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Not good
by Mary

If you want a good quick touch up applicator try GoSmile. This doesn't work at all.

Don't bother
by Kat

I tried this for 2 weeks and did not see any improvement in whitening.

Good Idea, Poor Product
by Erica

This product sounds great and I wish it would perform up to the advertisement. I had a coupon to try it and did so to give it a try. I expected to buy a product that whitened my teeth. I was very disappointed to see I wasted my time and money.

Dont waste your money
by Mary

I decided to try this after getting a coupon. What a waste of time. Doesn't even work and it comes off easily. I feel like I am ingesting it.

by Princess

I've seen these before. And they actually work! Small, portable, and discrete. Very easy to use!

Don't waste
by Matt H

Didn't work, waste of time and money. Tried this product for a few weeks and nothing happened.

Wouldn't get it again
by BA

I tried this product because it sounded like a good idea. I am constantly on the go and thought that a portable teeth whitening system that could be applied easily seemed like such a novel idea. Overall, it is a good idea, but doesn't really work. The portability of this product was the biggest draw for me, but the product lost me when it didn't immediately whiten my teeth as it claimed to be able to. In addition, I found that whitening my teeth on the go wasn't necessarily something that I enjoyed doing. I didn't like being in a parked car and using this product with people watching and wondering what I was doing. Despite my distaste for the teeth whitening strips and the inconvenience of having to set aside 30-60 minutes a day with those strips in my mouth, I found that teeth whitening is better done in the privacy of the home. This product allowed too much user error and didn't ultimately whiten my teeth very much. For effectiveness, I would go with Crest White Strips.

Not Impressed!!!
by Stephanie

Okay, a while back I tried this product. I thought the concept was brilliant, but I cannot say the same thing for the results I received. I was very disappointed in this product and did not notice any difference in the coloring of my teeth at all. I would not recommend this product to anyone. At almost 25 is a waste of money. Wish this product had performed...I had high hopes for it.

by Destiny

Ok..everyone knows that these days, everything is "good to go". Well not this teeth-whitening product! For a whopping $24.95 you can pay for this product.. wait..and see no results. Just to make sure I wasn't blind..I gave My best-friend one..NOPE! NO RESULTS FOR HER EITHER!! $50.00 GONE DOWN THE DRAIN!

Decent Product, could use some improvement
by Leanna

I have been trying this product for a little over 2 weeks with not much of a noticeable difference. While the packaging is a convenient on-the-go sort of deal, it's not terribly efficient.

It is a more comfortable solution than using whitening strips or mouth trays, but not nearly as effective. Also, it seems to be a bit pricey for the small amount of product included.

With a bit of improvement on the quality and quantity of the product it could be more effective. At this point, I would not buy this product again.

Tried and like brush-on better
by Carol Covello

Well, I liked the idea of this since I am not big on the mouth tray idea. I worried that the mouth tray whiteners could damage some dental work I have. Unfortunately, this one didn't work well. I have since tried other 'brush on' types that cling to the teeth better - so would not recommend this one.

doesn't work
by regina

I have found that this product, like many of the paint on whitening products, never work. The gel moves around and so there is not even coverage over the teeth. I found that spots on my teeth were whiter, but it wasn't consistent from tooth to tooth. I felt that it drew more attention to my teeth than if I would have left them alone. I would not suggest purchasing this product, and I would not purchase again.

Not recommended for use.
by Jae

I'll give you the skinny on this product. It barely works, and when it does, it's actually a bit splotchy. Though it's a good idea (I didn't want to wear the teeth mask thingies the other brands were using), the execution was poorly considered. First, people shouldn't be trusted applying things to their own teeth, as most people are incredibly uncoordinated with a mirror, and you also can't really reach all the places you want to. That, and you seem to get more of the stuff on your lips and in the mouth than on your teeth. It barely whitened my teeth where it was applied, but at least I got some good out of it.

Waste of time, effort
by David Conway

As with other "paint on" tooth whitening products, the process of applying the liquid was sloppy. The supposed ease of use is really cancelled out by the fact that you have to be extremely careful in order to keep the liquid on your teeth. Even if you are able to keep it on, the whitening effects are barely visible -- and certainly not worth the effort.

