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by rhonda

I think all these products are a joke, if you want your teeth whiter go to a dentist and have them painted.

by Leslie

I use to get so many compliments on how white my teeth were with this stuff now I can't find it anywhere, so bummed.

by Tammy

There's only one problem with this product... I CAN NO LONGER FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!
It works better than anything I have ever used. Last week my mother asked me why my teeth weren't as white as usual. I told her I couldn't find this toothpaste anymore.
If you can find it, buy it!!

mrs lou
by leslie

I love this stuff, I wish I could still find it. Does anyone know where I can find this stuff? I use to get so many compliments on how white my teeth are this is the best product ever.



Rembrandt Whitening
by Kris

For the time required to do this program, I felt the results were less than "dazzling."

by Frank

This product doesnot work (It's a SCAM). This "dazzle White" and "Easy White" are the same company that try to rip you off. Read the fine print. "IF YOU DON'T CANCEL and RETURN the UNUSED portion within 10-14 days" you will be automatically charged $50.76 +S&H of the trial one and the next one before you KNOW it. Your card will be charged $101.52+S&H.

If you also order "EASY WHITE" with this as those people recommended, you then will be charged ~$86($79+6.99 S&H) if you don't cancel before 14 days when they shipped. If you cancel late, then they will continue to bill $86 every month.

Dazzling White
by ahsan

This product worked a little. It did not work for me as well as some of the other products out there. I prefer the strips. All in all, it worked fine.

consumer reviewer
by Lynn Solberg

I love Rembrandt Dazzling White! I've used Rembrandt toothpaste for years and the first time that I used the Dazzling White Mint kit, I loved the was it tasted, and I was very impressed by how white it left my teeth. Even years of coffee stains were gone! I will definitely use it again in about 6 months..

by K C

It works great! Did make my gums hurt a little but over all it brightened my severely coffee/smoke stained teeth very nicely.

by Jessie

Not half as simple as Crest White Strips. Takes too long, and doesn't work all that well.

Dazzling White
by Lyn

This producted work a little. It did not work for me as well as some of the other products out there. I prefer the strips. All in all, it worked fine.

rembrandt dazziling white
by april st.aoro

This stuff works okay, but is time consuming. I like the strips that you can do things at the same time much better, so I would give it a four for results, but a one for convenience.

by Princess

Another great product! Comparable to the other companies out there. With a mint taste, thats always a plus!

by sheree

Better than most over the counter whitening products Don't stop maintaining white teeth.

Nope on this one too
by Carol

No, no , no. Way too expensive, too many steps, too much time involved and it didn't work at all. I am still looking!

Rembrandt whitening
by alice

I liked this product a lot. My teeth were a little sensitive after using it, but it really whitened quickly. as a smoker/coffee drinker thats a tough job...

not so good
by carmanmm

Maybe 1 shade whiter and try something else with your money.

Dazzling White bleaching toothpaste
by JB

I love this product! There are no multiple "steps" as I read in the other reviews. I drink a lot of tea and chocolate soy milk and my teeth are always yellow/discolored from drinking them. I use this product and my teeth are always back to white in a couple of days.

Rembrandt Dazzling White
by Laura Bailey

I was not happy with product. Too many steps, takes too long and I really did not see any results. The product is also expensive which makes not noticing any difference even more difficult to accept. I did not like the taste of the product either.

Not another product!
by JoDean Roberts

No. Too many steps and too many products. it only gets a single star for those reasons. You can buy a regular whitening toothpaste and visit your dentist every 6 months and get better results! The mint taste however, was nice.

Stay Away
by toddm

This product was a nightmare for me. Not only did it taste horrible, it also made my teeth sensitive to the point I could not drink anything cold for a week. Besides that not difference in my teeth's whiteness.

Works Over Time, Too Complicated
by Kevin Lumpkin

If you're looking for an instant fix, I wouldn't recommend this product. Then again, I don't think that anything other than a professional whitening will turn your teeth around in anything less than a month.

