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by aa


by carol haug

Tried this product first to attempt to whiten teeth. It really was not a noticable difference from the color I started with as I am a coffee drinker. I did try another product and it worked well, so I would not recommend this particular product

Carol Haug RN BS

by An

I bought this product because I wanted to try it out without wasting a lot of money. It does NOT work! AT ALL! A total waste of money and definitely the worst experience I had. I got what I paid for, the expensive products are definitely better. I went to Crest Whitening Strips after this one and that worked perfectly. DO NOT buy this product!

Wasted Money on This Product
by littlecat

After using this product, I didn't expect to have to sheild my eyes from the glare when I smiled into the mirror..however, I did expect to actually see some kind of improvement. I shelled out the money for this, thinking, it would be a simple, inexpensive whitening was was's the whitening process that didn't seem to take place. I was very disappointed and ended up buying another product.

Made me sick
by Jordan

I don't know if it's just me, but after I put this on my teeth, I began feeling sick to my stomach. Needless to say, I discontinued use, but I would tell people to beware of stomach aches while using it.

Dissatisfied with the result
by Andie Chan

I bought this product in Pathmark, since they have pretty good pricing. I followed the steps and applied the product, as instructed, for 2 weeks and it showed no results. It wasn't worth the money because it doesnt work at all. It makes you start drooling after 5 minutes of it being applied on your teeth. It was absolutely a waste of money and I wouldn't buy this product again.

less than average results
by Mari

Though the price is really competitive, this one didn't hold a candle to GoSmile products. This one burned my gums, was a pain to use (it's a 2 step process where others are only one step) and didn't seem to work very well at all. The taste was more medicinal as well. The swabs also don't remove plaque like it claimed to. I was really disappointed, but it made me love my GoSmile capsules even more.

You get what you pay for
by C. Hannawald

If you're short on cash and have 2 weeks to wait for results, I'd recommend this product, but otherwise it stinks. It tastes awful and when I did finally see results it wasn't anything drastic. I am so disappointed with this product. Next time I am definitely shelling out the money for something I know will work.

Doesn't Work!
by Eli

I'm very dissatisfied with Advanced Dental Whitening System. Instead off whitening my teeth it made it even more yellow. If you want a good product I recommend Crest Whitestrips.

Whitens teeth but takes a while
by Robert

This product does what it claims. It will whiten your teeth but it does take a few weeks to notice a difference. I've tried this and other whitening products. For me they all work but they are time consuming and can leave your teeth very sensitive to hot and cold.

I liked this product as it was easy to use and had good results. You just have to be patient!

OK Product
by Lindsay

It works great as a whitener if you would use it everyday and keep it on for a long time. It's messy and doesn't stay on your teeth very well. There are other products out there that you can keep on your teeth easier just as cheap that work better. I would pass on this product next time.

No Thanks
by angela

I was dissapointed with my results on this. I used it for approx. 2 weeks and I showed no signs of whiter teeth after 11 days. The only good thing I can say is that it was convenient and easy to use in the swab-like applicators. I say a "No Thank You" to this.

Worked okay
by S. Grevious

I really don't have problems with my teeth being white, but they weren't completely white like I wanted them to be. It did show a minor yellow color, but that was gone in a couple of weeks. I still use this product to prevent my teeth from turning colors other than white. So, far it has been preventing just that. I can't really recommend this product to those who have serious discoloration with their teeth, but its a great product for those who would like to prevent their teeth from turning yellow.

From mellow yellow to off white!
by Mace

As a coffee drinker, I have pretty stained teeth. I tried the Advanced Dental stuff and it took about three weeks to really start to notice a difference. After 6 weeks of regular use. my teeth were dramatically brighter. However, I found you have to use it a few times a week to maintain the progress I made.

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