Not a good fit
by Amie

It is less expensive then some of the 7 day kits - but it doesn't work. There is no way to hold the product on the teeth so it quickly falls off the tooth into your mouth. It doesn't have a pleasant taste and because it doesn't stay on your teeth (I assume this is why) it seemed to have little or no effect. I tried it because it was an easy product to pack along on trips but it was not a good fit for me. I cannot recommend this product - no proven results, bad taste.

Not Worth the Trouble
by Kristie Wright

This was definitely not worth the trouble or money. I tried to use it for a week. The only results I could tell were my gums were very sensitive to cold things and the inside of my lips would have a burning feeling after each use. It was also very messy to use. I would not waste my money on this again or recommend it to anyone.

Bad experience
by TP

I've tried this and it has done nothing except leave blotches on my lips. The liquid does not stay on the teeth and drips very easily.
This causes the product to go on your lips and could highly irritate your gums.
I did not see any improvement in the whiteness of my teeth.
Very disappointed.

Not worth it
by C

I tried this teeth whitener but it was definately not worth it. When I used the click pen, I found it to be messy as the product is easily transfered to your gums and lips. Not only did this product not work in whitening my teeth, but my gums became extremely sensitive. If you're thinking about purchasing this, you should definetely consider something else.

So not worth the money, it might make you end up in a doctor's office
by pianogoosie

This is the absolute worst teeth whitener product I have ever used for several reasons. First, it doesn't work. Secondly, it is the messiest stuff you will ever use. Lastly, it might burn your lips and gums. I will never buy this product again nor will I recommend it.

Not So Good
by LKH

I was intrigued by the portability of this product and by the claims of convenience and whitening ability, but overall I was disappointed. Without a strip or something, the product gets all over the place and dries out the area all around your mouth. I wasn't expecting it to taste great, but this stuff was pretty gross and too medicinal to have in your mouth for too long. It was cheaper than some other products, but just not worth it in the long run because I didn't really use it long enough to see any real results.

horrible taste!!!
by Ricardo Gutierrez

This is a horrible product and feels disgusting once properly applied. It is like putting whiteout on your teeth. The texture is like no other. The pen is able to reach those hard places, but to completely cover them is another story. There has been no difference since the first usage. I refuse to put anymore on.

Complete waste of money and time
by pat

First of all, how many people whiten their teeth while "driving a car" or "at work"? That's a quote from their package. "This Power Pen can be used to whiten your teeth while you sleep, work, drive your car or any other time that a conventional whitening system is not convenient". If we drove to work and whitened using this product we would be a mess by the time we got to work. It tasted horrible, got all over my lips and it didn't "whiten" anything except for my lips having dry crud on them. Don't waste your time or money on this junk.

Not so great
by Nancy

This product didn't work as well as I had hoped. I used it for about two weeks and I didn't see much of a difference. Sometimes I would put it on before I went to bed, but it seemed to wash off overnight. I wouldn't recommend this product.

Convenient, messy, yet impotent all at the same time.
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I primarily got this because I was always "On-The-Go". However, when you take the time to use this, it gets a bit messy and all over your lips. If you don't wash it off your lips, it becomes dry and chalky and white. To properly use this product it takes time. Since it takes time it takes away the "On-The-Go" convenience so you're better off with just using Whitening Strips from Crest or the Rembrandt system.

Dummy Me!
by JJ

Do not waste your money! I thought this probably works and it is small and convienient. I can carry it in my purse. I paid $25 of my hard earned cash to purchase this item. It tasted awful and it looked like I had forgotten to brush every other tooth. I should have written the company, because I beat myself up to this day for buying something like this.

Waste of Money
by Kyle

Horrible product. As soon as I put it on my teeth, the gel would just rub off; therefore, I got no results. Also, the taste was HORRIBLE. Waste of A LOT of money. Go for something that has a mouthpiece so that the gel can sit on your teeth without being rubbed off.

Waste of money and time
by Dawn

I can't believe this is allowed to stay on shelves. What a waste of money, especially after going to crest whitestrips. Isn't there a thing called false advertising?? I want my money back. I did not see any noticeable difference at all!