This system is a bit complicated - a lot more so than other products, but it does work over a long period of time. All in all, I'd say that it's not worth all of the little pieces it's broken down into. I'd suggest that you find a simple system that just slips onto your teeth, and that you hold there for a given number of minutes.

okay for the price
by Kennedee

I have tried several teeth whitening products in the last year and decided to give this a try. It was inexpensive. It took a full two weeks before I noticed a difference in my teeth. It left my teeth sensitive to cold for a few days. I would say the product was okay for the price. It did whiten my teeth by a couples shades.

Pretty decent.
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I noticed my teeth getting whiter with this product. But, it is very tedious and gets messy a bit. It's not very convenient as the strips, but it does its job. Also, it tastes very intense if it gets on your tongue! I thought it was burning. It's a good price. I would rather stick with the Crest whitening strips.

A fake!
by Mike Huang

This teeth whitening product is a fake. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you have the money to spend. I used this for one month and noticed no change at all, and it actually made my mouth very dry.

Teeth Whitener or Lightener?
by Christi

I wanted what a nice bright white smile for an upcoming event so I thought I would try a home whitening kit since I couldn't really afford a trip to the dentist. Since I wanted a great smile I decided to pay for one of the more expensive kits because I wanted to make sure I got a product that worked. Rembrandt has a good reputation so I thought I would give it try. I was little disappointed in the results. My teeth were whiter but I was expecting them to be significantly whiter and they weren't. It took several applications to get positive results I did get. I probably wouldn't have tried this product if someone had told me how bad it tasted! Even though it was nasty tasting I wasn't going to waste the money I had spent on it and it was working to some degree. I recommend trying a different brand like Crest that doesn't have a bad flavor but does have positive results.

Not for me
by ydalia

I tried this product awhile ago and was not pleased. This product had an unpleasant taste and made my teeth a bit sensitive. In addition, I did not see any real results in the whitening effect. It certainly was not for me.

Better options available
by Andrew

The Crest Whitestrips definitely work better than this product. The only reason to go this route is the price, but you are probably better off buying a good whitening toothpaste for less.

Pretty Good
by mommyof2

I thought my teeth were a few shades lighter after using this. I did not care for the strange taste of the product when using it, but I figure that is typical for a teeth whitening product. I think Crest White Strips might whiten the teeth more, but this was a little cheaper so I bought it. Overall I thought it was pretty good.

Nothing Special
by stay myers

I wasn't very impressed with this product, especially considering the price I paid for it. I always liked Rembrandt toothpaste, but this stuff had a really funky taste, and I really did not notice any changes in the whiteness of my teeth, definitely not after two weeks, and not even after three weeks.

Price doesn't equal quality
by Cydney

I bought this at the beginning of December hoping my teeth would look good for all the holiday pictures. It is a little pricey which I thought meant it would work good. But after more than two weeks I didn't see much of a difference in the shade of my teeth.

Don't waste your time and money
by Jill S.

I tried dazzling White Mint and was hoping for better results. I didn't see any real results after I was done with the treatments. Unlike other products I've tried, this called for a twice a day treatment. The product's taste was not as pleasant as I had anticipated. The cost wasn't too bad, but with little results it was a waste of money.

Dazzling White Mint
by Emily K.

I found this product to have a less-than-pleasant taste. The consistency was also different than other products I have tried; this was actually a bit gooey. Whitening results were not noticeable.

Works pretty well
by herm

This is not the best whitener I have used but it was one of the easiest to use and the results were pretty good. It has a weird taste that I had to get used to also.


I purchased this product on sale and thought I'd give it a shot. Boy, was I disappointed! I barely noticed any kind of change in the whiteness of my teeth, after using it for the full recommended amount of time. I also thought the taste was rather gross. I would not recommend this product to anyone. If you are looking for a great teeth whitening treatment, try the Crest White Strips. I've had much luck with those.

