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Brain Lightning

By combining the "best of the best" of nootropic ingredients, Brain Lightning is a powerful, high performance neuro-supplement. Designed to enchance I.Q., concentration and focus. Protects against age-related cognitive decline and enhances blood flow to the brain.

Brain Lightning™ is a brand new synergistic neurological food supplement which exceeds the capabilities of virtually every product available on the planet. The outstanding features of Brain Lightning™ include:

Promotes fast, accurate thought processes.
Promotes better short-term and long-term
Promotes enhancement of intelligence capability and neural processing.
Promotes enhanced concentration and focus.
Protects against age-related cognitive decline.
Promotes glucose and oxygen utilization in the
Increases mental energy, memory recall and mental sharpness.
Facilitates cerebral metabolism and detoxification processes.
Enhances blood flow to the brain.
Alleviates symptoms related to glaucoma and improves vision.
Increases acetylcholine concentration.
Aids in the prevention of organophosphate pesticide toxicity.
Aids in the prevention of nerve gas toxicity (US Army currently investigating the benefits of Huperzine A for this purpose) and orthophosphate pesticide exposure toxicity.
Improves auditory and visual capability.
A Completely Vegan Product!

All ingredients in Brain Lightning™ have been shown by many studies to be profound neurological and memory enhancers.
Product: Brain Lightning
Brand: Novus Research (More Products)
Size: 90 capsules
Dosage: Use as needed
Retail: $69.95
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2 Customer Reviews

Traumatic Memory Improvement!
by Jennitasia

I ordered this product off line to try for memory and improve my alertness with some daily activities. I am currently in college and was having trouble concentrating for long periods of time. After trying Brain Lightning, I noticed that I felt more alert and my concentration level exceeded beyond normal thought processes! My grades improved traumatically! I really truly believe that the ingredients in this product will make a dramatic change in your memory and concentration. I would recommend this product to anyone!

by Paul St. John

I received a sample of this product, from a mail-order comapny that I had purchased some other things from. It came with a lot of literature that made it sound pretty good. Also I read the ingredints and I had heard of most of them and that thye had a positive effect on cognition. So I tried it. I think about a half hour passed, and I felt completely different. Not only could I think more clearly, but I felt euphoric. I really don't know what other words I could use to explain it, but it has a very powerful effect on you. This is not something you could forget if you took in the morning. It has a very profound noticable effect on you, unlike anything else that I think I have experinced.

1 Customer Opinions

Not the best
by Matt

I tried this supplement for awhile, and I am not a fan. Did not notice any of the promised benefits and felt that this supplement is way overpriced.