A waste of time and money
by Valorie Joy

My gut-feeling when I bought this pen was total skepticism which I should have heeded to. It is over priced and I believe my inexpensive whitening anti-stain toothpaste works just as well

Not For Me!
by ambreen

I tried this item thinking it would be easy and painless to use. WRONG! This pen is not as great as it seems in advertisements and in theory. The pen is actually kind of hard to get correctly on all teeth and often ends up smearing over my lips. Plus, it leaves a bad aftertaste. Unless you have a very steady hand and can get it exactly where you want the serum to go, I would not recommend this product!

Not so Good
by Jen W.

I have used other teeth whitening products before, and I have to say that this one did not work as well as many others. It did not seem as if it stayed on my teeth and I got a uneven results. I stopped using the product after about two weeks, because I felt like it made my teeth look very white in some areas and not so much in others.

not very good
by wendy c

This teeth whitening system did not work so well. The stuff rinsed off my teeth almost immediately after I put it on. It also had an icky taste. It ended up not whitening my teeth evenly- and spots weren't whitened at all. I don't recommend this product.

Teeth whitening on the go!
by Albert

I was hesitant to try this product as I have never heard of this before. After using the product I saw very little results and I was still self conscious. For the price it is not worth it and I would suggest you look around.

Saliva is interfering
by John S.

I wouldn't recommend this to anybody because my saliva keeps washing it away after I close my mouth. You might as well just go to the dentist.

Not Impressed.
by Jessica

The concept is great ,and if they could improve the effectiveness of it, it would be a miracle worker, as I'm heavily addicted to coffee and soda. I tried this while I was on the go a lot last summer, and it was almost completely ineffective. Not worth the money, in my opinion, but I guess if you really have to go and are so pressed for time, this could do in a pinch.

Doesn't work at all.
by Angel C.

I bought this product in hopes of whitening my teeth with the convenience of a pen but boy was I wrong. This product didn't do anything for me, not even whiten my teeth a little bit. I am extremely disappointed with the performance of this and will never buy again. What a waste of money!

Did not Work for ME
by Jaime

When I first bought and started using this, I thought it was a good product, but after using it as I was supposed to, I did not see a difference in the color of my teeth. I wish I would not have spent my money on it.

Works Good!
by Ellisha

I love the fact that I can just throw this in my purse and take it with me wherever I go. I use it for touchups at school and work or even if I'm traveling! It even makes it easy to get in between the teeth to make them white. It works really well and is the perfect size for travel!

by stacy

I tried this stuff. Not only is it messy, but does not live up to expectations. I was very disappointed with the results and for the price, I was quite upset I wasted my money. There are other products that work way better without the mess.

Not impressed
by vmvdmd

The On-The-Go whitening pen is a nice concept with a portability that is great; unfortunately, it does not live up to the claim. I feel that the percentage of bleach in the pen is not a good thing to be introduced into the oral cavity and that the application of the gel does not have any form of tray or protective strip to shield the mouth from the causticness of the bleach. In addition, the process of applying the bleach is difficult to obtain equal amounts on each tooth. In addition, the saliva of the mouth easily washes away the bleach, leaving minimal bleach actually on the tooth and therefore, not very effective. At the cost, I would go with a different tray bleach.

Its ok
by holly wilson

This product was easy to use, but the results you get from it is not even close to being worth the price. The results are very minimal. I would recommend trying something else out before this one.

It works but not magically
by Julie Moore

This product was pretty simple to use, but I didn't really see any phenomenal results. I used it consistently, but I just wasn't all that impressed.

Needs to be used frequently
by S

I was apprehensive to try the On-The-Go teeth whitening pen, but did have some consistent results. You basically 'paint' your teeth with the gel each night, and let it set. You won't see results right away, as it takes some time. I noticed a real difference after about four weeks of a nightly routine. It's easy to travel with, and very easy to apply. Since there's no mixing to worry about, I would recommend it for people just starting out with at-home teeth whitening kits.

Click-Pen Doesn't Do as Promised
by sheila franklin

A friend of mine had this product and couldn’t get any noticeable results from its use and gave it to me. I used it for a number of days, but found the application difficult to stay on and also had minimal results. There was no immediate elimination of stains. My advice would be for you to seek out a less expensive or generic means of whitening your teeth.

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