Ruins your teeth
by Terasa

This product is such a waste of money. It doesn't whiten your teeth or help at all. I used it and it just made my teeth sore. My teeth were sore for a long time and I had to switch to a sensitive toothpaste. It is a terrible product.

Slightly Whiter but Nothing Impressive
by Ben

Found these on sale so figured I would try them out. At first I couldn't handle the taste but after about a week it wasn't so bad. Took over two weeks to even notice any change at all and when I finally gave up on the product the change in my teeth was only slight. Try another product first.

I didn't like it
by may

I was not happy with this product at all. I used it just like the directions said. I even took pictures of my teeth and everything so I can see the difference in two weeks. Well to my dismay, I took the pictures two weeks later and compared them, no change at all! I was so mad I think that I flushed 12 dollars down the toilet. These are not worth it. Don't use them.

Didn't work
by ljmc

I used this product regularly and I did not notice any difference. I did notice that my teeth became extremely sensitive. So much so that I had to go see the dentist and required a special toothpaste to help with the sensitivity. I would not recommend this product at all. Instead of sparkling white teeth, I ended up with extremely painful ones.

Waste of money
by Karen

This product did nothing to whiten my teeth. Just a wast of money, although there are no miracles out there - better products are on the market.

by sherry

I'm sorry to say that this product was a disappointment. It tasted so bad and it did not whiten anything. I even used it with Oral-b Rembrandt whitening products like they recommended, and nothing happened, at least not that I could see in the mirror. Rembrandt is usually a good brand, but this particular product from this brand just did not deliver on its promise.

Great expectation, Lousy Results
by Trisha

This product doesn't work as claimed. This was the biggest waste of money ever. I usually find it hard to justify anything over 4.00 for toothpaste, but seeing as how it was cheaper than a trip to dentist office for a whitening I gave it a try. Results are extremely slow, taste is foul, and just plain not worth the effort. I suppose if you used this product in conjunction with giving up every tooth staining food and beverage out there you might see better results but who wants to do that. This is a no go in my books.

Dazzling White works
by kvantol

I experienced some tooth sensitivity with this product, but much less than Crest Whitestrips. Read the other reviews - sensitivity will vary from person to person. I like this product better than strips because it covers more teeth. No, it does not cover all of them - you would have to get Zoom treatment from your dentist or some other full treatment. However, this kit is fast and cheap. I noticed a difference in tooth color after using it twice in two weeks. So, you may need to buy multiple kits for more effect. Also, avoid getting it on your gums and rinse thoroughly after use. I burned my lower gumline a little the first time because I didn't wash it out well enough.

by Roberta

I was disapointed in this product. I used it faithfully for two weeks and didn't notice any difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I did not care for the taste at all.

by Stacy

I used this product, and not only did it not work, but it hurt my teeth. I saw no change in my teeth coloration whatsoever. If you are going to spend that amount of money, save it for Crest White Strips as those are the best. Don't throw away your money on these...

Go to Your Dentist Instead!
by leslie

I had high hopes for this product. I bought some at my local drugstore and opened the package so excited to see dazzling results that never happened. It was hard to apply, smelled horrible, and didn't give me the results I expected from Rembrandt. Don't waste your money--go to your dentist if you want a good tooth whitening.

Can barely notice any difference
by TC

My little sister has braces and after the dentist removed them, there were noticeable marks on some of her teeth. I bought this whitening kit for us to try, and what a disappointment that is for both of us! Not only does the paste taste very gummy and yucky, there is a very sticky feeling after putting it on. Neither of us saw any difference even after using up the entire package. What a waste of money.

Not a good value
by Ted

This product is useful only, and ONLY, if Crest Whitestrips are not available anywhere in your town! It takes a very long time, minimum two weeks, to notice any minor change to your teeth. After that, don't get too excited because the change barely continues and doesn't last long at all. A 75% markdown on this product would be a good idea...

