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by Zheng

I have used this product about a month ago and I threw it out just after few days. Yes, it was that bad. The name sounds fancy but the product is not. No, I would not buy this product again.

Fancy name
by Bryan M

Fancy name that doesn't deliver. This stuff is a waste of money, and doesn't really do anything. Basically it is an expensive placebo. They can fool some people, but I don't notice any difference. Just a waste.

Not Even Worth Trying
by Lisa

My mom began trying different herbal medications because she felt, as she was getting a bit older, she was becoming more forgetful. This was one of the first she tried and with that she did not notice any difference at all. The product is pricey, with the bottle not even getting you through one whole month. Try Focus Factor, the results were way better.

not worth the dime
by tinkerboooo

This is very very expensive. I did not notice one bit different than before I took it. I could spend my 25.00 so much better, than throw it away on pills, that do not work.

Couldn't be worse.
by Shreyas Patel

This pill seemed like it would work, but in the end I probably lost more brain cells than retained information. I would think they would at least help a little, but I went into my final with the same brain capacity as before I started taking it.

You Might as Well Throw Your Money Down the Toilet
by R. Todd Woodstock

This is the worst supplement I have ever tried. I can't emphasize that you might as well throw your money down the toilet (literally). The combination of herbs really did nothing, but for BioChem to take my money. Just stick to good 'ole Ginkgo-Biloba.

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