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mom, wife, grandmother
by deborah cooper

doesnt work so good.... save your money

Works good for smokers
by AdoreTu

I smoke unfortunatly I can't seem to quit. I knowdice a difference from each use. Unfortunatly it is a little harsh on vaneers & only lasts a couple days w/o consistant use. It does seem to whiten faster than the whitening strips do. What I do is brush my teeth before & after w/sensodyne toothpaste. I use a needle after using it to get the deep grooves that the whitening doesn't get. It scratches out easy after, just becareful w/a small needle so close to your mouth. I think the product works great for quick whitening. You do not have to wait two weeks to see whiter teeth. I would not recomend using the product dailey but biweekly would be good. It is a little harsh for dailey usage. I do recomend the product. I actualy purchased it at the dollar store. So it is definatly worth the dollar! I wouldn't recomend paying more than $8 for it though.

by Seanwife

I brought this from the Dollar Store and it only can with a mouth piece and gel. I have beenusing it now for 3 days I see my teeth a little whiter, So I guess I got my dollars worth!

Not in 5 minutes
by Lauren Shaffer

This product does not work. I used it like the directions said and left it on for 5 minutes. I didn't see any results. So I left it on for another 5 minutes and my teeth were maybe half a shade whiter. I would have kept going but this stuff can really damage your teeth if left on to long. So all in all I would say not to waste the 5 dollars that I had to spend on it and get a more expensive kit.

Good stuff
by Kris

This is a great kit if you use it consistently. I drink a lot of coffee/tea and the shade guide really helped me show the difference, and to what I've been doing to my teeth.
If you have the time, it's worth it.

Don't bother with this one
by Ineffective product

My teeth were only mildly stained/darkened from coffee, iced tea, etc. and I only needed something to brighten them a little... This stuff did absolutely nothing but waste my money. It was inexpensive, so I guess you get what you pay for. (I went back to the more expensive Rembrandt 20-minute whitening gel system, which always gives me good results). I gave away the remainder of what was in the tube, and the person I gave it to told me they thought it was bad also, and it didn't do anything for them but waste their time, so they threw it out.

5 minute white whitens teeth FAST!!!!!!!
by it works!!!!

This product works well if you are willing to be consistent using it. I use it per the directions on a daily basis until I have achieved my desired whiteness then use it once a week for maintenance. It is easy to apply and fast! No bad taste. Just apply to mouthpieces, hop in the shower, and when you are done showering, your done whitening your teeth!

i workd for me
by paisley

I think this is the next best thing next to Crest Whitening Strips. I'm obssessd with my teeth looking good. and this really does the trick[seriously] and it's cheap. You can't beat that. I rate this 5 stars.

Bad,Stay far away
by Khayra

Note: My rating was not 1 it was to be negative but sadly the lowest you can rate is 1

Firstly reading this i see you guys brought it for way less than me i guess it cause you guys are maybe in america while i got for about 15$ roughtly or even more cant remeber in may kit all i got was the gel and tray and mouth wash NO information booklet ! Note my teeth arent yellow but there just were not the shade of white i wanted ! i started using right away it began to burn and my teeth become sensitive and my teeth have never been sensitive , I used it 3 times since i brought it and i went to sleep i woke up to see that my gums were having a white shade over it that looks like milk EWW ! , My gums feel as though they are bleeding and my teeth on the other hand just hurt ! I have never been so disappointed as i am , I have to come and see my dentist , Well see where it goes from there

by ahsan

It's a kit! And it only takes 5 minutes! For those on the go or who have busy schedules, this is definitely the product you need to try!

by alma

I loved the product. It was so easy to use. It is a little messy but worth it.

5 minute white
by carmanmm

I was a little surprised at the results. I just did not see any difference.

5 minute whitining
by april st.aoro

This product really made my teeth sensitve to cold and sweet, but did brighten my teeth some.

by Princess

Its a kit! And it only takes 5 minutes! For those on the go or have busy schedules, this is definitely the product you need to try!

didn't like...
by jennettes

I'm not sure if it works for other people, but I know I've used it and didn't notice any improvement. My teeth never changed shades and the whitening kits are a hassle to use.

This hurts !
by Carol

I actually think that this product may have whitened my teeth some, but it was not worth the sensitivity. Both on my teeth and gums.

by Patricia Earls

This product caused my teeth to become sensitive even though I followed the directions.