Does not work

I paid $30 for this product. It tastes nasty and does not work. I used it as directed, and my teeth got lighter in 2 weeks. After that, they didn't change at all. Not only that, after I stopped using it, my teeth were discolored (it doesn't whiten uniformly). If you buy this, you MUST use it for life. Otherwise, your teeth will look funny. I had to pay $800 and get my teeth whitened just to make them look normal again. Do not get this.

Not so Dazzling
by Jolene

I personally did not like these. After 2 weeks, my smile wasn't much different. I switched to a different system and noticed a big difference. I can't recommend this product.

So so results
by John H

I used these before I tried Crest Whitestrips. Needless to say I will stick with the Whitestrips from now on. These did not get my teeth anywhere as clean as the Whitestrips. No, I am not affiliated with Crest. Ha ha.

by Jessica

I've been around the aisles a few times as far as teeth whitening goes, lol. As I have a few discolorations in my smile, I have been looking for a sensibly priced cure for some time. I ran into this little number while grocery shopping at my favorite mart and decided to give this a try, thinking I've already tried everything. But this is grand. I've always loved Rembrandt toothpaste, so this was a delicious treat. My teeth brightened and my smile was looking better and better with each use. Definitely recommended for people about to give up finding a whitener that works.

I've had Better!
by Ellisha

This whitening system works but I like other ones better. I got results but not as fast as I would have liked to. Also I didnt think this product left my teeth as white as other whitening systems do. I also was not very fond of the taste!

Great Product!
by Lana

WAY better than regular tooth whiteners (of which I have just about tried them all)! The only thing I do to cause stained teeth is drink a lot of coffee, so I don't know how well it works for tobacco stains, etc. But, for me it works awesome! Very noticeable whitening and REALLY fresh breath that lasts longer. Not gritty at all and I didn't have any tooth/gum sensitivity. Too bad it is so expensive, though (that's the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars).

Dazzling White Mint
by Sandra B

Product does lighten teeth but not a noticeable white. Teeth sensitivity was an issue and the taste was not very pleasant. Would not highly recommend. However, the cost is on the plus side.

This is great.,.
by Richard

I tried this and the Crest whitestrips and this is cheaper, plus it works 100% better than the Crest whitestrips. I saw a change in the color of my teeth after 4 days.

So So
by Blueberry

I tried almost every single whitening solution available in the market and finally got this in the hope that it would make a difference. But, unfortunately it didn't help a lot. But, I must say that it did make my teeth look brighter than before but not totally. So, I've basically stopped buying these kits.

Hard to use, but great results.
by K. McIntosh

I have used other whiteners in the past that were easier to apply, but this system gave me better results. It took about 2 applications for me to be able to apply it easily, but the results were well worth the difficulty in applying. My kids even noticed the difference in the brightness of my teeth. I will use this product again.

Dazzling Teeth!
by Mariette

I LOVE this product and have used it a few times (I'm a coffee addict!!) The tray was slightly uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn't deal with. In the end, the results were wonderful! I constantly received comments from friends, family and even people that I work with! My teeth were a little sensitive after using the product; but, tooth sensitivity is something to be expecting when using a whitening agent.

by fmodi

This whitener is great... it feels better than Crest and has a longer lasting effect. It's cheap too! A little goes a long way, so don't go overboard with it. Have fun.

Dazzling it up with Rembrandt!
by Lana

As someone who has yellowish teeth, naturally, I was ecstatic to find this product. The price was reasonable at about $11.00 and its claims to maintain and increase whiteness seemed very impressive. The package came with five tubes and each tube was supposed to last for the duration of one week. I read the directions carefully and gave this product my full attention. Unfortunately, my results were not impressive. I noticed a slight whitening effect on my teeth, but not to the point where anyone else who wasn't staring at my teeth 10 times a day like me would notice. My greatest concern with this product was the fact that it increased my gum sensitivity to the point where regular brushing and flossing became painful. Overall, the level of whitening did not seem to compensate for the negative effects associated with its use. I would not recommend this product for those consumers with sensitive skin. However, those consumers that are looking for a slight color change with non-sensitive gums could consider trying this product as the price is very reasonable.

