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Great Product
by angelic

I have been using Super Smile for a month and am amazed at the results! It took off previous nicotine stains and coffee stains and really brightens your teeth up. Very simple to use, much easier than dental trays or whitening strips. I will never be caught without Super Smile!

Really Amazing!
by Deborah

I tried this product because I needed a little "touch up" between the whitening trays I get from my dentist. I can hardly believe the results! I drink coffee, tea and red wine, and my teeth were looking yellow even after using the trays. Now, I'm not sure I'm even going to bother with trays or strips anymore. My teeth are so white, I don't even need to use the Super Smile every day -- just three or four days a week seems to work fine for me. In addition to making your teeth dazzling white, the system makes them feel clean like they do after a dentist visit. The price seemed a little steep to me when I started, but it's worth every penny -- especially when you consider what you'd pay for professional whitening, or even strips, trays, or other "do-it-yourself" systems available. I will continue to use this product, and would recommend it to anyone who wants whiter teeth without having to sit with goo in their mouths!

Time saving
by Cecilia

I heard many celebrities use this product to keep their pearly whites super white! I just recently started using this product and I already saw some results. My teeth do not look as yellow as in the past. Also, this product is safe even for my sensitive gums. I love the refreshing aftertaste of the toothpaste! Sometimes, I don't even want to rinse it away! Now I don't have to hide my yellow teeth anymore. This is a staple in my bathroom !

Whitening System is A+
by jane moore

I had to give this a solid 5 rating because it delivers what it promises -- a Super Smile! My teeth are stained, or should I say, were stained, because of coffee. I used this product and I saw dramatic results in a short amount of time. I can't stop smiling, because my teeth look so dazzeling. I used to hide my smile, but now I smile with confidence.

WHite teeth again
by Theepa

Being an avid eater of spicy food, general store brand toothpaste didn't give be the best of results. But the whitening systems from Supersmile has the accelerator and toothpaste which together do the work. But you have to use it regularly for best results.

nice teeth whitening system
by vsb

I was very worried with stains on my teeth initially. I started using this product as one of my friends suggested. To my surprise, it gave me excellent results within a short time. It has a good taste, and it is very easy to use. Now I can smile with confidence.

Whitening System
by Emily K.

This toothpaste does seem to have some whitening effect, but not like using a regular whitener. I can't tell if the accelerator makes a difference or not. This has a very pasty, un-minty, unpleasant taste. It tends to cement on the toothbrush or anything it touches. I am not impressed, and I've used a whole tube. I don't see much better results than with regular, cheaper whitening toothpastes. The other ones taste better.

White Teeth
by Kate

This is the first teeth whitening product I have tried, and I was very pleased with the results. It took a few weeks to see real results, but on something as important as the color of your teeth, I would rather see a gradual process than results right away. This product also tasted good, and looked like it was more comfortable to apply than other teeth whitening products. I will be buying this product again.

not worth it
by wendy c

This toothpaste works about as well as a good drugstore whitening toothpaste- only about 3 times the price. I don't think it is worth the extra cost. I personally like the Enamel care toothpastes by cheaper name brands to this toothpaste.

Just as Good
by Melissa

I also saw this at Sephora and wanted to try it. I have previously tried Crest and Colgate. I saw results in about 2 weeks. This is a bit more expensive but it gives me the same result as compared to Crest. I would recommend this, but why not just get Crest for a cheaper price.

Good product
by Henley

I've seen this product at Sephora and bought this. I have been using it for quite a while. The results are good, but it takes quite a while. It's quite expensive, but it's worth it for brighter and whiter teeth. The taste is good compared to Colgate etc. I recommend this product!

Tasty way to freshen breath/whiten teeth
by Michele Fair

I liked this kit because it has a pleasant taste and seems to work fairly well. Although the results are not as immediate or potent as some other brands, it is a nice gentle formula with a good taste.

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