It really works!!
by tinkerbell

this stuff really does work. i really didn't have faith in it because it was cheap, but i tried it anyways. It started working immediately..... i think everyone should try it!

not up to mark
by sumathi

Yes I had some stains on my teeth but I don’t think that this product is that good. When my relative suggested me to use this product to remove the stains on my teeth , I used the product and completed one course as per the instructions given. But finally I did not feel it satisfactory to improve my teeth whiteness.

by G.R

This product was great!! It made my teeth a lot more white than they were. Not an over bright white, but natural. I am a smoker and needed something in my price range and have been using this for about 6 months. My spouse tried it but the product bothered him. He has sensitive teeth so I wouldn't recommend this to those people. I will buy it this product for as long as they make it!

Be careful of this
by HZhu

After I got my braces off I bought this product to whiten my teeth for a better smile. This product did help to whiten my teeth but at the expense of slightly damaging my teeth. This product is similar to putting a baking soda mixture on your teeth as it is quite abrasive. I felt aching in my gums and when I eat hard foods. Beware not to get it on your gums when you use it, contain it to your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth or are not careful, I would say away from this product.

Not Worth It!
by Kelly

This product does whiten your teeth....temporarily and at a high cost. It is painful! I've used many teeth whitening products before with minor sensitivity...but this one is incomparable. If any gets on your gums, forget it. It kills. It goes away after a few days, but it is just not worth it. I used it for only a few days because I couldn't deal with it anymore.

Whitens temporarily
by David

At first, the product worked great - my teeth were noticeably whiter in about a week. However, in around three months after, the coloration began coming back even though I brush twice daily and do not drink coffee/smoke/etc. I've tried other brands of tooth whitening as well, but I have yet to find one that leaves my teeth in a state in which I no longer need to use more whitening kits.

Natural White?
by Joseph Thomas

My sister used these. They say natural color but she looked so much whiter than normal. It was really weird looking. She wasn't happy. She also suffered from sensitive teeth. She got some on her gums and they started to burn like crazy! Nobody in my family will ever buy this brand again.

by Kas

This product hurt! I've only whitened my teeth once before and it was professionally and I did have some sensitivity BUT I couldn't use this product more than twice. My teeth were sensitive for almost a week after using this product. I think it is a case of you get what you pay for. Maybe if you don't ever have sensitive teeth, this product may work but beware, you may have to eat room temp. food for a few days!

Whitens but sensitizes
by Paul

I have to agree with the other reviewers. Basically, this will whiten your teeth noticeably and do it at a low price. But it's at the cost of sensitive teeth. The edges of my teeth started to ache, even when I wasn't eating hot or cold food. It went away a few days after I stopped using this so that's good. It's not very convenient with the trays and all. I'll get Crest strips next time.

Not too bad, not too good
by John

I was looking for something for whiter teeth and was attracted to this because of the price. It did turn my teeth significantly whiter, but like others, left my teeth feeling very sensitive, especially to cold (drinks, ice cream etc). It does what it's supposed to do, but does make teeth sensitive. Overall, good for the price.

Whiter but more sensitive teeth
by stella

This worked pretty well and was a nice price.

Only it left my teeth very sensitive for about a week and irritated my gums.

Has a few more steps then some of the other products that are available. But the price is right on this one!

Not Worth the Tme
by Kristie Wright

I tried this product due to the price and it's claim of being able to use on sensitive teeth. After the second use, my gums and teeth were very sensitive. I used it a few more times thinking my teeth would adjust to it. That didn't happen. I couldn't tell any difference in the whiteness of my teeth. It did not live up to it's promise. I will not buy this again or recommend it to anyone.

Would've been great if it worked!
by Stacy

Well when you buy a whitening product I assume you expect it to whiten! This product didn't work for me. I think I fell for the speed of this product and I followed all directions and was disappointed. I don't drink coffee nor smoke so my stains shouldn't have been difficult at all and I got nothing! I did end up with a few spots but I'd rather have slightly stained teeth than leopard teeth, I don't recommend this product. My mother has always told me to do things for yourself, so if you want to, try it, but beware...

by Jenn

I have read the other reviews, and I have had a different outcome then other people. This product has worked for me. I do leave it on for about 10 mins not 5, and the result is whiter teeth. For the price, it does a good enough job for me.