Not that great
by NTReviewer

I've tried other teeth whitening products and I have to say that there are others that are better. This application process was cumbersome and the results were very gradual.

by Noah Bratvold

My younger sister bought this to use to whiten her teeth, and she used it once or twice but couldn't stand the taste, she said it was unbearable, she is usually dramatic but I quickly recommended the Crest Whitening Strips.

I am kinda smiling!
by Jessica D

As for on the go part, yes it is to carry the tube. It is not as good as Crest Whitening products, but it does it's job. The taste I could do without. And for some reason, it will cause you to have excess saliva. Go figure?

Space Your Whitenings Out
by Annalisa

I used this whitening kit and really liked it. I could see a noticeable difference in my teeth shade after only 2 uses. However, if you have naturally sensitive teeth, your teeth will be REALLY sensitive if you use this every day for say a week. My suggestion is to use it only every couple of days to let your teeth adjust. This way the sensitivity will be lessened.

by Melissa

This really worked. I used it every day and I could tell the difference by the end of the second week. My teeth weren't bright white but they did lighten up.

Not so easy
by Jessica

I was very disappointed with this product. It tasted pretty bad, the application wasn't as easy as the directions made it out to be, and it didn't whiten like I had hoped it would. I wouldn't use this again.

No Dazzle on the Dazzling White Mint
by Christy R.

I used this product consistently for about a week or so according to the directions and I noticed absolutely no noticeable change in the color of my teeth at all. In addition, it did make my teeth a bit sensitive, although not as much as dental whitening systems or white strips. However, because it did not work effectively, it didn't matter that it had no negative side effects because it simply did nothing at all. I found it to be a waste of money and would not advise anyone to purchase this item.

Not so good
by Aubre Rice

I followed the directions for this product and didn't see any substantial change in my teeth color. I didn't notice too much teeth sensitivity or gum issues as I did with other products. For the cost, the results were disappointing.

Does work but hard to apply
by vmvdmd

I thought that this system did a good job with whitening my teeth although I thought that the taste was very bad and the application process was difficult. The individual tubes are a plus and easy to put into your purse, suitcase to bleach away from home. I would recommend the product.

by lala5

I noticed my teeth getting a bit whiter, but not as much of a difference as when I used other brands, such as the Crest White strips. I do have to say that both kits caused minor sensitivity to cold and hot food.

by holly wilson

This product works great after a couple of uses. It's easy to use, and its a fair price for this. It doesn't taste all that well, but that is something that can be overlooked when you see the results of this. I will keep using this product.

Works well - horrible to use
by restonapt

While this product does whiten teeth as promised a gives you a dazzling smile I would not really recommend it as the goop tastes awful and is very difficult to keep in your mouth since it tastes foul. I prefer to go with the strips...

Great Product
by Angee705

This product worked great for whitening my teeth. The only downfall is that the taste is not minty. In fact, it tastes horrible. I assume that this is one of the sacrifices for wanting a beautiful smile. Despite the taste, I recommend trying it because it does as promise.

Whitening, but not a great taste
by L. S.

These do provide some noticeable whitening if you use them regularly for a while, but they really taste terrible. I do like all of the small tubes, as it takes up less counter space in the bathroom, and they are even kind of cute. The taste still needs to be improved. I would recommend these for whitening, and they do not cause tooth sensitivity later.

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dazzling white mint
by donna albright

My family loves this product. Our teeth have never looked this white, and the clean finish it gives you on your teeth. Y ou can rb your tongue across your teeth and just feel the great job it does.