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I remember now!
by Stanimir Yordanov

I do not have any memory problems, but I used to forget about small stuff and that really irritates me. I started taking this product after a friend recommended it to me. It really works. I cannot remember when the last time I forgot something was.

by Tiff

Senior Moment Advanced Dietary Supplement is a great product. My grandparents been having memory loss for years now. I was talking to my friend about it and she suggested this product. I was a little skeptical to give it to my grand parents but after a couple days I decided to give them it. This product has helped a lot. It really helps with the short term memory. It works like a charm and I will recommend this product to everyone out there that has a memory loss. This is an A+ product. It costs around $20.00 which isn't a bad price, it's actually cheap compared to some medicines. So, if you know anyone with memory loss this is the product for them!

amazing !!!
by Arvinder

My friend told me about this product and I trusted her and bought it for my loving grandparents. They used to forget small things but this product has improved their cognitive thinking. Now they can remember almost everything and this has been a boon for them. Full marks to Senior moment advanced dietary supplement.

works great
by Barry

I got this from a friend for free, and at first I was a little skeptical to give it to my grandma and grandpa, but after a day of skepticism, I decided to give it to them. At first they didn't want it either because they told me nothing would help out their short term memory. But, after a few weeks they started to see the difference and the changes it has made. Now my grandparents have been using it for over three years now, and they love this product. It works like a charm and I highly recommend it to everyone out there who has memory problems.

Excellent for use
by James Zitzmann

My father has used this particular suppement for three years now, and he has found it to be very good for improving short term memory. He had tried many other products before this, but this one, he says, has worked wonders.

This one actually delivers
by Denise

My father got a bottle of this in a gag box when he retired. Instead of throwing it out he gave it a try and has said that his memory recall is much faster. I can tell that he is much more alert and responsive when answering questions than before. He's even started beating me at the Sunday crosswords. I would recommend this product to anyone experiencing slow recall or a slight decrease in mental lucidity.

Works like a charm!
by Herman

Bought it for my grandpa who would sometimes forget my name. I love him dearly and I know it pains him to have these sudden lapses of forgetfulness. For its price, this supplement works great. After 3 months of taking it, he hasn't forgotten my name once!

by Ali

My Father was on this because he was having several moments of fogginess, a bit of cobwebs in the brain as he would say! After only a week he noticed an improvement on on his day to day over all function such as memory and general wellness. He had NO side effects whats so ever.

Mom says this stuff is good
by Jen W.

My mother found this product as a result of a friend's recommendation. She is young (at 53), but still finds herself having those senior moments. She feels that those moments have been less and less frequent. She jokes that if she forgets to take her vitamins, she will forget where she put her head. Good Product.

Make your Senior Moments Count!
by jud655

As a Senior that has moments of frustrating recall lapses, this product has cut down on the quanity of those memory lapses. I have found that I am considerably more alert, able to function with more clarity after just a few days of taking this product, with no unfavorable side effects. It is a soft gel cap, easy to swallow for those like myself who have difficulty swallowing. The effect of taking this on a daily basis is incredible. I can now say that I make my "Senior Moments" count!

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