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by Jeannie Ward

I have noticed a change in the vein appearance on my legs. However, I am concerned as to whether I should discountinue taking prior to out-patient surgery because of bleeding.

No More Spider Legs!
by Private

I loved this stuff. It did not cure me to say, but it helped almost half of my spider veins disapear!

leg veins
by Sharon Brown

I was skeptic about this product at first because there weren't a whole lot of reviews. I decided to try it though because the price was very affordable. I took the pills as directed for 1 month. When I went home for the holidays my mom asked me what happened to my legs. I hadn't even noticed. All of the stretch marks that covered the back of my legs were gone! I would recommend this product to anyone.

leg veins with tru-optics
by barbara

I have been using this product for only 2 months and I think it incredible. My legs looked like they were tattooed and I was embarassed to wear shorts or a swimsuit. In the short time I have been using this product there has been a 70% improvement. The product has lived up to all of its claims. I am confident that by summer I won't be embarrassed

Legs look great
by Phil Young

This product made my mom's legs look 10 years young after just 3 months of usage. She recommended this product to her friends, and it worked for them also. This product also has a great price.

worth trying
by Jill S.

I have tried other products on the market, and I saw little or no difference in the appearance of my varicose veins. I was pleasantly surprised with the results of Leg Veins with Tru-Opcs. I began to see results after using this for about 2 months. My varicose veins were smaller and not as easy to see. I will continue to use this product. It really does work.

by Jody H

My mom has bad varicose veins in her legs and she always has swelling. I bought this product for her to try as she tried others and no results. Since taking Tru-Opcs she has noticed decrease swelling in her legs and more circulation. She's hoping over time it will improve even more. This product is great!

For healthy circulation and vein support
by Jenny

As varicose veins run in my family, I was determined to start early in fighting the underlying cause, poor arterial flow circulation to the extremities and long periods of standing on the legs causing repeated trauma and damage to already unhealthy veins. I wanted to start heading off trouble before large damaged and swollen veins actually appeared on my own legs. My Mom was troubled with the swelling and pain for most of her adult life and my older sister had already had vascular surgery, so my own worry led me to start finding some natural methods to provide some insurance that my own veins, particularly those in the extremities, have optimum circulation and to improve overall health and prime arterial flow. This product claims to not only increase circulation but also to strengthen collagen. I have taken it now for a long enough period to notice an increased circulation in the legs, less numbness and tingling at night, and have also noted that no large swollen veins have yet appeared on my thighs or calves or back of the knee similar to my sister's or Mom's, all common areas for varicose vein formation. Only a few very tiny spider veins are present on my ankles, which I am hoping will strengthen with the supplement support and perhaps then fade with time, or at least not worsen as I get older. I'm very pleased so far with this product's effacy and at 56, my legs still look almost as good as they did at 30, a fact which speaks for itself.

Leg Veins with Tru-Opcs
by pamela

My veins were so big and terrible for years. I tried many solutions; this product has reduced the swelling in my calves where the veins are. I'm satisfied with this product!

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