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by John

Worthless product. Used for over 2 months with absolutley no results. I gave it one star only because I couldn't erase it.

It's Working
by joy

I started to see a difference in 1 day. I will keep you posted.



by Shaen

I have suffered from 'redness' for last few years and finally a wonderful product that has made going out of the house a joy. It is easy to use, follow the instructions, and have patience. Well worth the effort!

Tremendous Results
by Sam Wagner

My sister adores this product. She had only been using it for a week, but has seen just amazing results. Her legs now have almost no visible varicose veins. She is delighted with proK and she tells all her girlfriends about it. My sister said it works perfectly, so I would give it a big thumbs up for anyone.

Not so great results
by Pattie

I used this for two reasons... spider veins on my leg and broken blood vessels on my nose. I tried it for over two months and it seemed to fade the spider veins a little bit, but it did nothing for the broken blood vessels.
I did try it on my daughters bruises and it made them go away within a week as opposed to several weeks or longer with no treatment.
I think for the price it isn't worth it, but I will continue to use until the jar is finished.

by Lorri

I have a few varicose veins on my legs that I wish were gone. I started using ProK about 3 months ago and so far I have seen little results. While they have faded slightly it wasn't as much as I wanted them to. It's a little pricey for me and the results weren't worth the price in my opinion. Maybe it will work for others. I have even been using on a spider vein I have on my nose. It faded it more then on my legs so I am giving it a 3.5 for that. I won't be buying it again.

A keeper
by Heather

I am a young woman of just 27 years but carrying 3 children and working countless hours as a waitress hasn't helped in getting the hereditary varicose veins! After just a month and a half I have seen a tremendous improvement. I was so worried to wear shorts because of the veins on the backs of my knees, now they are hardly noticeable. I will definitely continue with this product!

by julia

This item worked for my grandmother. Unlike all of the other creams and other formulas she tried to help her veins, this one worked. ProK worked very well, actually. She showed me how they faded to a good amount and she can't see her veins as much as you could before. This product left my 81 year old grandmother with more comfort and happiness with her body than anything else could. My grandma said she's going to keep buying it.

So-so for me
by Patti

I don't really have large varicose veins but I do have one on the back of my upper calf that is the size of a dime. It really annoys me because it looks like I have a dirty spot there. I tried this product with hopes of it making it disappear but after using it for 2 months I saw very little change. I don't know if it will take more months of use but I will continue using it till the jar is empty. It did fade it slightly, I think, but my husband says it looks the same to him.

Saw a difference
by l

I saw a difference with this product. I didn't have very bad looking veins but did have a few that were bothersome. Is a little pricey in my opinion, but for the difference I saw it was well worth it.

by ndy

I have lots of varicose veins, and sought for any product that would help. This product is good in the sense that it has reduced the scratching for me, but as for the veins, they are not all gone. At least am happy that I got some relief.

It works!
by katy

ProK is great. I'd been looking around for a product that actually worked, and thought this sounded hopeful. I tried it out, and a few weeks later I could see the difference.

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bad product
by Merand

It doesnt work!!!!