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by Louisa Ritchotte

Tried this product, it was alright , yet there is another that I really prefer. Although good and it did an alright job I didn't go back for another purchase.

good one
by sumathi

Yes it worked for my teeth. As I love to have a great smile and I was bit worried about some stains on my teeth due to eating habit of chocolate and I love coffee. So whenever I used to smile those stains on my teeth were seen. Finally I used this product, which my friend recommended and after 10 applications of this get my teeth is just good, and most of the stains have gone and it feels great. The product is really good.

Like it.
by Nikki

I tried this product and I liked it very much. My friend recommended it for smoking stains and coffee stains on my teeth. It took out the stains fast. I feel much more confident about my smile now that I have discovered the ProWhite Dental Bleaching System. I have told everyone about this product!

by Joe

ProWhite is a very effective whitening system. It took about a week for me to start seeing a difference. My teeth were about 5 shades lighter after using the kit. I would use this kit again.

ProWhite 16% dental bleaching system
by Carol1560

I bought this as an alternative to getting it done professionally. It is a large kit and takes up a lot of space but that is okay. It works very well and I really did not like the taste but you have to continuously use it to get the results that you desire. I would buy this product again because it does work well.

Temporarily works
by rachel anderson

ProWhite works, but just temporarily. It would be great if you have a date or an event and you would like a whiter smile.

With all of the money I spent...
by JJ

This product worked, but like all of the other products, only short term. I didn't really like the taste of it either. It took up a lot of space in my medicine cabinet and took a lot of money from my wallet. I believe $32.95 is a little too much to ask for this product. If you are going to buy something like this, try a cheaper version first. You will have the same results.

Good product
by Bharat Parameswaran

I am a big coffee drinker and as a result there were coffee stains on my teeth through out the day. I ignored this problem for sometime, but realized after my colleague pointed out the problem. He recommended this product. I am reasonably happy with this product since I have started using it only recently, but it does seem to do its job.

OK, but a hassle
by Louis

This product was inconvenient due to the mouthpiece. It didn't really fit well in my mouth so it was pretty tough. I'd rather use the other type of whitening strips because they were more effective than this product. I would say try this product out because it is different for every person.

Inconvenient but works
by nazmul07

I heard positive results from lot of people, so I bought it. It is like bleaching your teeth. It takes a while to put it together, not like Crest stripes, but it made my teeth whiter. Not sure if I will buy it again.

Overpriced product that does nothing
by Garrett

I really hate this product. I got it once and used it for a month and had nothing happen to my teeth. This product is over priced and does nothing to you. This is not recommended for anyone to use.

Effective, But Somewhat Inconvenient
by Erik

For anyone with the patience to endure the procedure that comes with this product, I say go for it. But, for anyone that prefers a quick, convenient, method to whiten teeth, I would recommend purchasing one of the many different kinds of whitening strips out on the market today. While this product seems somewhat dated, I would say in its defense, that it - and other products comparable to it - are likely more thorough and effective than the strips and other cheaper alternatives.

I'm ready for my close up!
by dee

Excellent product!! It worked in no time for my teeth and I was left with a great looking smile without having to wait several weeks for it to work. It did not irritate my teeth either as some of the others have in the past. This ProWHite product is highly recommend by me!

Pretty good price.
by Shreyas Patel

For the price I would say ProWhite is worth the money. There are better whiteners out there however they are all more expensive. The good thing is that you only have to use this once to bleach your teeth, while others you have to remember every night for months on the end.

by Lori Baranski

My boyfriend tried these, and complained that the mouthpiece was not comfortable at all. However, I could see his teeth did get a little whiter than before he used it. Perhaps if he used the higher percent, there would have been a more visible change. He wasn't satisfied, and most likely won't buy again, but there was a little difference.

Recomment Something Other
by Krysta

Personally, this product worked ok on my teeth, but I have certainly tried and used better products. I'm not sure if it is the brand that makes a difference or the strength of it. I think its more difficult to use this one because of the syringes. I really like the strips a lot better, especially if you are always on the go and in a hurry. Other than that, its not all so bad, but as stated previously, I have used better.

ProWhite Bleaching System
by vmvdmd

What I like about this bleaching system is the method of application, the bleach syringes contain the whitening gel for usage in custom made trays. What I do not like though is the concentration of the bleach product. I find that it is not concentrated enough to make an impact on the tooth enamel and to rid the tooth from stain. I think that 22% or higher is more effective. Personally, for the price, I would go with the Ultradent system of bleach.

Not strong enough perhaps
by NG

I should have probably bought this in a different strength, as I followed the instructions to the letter, and while some whitening may have happened, it wasn't really apparent. All that got whiter is the little calcium deposit I have on my front tooth. Still in pursuit of whitening though, and I am told this product is good, so I'll try it in a different strength.

Like the product
by Nate Howell

The product worked good. My only complaint was that the mouth piece was not the most comfortable in the world. It was not too bad though. You do need to use the product faithfully. I would recommend going with the 22% if you are looking for fast results.

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