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Holistic Practitioner
by Joanna michelle

This Vitamin K cream is not effective for large varicose veins. It quite simply does nothing for them. I also did not any improvement on capillaries or small new spider veins that were still pink and had not turned blue! DO NOT WASTE your money on this if you wish to get rid of any type of veins. Get surgery, Insurance covers removal of large painful varicose and old and worsened areas of spider veins. However, I did note that after applying a small amount of the Vit. K cream with shea butter under and around my eyes for dark circles and puffiness it helped a great deal. I would purchase a Vit K cream only for this purpose. I do hope this has been helpful.

by sheree

I tried this product for 6 months, as I think any product takes time to work. I saw some improvement in the visibility of my spider veins and my legs were very soft and with less cellulite. I believe all , that attention, to my legs helped a little.

No Help Here
by Dee

My mother really wanted something to hide her varicose veins and spider veins. She tried a lot of products, including this one, to no avail. The price is just too outrageous to waste that amount of money on a product that clearly does not work.

by julia

My grandma uses this cream for her veins and bruises. She always would try to find something to make her veins less visable, especially in her old age. She always would order different creams, and lotions, and even pills to try to make her veins and bruises less visable, but she could never find the right formula to help her. Then she used K-Dermis and it seemed to have worked, but not so great. It would work to a point, but not completely, so once again she was disappointed, especially since it is fairly expensive and she doesn't have that much money. So, since the product did not work for her, she is not going to use this product again.

Worthless Product
by mlapray

Used this product faithfully every night on spider veins in my legs. I noticed no difference after 6 weeks. Increased use to twice a day for another 6 weeks and still nothing. Please save your money.

Used in Vein
by Christi

I have visible varicose veins and spider veins that look very unattractive if not covered by pantyhose which of course have gone out of style. I decided to try this product to see if I could at least lessen the appearance of the smaller veins. I used the cream as directed for 1 month and noticed the spider veins faded a little bit but they were still visible. The cream did nothing for my larger varicose veins. I was very disappointed in the product and the money I wasted since it wasn't cheap. I am not giving up yet on trying to improve my veins by natural means because there has to be something that works much better than this.

Helps but not enough
by Brenda

I used this product faithfully as directed. It did help some of the spider veins, after 2 weeks use. It was easy to apply, unfortunately, deep veins that were broken on my legs I found no change.
I would not recommend this to anyone with Varicose Veins. I feel a physician should be contacted for consultation for that condition. I would not buy this product again.

not much improvement
by Jill S.

I have had varicose veins ever since I was sixteen. After having three children, my varicose veins tripled. I used K-Dermis Cream diligently for 3 months. I saw no noticeable improvement during the duration of my use. This product is not worth the time or money.

Waste of Money
by Jen W.

I used this product every day for about 10 weeks. I saw no difference whatsoever. When I decided that it had not worked after putting it on twice a day, I went to three times to see if that would help. It still did nothing. I would not recomend this product at all.

Somewhat Helpful
by Shannon

Varicose veins run in my family, and unfortunately we tend to get them at a very young age. My cousin has them, and has even talked to her physician about surgery. A friend of ours recommended she try K-Dermis as an alternative. It is applied as a lotion, which you rub all over your legs. The jar says that it will remove the veins, and while she saw no difference from the veins that were already there, she hasn’t gained any new spider veins since using the cream. The jar seems to last for a while, and though it is expensive it is totally worth paying the money versus the pain that these veins can cause.

Vericose Veins
by Mark Cooper

This product did nothing to improve my vericose veins in my legs. I have had them since I was in my 20s. I was hoping that I could wear shorts again without people staring at these ugly marks. This product did not help at all. I would think for over $10, it would do something but it did nothing for me.

A Waste of Time
by Az

I used this product diligently for about 6 months and I found no noticeable difference. Admittedly, I have a particularly bad case where the veins are very visible but this did not serve to even dull them, much less make them disappear. I found this product to be a waste of time.

by HS

This is nice smelling and it feels really smooth, but it doesn't make your ugly veins any better looking. Since the problem starts with poor circulation, a cream really isn't going to do the trick.

Do not recommend
by S. Grevious

I don't have problems with veins appearing but my mother has a serious problem and its the back of her legs. Her spider veins are really, really visible. I warned her about using this product, because it just didn't seem right to me. She used it for about 3 months and I tell you, there was no kind of change whatsoever. This product didn't do a slight change at all. She applied it three times a day as opposed to the twice a day they recommended. This is not a great product at all. Its not worth $10 to me as watching the non-effects it had on my mom.

Progress Not Perfection
by Lori Ann Hull

I have used the K-Dermis Cream and definitely noticed an improvement in the small spider veins around my ankles and feet. It did not totally "erase" them but that was not my expectation. I was looking for an improvement not something like what you would get from cosmetic surgery. If you want to improve the appearance of your legs, definitely worth the purchase.

Wasn't for me
by nikki counts

I had high expectations, but I was not impressed with this product. I used the entire jar applied twice daily and there was no change in my spider veins. I was really wanting to believe that it would be an easy way to eliminate them.

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by Rita

I don't think this would help - surgery is what clears up varicose veins.