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by Herbert M

Pro White is a scam. Paid $49.95 for 35% strength gel and it didn't do anything. They evebn advertised a 30% rebate for return customers and didn't honor it. Tried it twice now and the results suck compared to others on the market. They tease you with their pricing...don't be fooled

Nope...stay away...they do not honor what they say
by Matti

This company attracts people due to pricing. I do not have dental insurance, so naturally this seemed like a great fit. The guard does not even fit the mold let alone my mouth! Promises to send new kit and do new one have not been honored. They also state buy one get one free, but they do not tell you that you will get a day guard and not a night guard. Be happy within 30 days or get your cc to block payment.

Pro White OR ProWhite Teeth- 2 different companies
by Lindsey Tem

I bought from Pro White Teeth (dot) com, not Pro White. I am not sure which company people are talking about here but... I was suprised at the results because I was skeptical but there was a guarantee so I gave it a go. You get a kit and take these impressions of your teeth to send in. Then you get back trays that fit your teeth exactly. I couldn't get these a couple years back at the dentist because it was too expensive. The gel is very effective. It bubbles which I think shows it works. It worked for me in a couple days and i liked the custom trays much more than the boiling trays that you use when you wait. the gel doesn't stay on as good.

by DR Michael Miller

First i have tried other products and was never happy,then i researched and found this company has there own dental lab,well the proof was my teeth looked 7 shades whiter in less then 7 days,dont let others get you with there watered down version,This is the best product on the market hands down.

Waste of money
by Pattie

My youngest brother has coffee stained teeth and was told by his dentist to buy Pro White. He figured it would last a long time, so he thought the price would be worth it. He was wrong. Not only did he have a hard time understanding the directions, the results were nowhere near what he thought they would be. He actually sent the unused portion back to the company and got no response from them.

It kind of worked
by M B

My sister tried this product because her dentist recommended it. She said she used it according to instructions, which she said were complicated. However complicated, it did whiten her teeth somewhat. I thought it whitened them about two shades. My sister thinks that they were even whiter. After six months however, her teeth are starting to darken again. Her dentist did tell her that nothing, even the expensive treatments in office, would whiten permanently. All in all, she was happy with the outcome.

don't let the price fool you
by Ashley

I found this kit at my local drug store and was thinking that such a hefty price would come with great results. I was wrong. Not only is this product incredibly complicated compared to more well known tooth whitening kits, it doesn't work for anything. I used this kit for about two weeks just as the directions recommended, and nothing. No results. My teeth were exactly the same. I am very upset that I wasted 100 dollars on this crap. I would stick to the name brands if you want result. It seems they always get better reviews.

Too much time wasted
by Timon Tran

After trying for a whole week, Pro White fails to meet expectations of being able to show any signs of teeth whitening. The application is complicated with the syringes for the molds, and the formula seems to leave this super bitter taste that doesn't go away easily. This product is not worth it's cost. Save yourself some time, and invest in another product.

They want your green not your teeth to be white.
by pianogoosie

I have come to believe that the only real teeth whitener is brushing your teeth vigilantly. This is just an enormous waste of time and money. It does absolutely nothing to your teeth. I would not recommend this product. I definitely won't buy it again.

Not impressed
by Kristy Blume

When I first saw the price, I was skeptical but I was thinking that for $100 it would be worth it. I was so wrong. It took forever and it did not even work. I was so angry. I even did it for longer than the directions stated and I got nothing out of it really. It helped half of my front teeth. Not the whole tooth itself but half of it.

Not worth the Money

I did not want to spend $300 at the dentist just to whiten my teeth. I saw the Pro White on the shelf during a shopping trip so I thought to give it a try. The kit is good for about 2 months (once application every week). First, I did not notice any change. After 4 weeks, the end of the kit, I finally see a result. However, the result was poor. It was only one-fourth the result if I went to the dentist. I would not try it again.

more money doesn't equal better
by Dawn

I believe you get what you pay for, so I opted to try this very expensive treatment. Boy was I wrong. It was a pain to apply, very uncomfortable and didn't work as advertised. I would not buy this if I were you.

Too much $$
by Tami

This is the worst whitening kit I've tried. It works good on some parts, but not as well. Plus, it takes too much of my time so I have found another product that works better than this. I will not buy this product again.

Too much money
by Phil Young

The pro white teeth whitening system is the most expensive do it yourself whitening system. It cost a hundred dollars and crest whitening strips cost a third of that and work five times better. I would never buy this product again

Expensive $$$$
by dee

This product has an over sized tray for my mouth size, stingy gel that really hurt my teeth, and packs a price tag of well over $100. I do not recommend as I would never use again.

by Dav926

I brought this system thinking that I don't need to go to my dentist to get my teeth whitening for $250. This system really works, but it took a long time. It works great, but you can find a cheaper solution. I would not buy this product again unless they lowered the price.

Messy and Uncomfortable
by wendy c.

This was the worst whitening kit I have ever used for my teeth. The trays were too big for my mouth, and the stuff you filled them with leaked out and was uncomfortable to sit there with. I couldn't even leave these on my teeth for the recommended time for whitening. They didn't really whiten all that much either- probably because all the gel was all over my mouth instead of sticking to my teeth. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Complicated, avg. results
by Angie

This is the most cumbersome system I have tried. Results were fair, but for the cost and time spent on it, it was hard to see much of a difference. I don't smoke, drink a little coffee, and I hoped to see dramatic changes within a few weeks. Didn't work well for me.

No, no, no.
by Francesca Muir

Expensive, complicated, uncomfortable...this product packs a triple whammy. My teeth looked a bit brighter, but certainly not $100 worth!

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