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Best Toothpaste Around
by Robin

I love this doesn't foam up like the store stuff and it has NO flouride, so it is safe...I have used it 3 years straight and not a single cavity! It has super ingredients.

Not crazy about it
by Nathan

I only used this product a few times. I used it because it was more of a natural approach and does not have fluoride in it. I did not care for the way my mouth felt after using it. The aftertaste was also pretty bad. Anyway, I moved on to a different toothpaste after only a few days.

Brighter Days are here!
by Dorothy

I love this product! I was having some allergic reactions to "mainstream" toothpaste brands and a friend recommended this. It's not harsh like other toothpaste brands containing fluoride, the taste is pleasant and makes it easier to brush for the recommended am out of time. You will see teeth whitening results! After a month of use my teeth are at least 2 shades whiter.

Good value
by Anastasia

I liked this toothpaste. It tastes great and the taste lasts very long. After brushing there's nice clean feeleng in the mouth. To get a real whitening results you have to use it for a while.

A toothpaste that works
by Melissa

This toothpaste is unlike any other I should say. I figured for its price it should be good, and I was right. Its really works. I mean, don't expect results the next day--it takes while. I have used it for about 2 months now, and I started seeing results 3 weeks after I started using it. It naturally brightens your teeth and you don't have to spend $400 going to the dentist to whiten them so its worth it.

Nice Toothpaste
by Lolly

I bought this Product one month back, and am really impressed with this toothpaste. It has a great mint flavor which lasts for at least 3 hrs after brushing your teeth.
The best part is that it removes the stains without removing the enamel. I have used several toothpastes in the past, but they caused enough damage to my enamel.
I will say it is definitely worth trying this product.

Brush up
by Brian

Since I have a chipped front tooth (since repaired) that tends to eventually partially discolor, I went looking for a paste that would keep its color in line with my other front teeth. While I was prepared to go with an artificial solution, I was delighted to find that this natural formulation, used twice a day, does the job. The mint flavor of this paste seems a little odd at first, particularly if you’re coming from mainstream pastes, but you soon don’t even notice it.

Not worth the price
by pat

While the mint tasted nice in my mouth it did nothing for whitening my teeth. In fact for the price of it I got the same results with the regular whitening toothpastes for half the price. None of those whitened my teeth either so I will stick with my regular brand of Crest. Plus I didn't like the way if felt in my mouth, like brushing my teeth with sand.

good for children
by Kennedee

I have been searching for a whitening toothpaste for my children and decided to try Sunshine Brite toothpaste. It has a great minty taste and has no fluoride. My children ages 10 and 11 liked the minty toothpaste just fine; however, I did not notice a difference in the whitening of their teeth. My husband noticed a difference and had favorable comments.

A natural alternative for healthier gums and whiter teeth
by Jenny

This toothpaste works well for my family and the all natural ingredients are much healthier for the gum tissue, which often become sore from peroxide and other harsh chemicals in traditional tooth pastes. The silica provides a nice scrubbing property to remove debris and tarter and the sodium bicarbonate provides natural stain reducing whitening for the teeth and freshening for the breath. Aloe vera and green tea are both good for the gum tissue as well, and the lack of fluoride makes this a safer alternative to most tooth care products, particularly for families with small children. Leaves behind a nice minty tingle without even having to use mouthwash after brushing.

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste....
by vmvdmd

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste seems to dispense without problem, I was initially attracted to this product due to the all natural nature of the toothpaste. The mint taste is enjoyable. The consistency of the product is a bit gritty to me and I worry that it may be harsh if scrubbed into my teeth on a long term bases. I didn't notice the whitening effects as claimed and I think that the ADA does not approve of this product. So, for the price, I am going to stick with Colgate Whitening effects.

Sunshine Brite
by cheryl

This toothpaste has a good taste and freshened my breath, but as far as whitening my teeth, it did no better than a normal whitening toothpaste. You would expect a better result for the price.

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste
by Albert

On my recent trip to the dentist, I was being scolded because I wasn't brushing my teeth right or flossing. So I went out and found this product and it has done me wonders. My dentist was surprised to see the improvement in my gums and whitenting in my teeth. I told him about this toothpaste. He was shocked to see a product such as this and now recommends it to some of his patients.

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste
by v

This Sunshine Brite toothpaste... while being all natural and relatively tasty, didn't whiten my teeth any more than a regular 'whitening' toothpaste would. Over 3 weeks, there was a slight noticeable difference, but nothing major that other people would notice while looking at my smile. All and all, it's an average toothpaste that is rather overpriced.

by Chrislyn

This all natural toothpaste helped to whiten my teeth and did wonders for my sensitive gums. It made my gums healthier. You would think that since it is made from herbs that it wouldn't taste good, but it does.

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