Not worth it
by TP

This product does not live up to its promises. I've tried many teeth whitening products and this was one of the worst.
Since I have sensitive gums, the product did irritate them a lot. I had a burning sensation for over 30 minutes, which was not enjoyable.
The results were minimal, if any at all. I think a whitening toothpaste would have been more effective than this.

Very Ineffective
by diane post

I have tried this product and have found that it does not deliver as promised, please also note that if you have gum sensitivity, please do not use this product. although it is not a true superior product, it has caused sensitivity at my gum line and did not promise to do as so described on pamphlet.
I have to say, save your money on this one.


I felt this product was a waste of money. It did not do anything to help my teeth. It was cheaply made and the tray and the product did not perform. It might have been cheaper than others out there, but spend the extra. This is a thumbs down!

Not worth it
by toddm

This product claims whiter teeth in 5 minutes. I can tell you my start to finish time was much longer that 5 minutes. Good luck trying to get this stuff off your teeth. I would not recommend.

not even worth the price
by Kennedee

I can honestly admit I tried the tooth whitening system because it was inexpensive compared to other systems. The mouth tray was joke, it did not fit properly and I gagged just trying not to swallow the gel. I used this product for 5 days and was disappointed in the results. My teeth were not whiter not even a shade whiter. This product was not even worth the price

Burn your mouth the Natural way
by S. Grevious

I purchased this accidentally. I was meaning to purchase the Natural White Pro Whitening System (which I love). I decided to give it a try anyway. I did not like it at all. It was very messy and it burned. I could not tell a significant difference in the color of my teeth. Do not make the mistake of purchasing this.

Better than some...worse than others
by Jen W.

After trying another whitening system that didn't work well at all, I tried this one. It worked pretty well for me. I got a few shades of difference. However, I already have pretty white teeth, so if you're dealing with more difficult stains, this might not be the product for you. I have, in the past, used other and more expensive products that worked much better. I think this might be a case of you get what you pay for.

11 bucks and 5 minutes later
by beckngar

When I tried this product, I wasn't expecting completely white in five minutes, but I did expect a slight bit whiter, and I was wrong. It was a complicated process, with an uncomfortable mouth tray. Since you can't swallow the gel, I had to stand over the sink and drool. The gel took forever to rinse off of my teeth, and after the process was finished, my teeth weren't whiter, and it felt like someone had taken sandpaper to my mouth.

Didn't work for me
by Jaime

I'm a huge coffee/tea/soda drinker, so my teeth were slightly discolored and I decided to try an at-home whitening kit. This is one of the first kits I tried, and it was also the worst. The tray was not meant to fit a human mouth and is extremely uncomfortable. Even when the tray stayed in position, the product itself was very weak and the results were not noticeable. I wouldn't recommend it.

works kinda
by Laura H.

I have used this product in the past and its price is reasonable. At first I used the product according to directions, I also had problems with the tray which didn't fit my mouth. So I started to just use it after brushing my teeth I used it again to brush my teeth and there was some difference in the whiteness of my teeth. Even if I ended up using it differently I guess for the price it is still OK.

Shiny for now.
by JJ

I bought this because I wanted to have my teeth bleached at the dentist's office. The $10.89 of whatever I paid for it sounded a lot better to me than the figures the dentist gave me. I tried it and yeah, it works for a minute or so. If you drink tea or coffee, then they are just back to the way they were. So don't waste your money on this.

Waste of money
by Milf

I wanted to whiten my teeth without spending a lot to do so. This product was a good price so I gave it a shot. The tray didn't fit in my mouth right and I found it to be uncomfortable. I double checked the directions to make sure I was using it correctly and I was. If that wasn't bad enough, I didn't notice any difference in the color of my teeth. I ended up returning this and spending more money on a better kit.

Bad product
by Tom

I should have remembered the old adage, "if it seems too good to be true, it is," before I bought this kit. The price and time for application seemed unbeatable until I tried the product. The mouth piece did not fit my mouth and was rather uncomfortable, and my teeth did not change a noticeable hue. Don't waste your money on this product.

Save your money!
by Angela

My husband and I both drink a lot of tea and coffee and had been wanting to try a tooth whitening system for some time. Several kits are quite pricey, so when we saw the reasonable price for this kit, we were excited to try it. We should have saved our money and put it toward a better kit. The tooth tray's one-size-fit-all concept is not at all comfortable, and it really rubs on your gums, making them very uncomfortable. The gel made us both drool terribly, and even though we religiously followed the directions the the letter, we saw absolutely no change in tooth color at all. Save your money and buy a good kit!

