f Teeth Whitening Systems Corporation ProWhite 16% TOWER Whitening System Reviews and Information

ProWhite 16% TOWER Whitening System

Professional Dental Office strength 16% Carbamide Peroxide Refill Gel in our bulk quantity TOWER is a fantastic value! This large 60 gram TOWER contains as much whitening gel as in twelve 5ml syringes and provides you with up to 120 whitening applications. Also included in this package is a reusable 5ml dental dispensing syringe so that you can target the whitening gel with precision in your bleaching trays. Now you can save money by filling your own syringe as needed. This gel is the exact formula used by professional dental offices.

Each package contains:
- One BULK TOWER (60ml) of Professional Whitening Gel (16% Carbamide Peroxide)

- One 2ml syringe of Professional Tooth Desensitizing Gel with tip-cap

- One reusable 5ml dental dispensing syringe with tip-cap

- Detailed usage instructions
Product: ProWhite 16% TOWER Whitening System
Brand: Teeth Whitening Systems Corporation (More Products)
Size: 200 Sessions
Dosage: 1 per day
Retail: $44.95
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4 Customer Reviews

by Josh

This is a truly amazing product. My sister and wife have both commented on the white shade of my teeth after only 2 days of uses. That's something, seeing as how the system is to be used a total of 14 days! After a bad year of smoking a pack a day and my love of cappuccinos and tea, my teeth turned a dull shade of yellow. Unfortunately, they stayed that way for 6 years. I'm glad I decided to shell out the price for this; well worth it. I've experienced only a small bit of tingling in regards to the sensitivity factor, but it's well worth it for the price of being able to smile in pics and just for the heck of it, lol. My self esteem is back!

White as a ghost
by jennifer stewart

This system was very good at getting teeth white and clean and nice. I especially liked having the syringe with it to help in those tight spaces. 120 applications for the price is a great, great deal. I would like anyone to try this product.

Ok for temporary whitening
by Randi

I would recommend this product for a low-cost fix for whitening teeth. I actually had trays of my teeth made from the dentist office, and used this gel for the whitening. It works well for a while, but you really need to keep it up. It seems the brightest right after the first application, but after a week of not applying, fading starts to occur. It also causes some sensitivity to my teeth, so if you have particularly sensitive teeth, I would recommend a less-concentrated gel.

Real whitening results
by Phil Young

This product has whitened my teeth to a noticeable, but not movie star quality, of pure white. The only defect is that one must continue the use of the product, or the whiteness fades back to the original color.