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Good one but in limit
by sumathi

During the days of my examination I needed something which can help me to remember my studies and to help me to develop my concentration power and in those days my cousin suggested me about this product and I used it for a few days and I really felt them I am able to concentrate better then previous and my memory is a bit improved. So I think guys this product is good but it should not be habit forming, so guys when you really need it then go for it for a while.

good for brain fog
by Jessica

I use this product periodically when I'm having a "brain fog" day when I can't think straight. I also found it improves my migraines. It does contain Huperzine A, which I have heard should not be used for extensive lengths of time, especially in young people. For this reason, I only use it when I feel I need it. It's also fairly priced, and you can get it for buy one, get one free at various drug stores if you watch the sales.

BrainSpeed Dietary Supplement
by Sandy

Save your money folks. This product did nothing to help me with focus or memory. I took the product for the entire bottle since I spend so much money on it. I did not notice any changes but I did have some digestive problems.

Don't expect fast results
by Ram

If you are looking for a quick fix to your mental fatigue and energy, look for some better ways. The difference is too minimal to be noticed (except the sub-conscious thinking that you are taking it and should be feeling better, since you spent so much).

Pretty good
by Rosa

It took a few days to notice the effects. I've been having trouble getting a full night's sleep the past few weeks, so I needed help focusing during the day. Didn't notice any improvement the first few days, but by the third day I felt GREAT!

Not Just for Us Old-Timers!
by Lori Ann Hull

Both my husband and I started taking Ginko-Biloba around 10 years ago to stimulate brain blood circulation. This Natrol product combines the proven effectiveness of the Ginko-Biloba with a number of other essential mind boosting amino acids and natural herbs. Thumbs up from this family!

brain speed
by barbara

While using this product I was constanly experiencing nasuea. If there was any benefit to this product it was conteracted by a sick in the stomach feeling.When I stopped using this product and switched to another I had a big change for the better. Anyone with digestive problems may want to avoid this product.

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