5-Minute Tooth Whitening System
by Rashmi R

With all the tea, coffee and soda’s that my husband drinks his teeth had become pretty yellowish and he was also feeling quite embarrassed about it. So we tried 5-Minute Tooth Whitening System and it was not that great. It did not work as expected. Besides, the mouth tray is horrible. It did not fit well and was frustrating. It definitely takes more than 5 minutes plus we learned that cheap is not best. It’s just a waste of money. Do not go by its name. I wouldn’t recommend this to others.

Waste of Money!
by Ellisha

I didn't think this worked as well as other teeth whitening systems. I didn't like the tray because it didn't fit very well in my mouth and made me drool! I didn't see much improvement in the shade of my teeth either. I was let down by this product.

waste of money
by trisha

I bought this because it was inexpensive but also because it was for sensitive teeth. Well, like other readers mentioned the tray was uncomfortable unless you had a mouth the size of a horse. The product didn't make any difference in my teeth at all. A complete waste of time and money.

Tooth UnWhitening
by vmvdmd

This kit claims that there is new 5 minute technology that guarantees tooth whitening. This just isn't the case. The system is not effective as I don't believe that the accelerator is effective as carbamine peroxide is and therefore, results are not good. In addition, the poorly fitting duplex mouth tray is uncomfortable at best. There is no customization to it. Don't waste your time or money on this sub par whitening system.

Not worth it...
by allismom

I tried this because the price was so reasonable. Well, there is a reason. I used it just as the directions said, and was very disappointed. I was not surprised my husband did not notice a difference since I could not tell a difference myself. Save your money and put it toward a better product.

not worth it
by holly wilson

This product didn't give me the results I had hoped for. I barely noticed any change after using this product for a while. The mouthpiece it gives you doesn't fit into your mouth right and makes it a little painful to wear. Afterwards, it leaves this awful film across your teeth, in which the only way to get rid of it is to brush it off. I wont ever waste money on this product again.

Not worthwhile
by Barb Braunschweig

I tried this because I thought it would be fast and effective. I was very disappointed. It was difficult and uncomfortable to use and I didn't see the results that I was looking for. I won't purchase it again.

Too much hassle
by Brenda

I can't review this product's effectiveness in whitening because I never got that far. The "duplex" mouth tray is horrendously uncomfortable. I have a pretty small mouth, but this tray would have been enormous for anyone to try to hold on their teeth. As another reviewer said, the product dries in a bizarre tacky way, almost like cement. It is almost guaranteed to trigger a gag reflex.
I do keep the gel around, and have tried applying it directly to my teeth with a Q-Tip, but haven't gotten any good results that way. This one is a no-go.

Pro Pro-White
by Beth Kerkove

This product was GREAT for a quick whitening touch up! I had a big event coming up and I used it for a a week and a half. My teeth looked really good. My smile was gleaming.

5 minute waste of Time
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

Nothing against the good ol' $1 stores, they come in handy, but the fact I actually found this kit in there probably wasn't a good sign. However, I found great things there before, including one of my favorite vitamins.

I have it setting next to me now. It says Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System, except it only contains the tray and the whitening gel. So, in all fairness, keep that in mind that I didn't try their accelerator or toothpaste. (The shade guide and leaflet wouldn't affect results.)

I left the gel on for 20 minutes rather than 5, looked in mirror and did double and triple takes... "IS that a difference or not? hmmm. If it is, I can't really tell much if at all.

I used it on some other occasions and also noted that it dries in a strange, thick, tacky way in my mouth that feels quite disgusting, unlike any other whitener I have ever tried. I have to rinse my mouth extra thoroughly to get the residue out. I don't like that characteristic.

Also it has a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. I can't wait to brush my teeth to get my fresh, minty, sweet breath back afterwards.

I am GLAD I found it to try at the $1 store. I wouldn't have wanted to spend more than that on it, nor will I spend even that much on it again. I would rather spend just a bit more for a product I like much better with much better results!

2 Customer Opinions

It works
by M

I just started using this product today and my teeth are looking whiter already...It does burn a little but the same feel that regular tooth paste gives off.

Don't waste your money
by S

I've tried many whitening products and this was one of the worst. Even the Rembrandt whitening mouthwash worked better. It seems with whiteners, if you want a good one that will give you a nice whitening that lasts, spend the extra money.