results would have to be considered much superior to other whitening or bleaching products currently on the market. Since my friend smokes, he particularly felt the product was super at removing tar and nicotine stains. My girlfriend decided to purchase her own to try and was really pleased, too, with the ability of the product to remove stains near the gum line without seeming to irritate the delicate gum tissue. I would have to rate the GoSMILE ampoule's five stars for it's better method of application, ease of use, time taken to achieve good results, overall whitening ability, and lack of inflammation of tongue or gums. VERY NICE AND EFFECTIVE.

Say Wow!!
by Tami

I have yellow/brown teeth from drinking coffee a lot and GoSmile works the best. I saw a big difference using this product. Very easy to use, tastes good, and breath smells good. Plus, you can take it while you're traveling. I give this GoSmile a 5. stars.

Love it
by ndy

This is very easy to use! I used Crest Whitening Strips and got a lot of gum irritation, so I decided to try something else. I bought this, tried it, and was impressed. It did not give me any irritation and the best part is that it is portable and so well packed that you can take it along with you anywhere you go.

Goes the extra mile
by Lana

I love this product. It has an interesting taste; kind of lemony but minty at the same time, and it makes your whole mouth and breath really fresh. It only gets four stars because of the price; but I do feel it has more whitening power at the same time. If there was a four and 1/2 star rating, I would give it that. It's a great product.

GoSmile Goes the Distance
by Roxane Martindale

Although I have not yet received the full kit, I did try free samples of this product for a 5 day period and I must say that I was so impressed with the results that I will continue to use this product indefinitely. I confess I have badly yellowed teeth, yet after just one use of the GoSmile product I saw a huge improvement in my tooth color.

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