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Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity™ features MycoMedicinals® Lion’s Mane, Hericium erinaceus, the most important mushroom for supporting brain function. Japanese research has shown that Lion’s Mane produces compounds called Eninacines, which are strong stimulators to nerve growth factor synthesis. These compounds stimulate neurons to regrow, which supports normal cognitive function, muscular coordination and response, and neurological repair. Mental Clarity™ also provides other "nerve tonic" mushroom species to complement the activity of Lion’s Mane.
Product: Mental Clarity
Brand: New Chapter (More Products)
Size: 60 VCaps
Dosage: Take 2 VCaps daily
Retail: $24.95
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4 Customer Reviews

May delay memory problems from aging
by Ivys S.

My mother will turn 72 years old in July, and had been experiencing some short term memory loss and slight confusion for the past three years. Her brother, a retired pharmacist, had been taking herbal supplements for many years and recommended she try a product that contains Lion's Mane extract, such as this one by New Chapter. Lion's Mane is a mushroom that is said to stave off many forms of senile dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, as it stimulates nerve growth factor (NGF) and may inhibit the death of brain cells.

My mother started on the supplement almost a year ago and really feels it has helped her cognitive function over time and has decreased her spells of forgetfulness and confusion. She is a big fan of crosswords and loves her weekly Bridge Club, so regaining her old concentration levels and memory were important to her emotional well being and sense of self-confidence that she could still compete with her peers intellectually.

My husband and I decided to try it, as well, and both of us have been taking the "Mental Clarity" product only for about three months now, but each of us has noticed some definite improvements in concentration, attention span, and our ability to do well at mathmatical tasks. My husband, in particular, feels that the capsules have kept him more focused and better able to handle the fine attention to detail that is required in his profession as a cartographer. Working in the corporate office field, I myself find that the product seems to be helping with that frustration one feels at having to quickly learn new computer programs or doing many spreadsheets, with multiple formulas, one after another.

Lion's Mane has also been used for centuries in the Orient as a treatment for gastritis and duodenal ulcers, as well as an anti-inflamatory agent. It's having been researched and found to be a beneficial herbal extract for the brain and memory is a primary reason to take Mental Clarity, however it's many uses are not confined to this area.

We all plan to continue with the product to ensure a better chance at long-term productivity well into our senior years, high cognitive function. and depend on it rather like an inexpensive natural insurance policy against early senility.

Where did I park?
by Silvio Chiba

My mom always forgets where she puts stuff. Whether it is the car, the keys, her watch, or her phone, she always manages to misplace and then have a hard time finding it again. She took my advice and bought this product. After taking these BIG pills twice daily her memory has gotten not one bit better. This product is just a hoax. I guess my mom has to read the newspaper or start playing sudoku to keep her memory up...

Mental Clarity but not a Swelled Head
by T. Danger

I liked this supplement that is scientifically backed by strong case studies. It was recommended by a friend of mine who is a nurse.
Taking 'Mental Clarity' helps (in addition to crossword puzzles!) keep me feeling clear and bright.

by Krisztian

This is an excellent product, tested by our whole family with amazing effect. It was suggested by our family doctor who told us that the mushroom component found in this brand is very effective to stimulate your brain and mental capabilities.
There are other good or better supplements which are a must to take.